As a graphic designer I was asked to design a few Youtube thumbnails designs for a Skincare company.
Before starting with the hardcore design I did a little bit of research on the internet about what elements should be included on the thumbnails to optimise them to get attention. All too often once people have the video created they YouTube video they never give a moments thought to making their YouTube thumbails stand out and this is a big mistake. Elena Montes is a Spanish graphic and web designer based in Dublin who is a member of the WordPress Developers Ireland group.
Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. You probably shouldn't ever eat Crayola crayons, but you can definitely chop them up into tiny pieces, melt them over boiling water with coconut oil and olive oil, pour into an empty contact lens case and use the final congealed product as lipstick for your lips. Hi i'm Cieara and for valentines day I want to make her some lipstick because my brother is really concerned about the lipstick she uses because it has lead in it.

They were looking to get more attention and more clicks on Youtube and of course get more business. Focus all the attention on this image and if you can use a recognizable figure, that will give you extra points. If you’ve spent time and energy on creating a YouTube video should should follow through and give it the best thumbnail possible to increase the click through rate and views.
The reason for this is that the entertainment videos are usually a bit more eye catching but there is a huge opportunity to make your YouTube thumbnails stand out for information and how to type content. Elena has extensive experience with web design and can help you with your web design project from start to finish. Yes, it really is that simple.Take note that darker and vibrant colors work best, and if you like, you can also combine different pieces of Crayola crayon colors to make a brand new color for your lips.
I know how to make lipstick with other things but I don't have any idea how to make it from crayons and I know I want to make it with crayons because she likes colors in her lipgloss.

The client provided with text an a brief idea of what he wanted to see on the thumbnail, the rest was on me. Furthermore, the likelihood of a conversion from a how to or info type video is a lot higher than the probability of conversion from an entertainment video and so the efforts really should be doubled down on making your YouTube thumbails stand out. He wanted to move away from just using a still frame photo from the videos and the make his YouTube thumbails stand out.

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