Certainly there is no excuse for not rehearsing and getting your speech and presentation to run smoothly. In today's video tutorial speaking expert and CEO of The Speaking Channel and Media Training Worldwide TJ Walker talks you through why cue cards are a good idea for any public speaker. If you can get away with it and you aren't standing up in front of a crowd hiding behind your cue cards, you owe it to yourself to take the easy option and have those ready prompts at arms length. Some presenters with a more sadistic streak bayonet the moving bodies with complex graphs and charts.
Every possible issue related to boredom and complexity of slides stems from this single cause. Just delegate the chore of slide preparation to a junior executive and pick up your file on your way to the meeting room. The bonus is – you can conveniently turn your back to the audience and ignore the tears of boredom running down their face.
Though the prattle to explain the points remains the same, the text in the slide is reduced to a couple of words per bullet point.

Since the audience can’t make head or tail out of the words written on the slide, they have to rely on you to unravel the mystery. Presentation can sound quite monotonous after a few minutes and lead to the dreaded death by powerpoint. Though this looks like a very clever depiction of your ideas, it is nothing more than the cue card mentioned earlier.
Later, when you do want to use genuine PowerPoint diagrams, you won’t get your audience attention.
Such content slides, despite a more polished look – still lead to death by PowerPoint. When you follow this simple advice, you will start using diagrams to communicate your ideas in a simple way. When you're standing up in front of a crowd, making a recorded speech or broadcasting live there is always that chance that you are going to forget your lines and find yourself floundering before your audience.
But however much you rehearse, and however much you might think you have everything down pat, there may come a time when your mind goes blank.

Now preferably, just a few notes, an outline - I'm not a big fan of writing things out sentence after sentence, word for word. In a typical event, the killer (err… the presenter) walks into the room carrying slides loaded with bullets and fires at the unsuspecting audience till they die.
But having keywords, prompts and key phrases jotted down and within easy reach might just pull you out of that still moment when all eyes are on you, and time seems to freeze over. Your design studio expert did nothing more than putting your cues on a fancy smart art and inserting a stylish background.
But, don’t use ‘diagram like objects’ to trick your audience into biting your bullet points.
Because for most people its hard to read like that without sounding like a robot or sounding canned or phony.

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