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Another point made clear is that it had nothing to do with the BSI founded the year before. As the revived BSIa€™s a€?Buttons,a€? Smith compiled a membership list for it dated December 5, 1940. In his 1961 BSJ essay, Dick Clarke chuckled about a€?setting the pips on the members of our revered rival societies.a€? One target was Dr. But less respect for the BSI was paid in a later, March 1941, letter to the New York Times. I regret exceedingly [Smith wrote the Pips later] that circumstances should have conspired to make inexpedient our little gathering last week at the Priory School-in-Exile. Smith tentatively rescheduled for the spring of 1942, but, as it turned out, there was a hiatus for the duration of the war, which absorbed their energies and sent some Pips off to distant corners of the world. Besides some of the Pips named above, our ranks have included such other illustrious members of our fraternal society, the Baker Street Irregulars, as William S.
A A A  Another point made clear is that it had nothing to do with the BSI founded the year before. A A  In his 1961 BSJ essay, Dick Clarke chuckled about a€?setting the pips on the members of our revered rival societies.a€? One target was Dr.
A A A  Smith tentatively rescheduled for the spring of 1942, but, as it turned out, there was a hiatus for the duration of the war, which absorbed their energies and sent some Pips off to distant corners of the world. A A A  One Pip previously veiled in mystery is a story for which the world may now be prepared. A A A  Besides some of the Pips named above, our ranks have included such other illustrious members of our fraternal society, the Baker Street Irregulars, as William S. I started the conference with the Making Sense of Microposts workshop that began with an invited talk by Yahoo Research Scientist Mihajlo Grbovic on Leveraging Blogging Activity on Tumblr to Infer Demographics and Interests of Users for Advertising Purposes.
I spent the rest of the day with session hopping between the Microposts workshop and the Computational Social Science for the Web tutorial.
My second day was fully dedicated to the Wiki Workshop that started with surprise guest and Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, which led to a short discussion of, among other topics, payment and reward models for authors on Wikipedia and Wikia. The workshop had an interesting concept of invited talks that filled the day, and the actual papers being presented at a poster session during lunch. After the keynote, I saw the presentation of a paper titled Immersive Recommendation: News and Event Recommendations Using Personal Digital Traces on an approach to leverage cross-platform user profiles for news and event recommendations. Next, I learned how the team at YouTube deal with spammy comments by analyzing the temporal graph based on the engagement behavior pattern between users and videos from the paper presentation of In a World That Counts: Clustering and Detecting Fake Social Engagement at Scale.
An interesting idea to prevent online trackers from tracking personally identifiable information was shown in the paper Tracking the Trackers by the makers of the Web browser CLIQZ. From the poster session, I especially liked Visual Positions of Links and Clicks on Wikipedia that looked at the visual positions of clicked links on Wikipedia based on the Wikipedia clickstream dataset and Travel the World: Analyzing and Predicting Booking Behavior using E-Mail Travel Receipts that examined more than 25 million travel receipts from Yahoo Mail users to predict their booking behavior.
Day 2 started with a keynote by Mary Ellen Zurko, Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems, in which she provided a tour down memory lane through security from S-HTTP to Experimenting At Scale With Google Chrome's SSL Warning. From the research track, I first want to highlight a Yahoo Labs Research paper on Predicting Pre-click Quality for Native Advertisements.
I continued with the presentation of our Industry Track paper From Freebase to Wikidata: The Great Migration, in which we describe our ongoing data transfer project for migrating the (now shut-down) structured knowledge base Freebase to Wikidata. In the paper Tell Me About Yourself: The Malicious CAPTCHA Attack, the authors show how fake CAPTCHAS (Completely Automated Public Turing tests to tell Computers and Humans Apart) can be used to trick users into unwillingly disclosing private information like one's Facebook name displayed in (social widget) iframes embedded in attack pages that do not have access to this private data due to the Same Origin Policy by having users solve such fake CAPTCHAs consisting of many CSS-disguised iframes. Google runs a service called Safe Browsing that alerts users when websites get compromised. Another paper on Wikipedia looked at Growing Wikipedia Across Languages via Recommendation by detecting missing articles, ranking them by local importance, and finally contacting potential Wikipedia editors via email and suggesting them to write the article in question.
One thing I noticed at the conference is that we (and I fully include myself here) from time to time still tend to unconsciously use stereotyped, gendered language where it is inadequate in the general case ("so easy my mom or grandma could use it", "to pass the 'mom test'", etc.). How to reduce mobile network latency and battery drain on front-end by Dmytrii Shchadei (ex-Yandex).
A simple but non-trivial React Native app by Sven Anders Robbestad, if you ever wanted to get an impression of the basic mechanics of the framework. The week before last, I attended the 24th International World Wide Conference ( WWW2015 ) in Florence, Italy. General observations People start to get tired of PDF proceedings when past WWW conferences explicitly required HTML submissions, as highlighted by Andrei Broder in his keynote.
Tuesday started with Prabhakar's well-received keynote, in which he provided an overview of search engine development in the last years. On Wednesday, I attended the User Interaction and Personalization track, where I want to highlight a paper by Uchida et al. This week, I am attending the International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR 2014) in Glasgow, Scotland.
This research was also featured by the MIT Technology Review in an article titled The Evolution of Automated Breaking News Stories. One of the requirements my university imposes in order to formally submit a PhD thesis is to provide an overview of all published papers and their abstracts. You may want to rescale the images (this could probably be done more elegantly in one step, I just did it in two).

Paper Index Page Process: I wrote a small script that loops over all PDFs, fetches the corresponding abstract, title, and image preview and returns the HTML. I have created a folder on my Web space of all my published papers from my Google Scholar profile. The Open Knowledge Graph, an attempt to open up the Google Knowledge Graph by means of crowdsourcing, is history. However, Google clarified for us that by design the data in the Knowledge Graph is available only via a consumer interface.
First, the reason we can't put all the data we have into Freebase is that we've acquired it from other sources who have not granted us the rights to redistribute.
The good news is that where there is shadow, there is light: the folks over at Freebase did let us know that the Freebase team have always been committed to supporting the Linked Open Data community and that they have plans in the works on making the Freebase dumps that they already provide available in RDF. In May 2012, the Web search engine Google has introduced the so-called Knowledge Graph, a graph that understands real-world entities and their relationships to one another.
A paper describing the technical details of this extension has been submitted to the First International Workshop on Knowledge Extraction and Consolidation from Social Media (KECSM2012). Disclaimer: the Open Knowledge Graph API and SPARQL endpoint are in NO way associated with Google. With the Knowledge Graph Socializer Chrome extension, we suggest a fourth way of enhancing Web search: through the addition of realtime coverage of what people say about real-world entities on social networks.
Please note: you need a freely available Google API key if you want to use the Knowledge Graph Socializer extension. I have finally treated ourselves to a decent Wi-Fi router with integrated DSL modem at home: a shiny new "Made in Germany" AVM FRITZ!Box 7270.
Finally we can use our LAN (not Wi-Fi) printer on all machines, have the full 10–12MBit (typography nerds, I have used an en dash here!) connection even in the last corner of the apartment, the network-enabled stereo system plays music without stuttering, we have a fax, can connect DECT and cable landline phones, make SIP calls, have DynDNS updates, and, yeah, browse the Web anywhere! Our requirements are actually simple: connect Wi-Fi devices in the whole apartment including the balcony, which should be able to use a shared laser printer with an Ethernet LAN connection.
Short message: if you're looking for an energy-efficient, fast Wi-Fi router with integrated DSL modem and excellent Wi-Fi coverage, look no further! This is a presentation that I gave at the World Wide Web conference 2012 (WWW2012) in Lyon, France in the Developers Track.
We are deeply grateful, more than happy, and proud to welcome Nil Steiner Torrent to this wonderful world. Represents advanced metering infrastructure ms thesis proposal presentation Application Letter For Fresh Graduate Management Accounting geographic data copies of place. It is like an outline of the entire research process that gives a reader a summary of the information discussed in a project. You’re already looking forward to graduation and figuring out exactly what will be required in order to receive your degree on time. High school cover letter layout ex les Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2 Upon reading the job description you have posted, I am. Buy good essay, who for a daycare center which noone later along Maid the several buy a business plan for a daycare center a received.
Model for identifying engagement in critical thinking CLARIFICATION All aspects of stating, clarifying, describing (but not explaining) or defining the issue being discussed. You dust off a novel and a book of poetry, settle down in your chair, and get ready to issue a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” as you leaf through the pages. A In The Thesis thesis proposal is generally written in In The Thesis the present and future tense. Creativity explained Explanation of creativity, creative processes and creative exercises by Silvia Hartmann. Buy an Essay Paper Written in Different FormatsWrite my apa paper - buying an apa research papers.
Critical essay topics hamlet you need help with pages of articles about choosing SAT test prep, ACT test the Big 10 to the Ivy League to state schools.
It has given an account of itself only twice before, without lifting the veil of discretion very high either time.a€?While The Pips is not a secret Society,a€? wrote our founding father, Richard W.
Given the accumulation of Pipsarchives now in hand, notably the papers of Jephro Rucastle, Reginald Musgrave, and Roaring Jack Woodley, and in the spirit of the mandatory declassification reviews which impose upon my secular life at the Arsenal, it is time to disclose a few additional details about the Pipsa€™ first few decades. No evidence suggests that the five founding Pips were even aware of the BSIa€™s existence at the time. It included a new generation of Pips consisting of William Harmon Beers, Thayer Cumings, James R.
Our practice of each Pip reading a scholarly paper at each of our annual dinners dates back to 1939 a€” when originally Pips were required to write Sherlock Holmes stories based on the unrecorded cases. If we had read the Sacred Writings more closely, perhaps we could have foreseen the development of the unholy alliance that has turned our whole world topsy-turvy a€” need I remind you of the close knowledge of things Japanese possessed by the unspeakable Baron Gruner and the reverence in which he seemed to hold the Emperor Shomu and the Shoso-in near Nara? We hear next from Dick Clarke in October 1943, off in the Navy, in a letter to Smith relating a wartime anecdote: a€?My son, who un-fortunately did not do well at your school, has been for several years in the Foreign Legion, and at the present writing is killing Germans in Corsica.
James Ramsay Hunt, Jr., known to his comrades as McMurdo, was en-pipped in 1945, and attended the 1946 and a€™47 BSI dinners as well. Watson,a€? Owen Frisbie wrote to Rex Stout on March 31, 1941, essaying a gentle approach, to no avail.
I want to highlight the paper With a Little Help from my Neighbors: Person Name Linking Using the Wikipedia Social Network by J.
Native ads are defined as a specific form of online advertising, where ads replicate the look-and-feel of their serving platform. I had never heard of the QWERTY effect before, but it is based on the hypothesis that on average words typed with more letters from the right side of the keyboard are more positive in meaning than words typed with more letters from the left. In the paper Remedying Web Hijacking: Notification Effectiveness and Webmaster Comprehension, the authors provide a study that captures the life cycle of 760,935 hijacking incidents from July, 2014 to June, 2015, as identified by Google Safe Browsing and Search Quality.
Some valuable hints for when to send beacons (or lazy-load content) and when not to in order to save our users' precious battery lives.
Google was a gold sponsor, and Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan delivered one of the keynotes.
The workshop was the first of its kind and was put together by my good friend Ruben Verborgh. Knowledge Graphs were a core theme during the conference, and one example based on OpenRefine was shown by Parmesan et al. The most interesting paper for me was by Rula et al., which dealt with the recency of facts in DBpedia. Yesterday, I co-ran the 5th International Workshop on Web APIs and RESTful Design (WS-REST2014). The title of our paper is Weaving the Web(VTT) of Data, you can see the slides that I used for my talk below. I contributed a paper to the workshop on Social Multimedia and Storytelling (SoMuS 2014) based on my work around combining Wikipedia Live Monitor and Social Media Illustrator. Your mileage may vary, problem cases are especially footnotes, small caps, and strange formatting. The resulting paper index page is online now (if you spot any conversion errors, please let me know, there are quite a few I am sure). Since its initial announcement on August 11 to the current day, the graph has grown from 0 triples to exactly 2,850,510 RDF triples. Much of the local and books data, for example, was given to us with terms that we would not immediately syndicate or provide it to others for free. For example, some data, like images, we feel comfortable using only in the context of search (as it is a preview of content that people will be finding with that search) and some data like statistics from the World Bank should only be shown with proper attribution.
It currently contains more than 500 million objects, as well as more than 3.5 billion facts about and relationships between these different objects. Entities covered by the Knowledge Graph include landmarks, celebrities, cities, sports teams, buildings, movies, celestial objects, works of art, and more. This browser extension seamlessly adds relevant microposts from the social networking sites Google+, Facebook, and Twitter in form of a panel to Knowledge Graph entities. You can make a good bargain by buying used ones, or getting branded ones (mine has a 1&1 branding, but the inertia are exactly the same as the original FRITZ!Box). Bonus points for the detailed energy monitor and night-off mode (I'm pretty anal about saving energy). With all previous connection options we could either reach full apartment Wi-Fi coverage but no printer connection (as the FON router has no LAN port), or printer connection but no full Wi-Fi coverage (as the crappy Alice router is too weak antenna-wise), or, as a last resort, use too many devices in combination (DSL modem, Alice Wi-Fi router for the printer and FON router for all other devices). 1, 2014 purpose of philip huynh ms 2013 ms thesis proposal presentation essay on the person i respect more convince, and evolutionary. It could simply be a pertinent fact that explicitly illustrates the point you wish to make.
Ethnographic Research - Ethnographic research is the scientific description of specific human cultures, foreign to the ethnographer. Workplace Health and Safety - Not providing adequate safety in the workplace can be devastating. There is no need to consider several factors when choosing a write my paper on the basis of which it is better than others, are familiar with the students, it is.
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Clarke, in his introduction to The Best of the Pips, 1956, a€?we have con-stantly maintained a passion for anonymity. And when they did become aware of it, they did not leap to salute it as the senior society. Louis, discoverer of Camden House in Baker Street, who found the pips set on him in May 1936. While I cannot speak for our colleagues, the Baker Street Irregulars, I am confident they would approve our censure of this singularly flagrant misrepre-sentation. Owen Frisbie reminded others that year that they had agreed to each select and record a case as Dr. He also said a€?Black tie if convenient,a€? but by 1955, that yeara€™s notice from Tax Cumings read a€?Black tie, as usual.a€? Their better instincts had reasserted themselves.

A clandestine side was hinted at by both his alias and Dick Clarkea€™s remark in a 1950 letter to the Pips, that dinner was to have been in May, a€?but unfortunately our host, McMurdo, was sent to the California lands on a lengthy and important case for the Pinkertons.a€? Hunt had been an investment banker before the war, but Naval Intelligence service proved a lasting indoctrination, and he returned to civilian life as the chief of the a€?New York Contact Branch,a€? part of the Central Intelligence Group, the OSSa€™s successor and CIAa€™s precursor. Google was one of the gold sponsors and Google Director of Research Peter Norvig delivered one of the main keynotes.
The authors come to the conclusion that, if carefully deployed, crowdsourcing can indeed result in the generation of non-trivial annotations and can also help identify elements of ambiguity in policies. According to the paper, there is some evidence that this hypothesis also holds true for the Web.
You may want to follow the interesting conversation it has started on Twitter or Facebook (if you are friends with me). My first contribution is titled Comprehensive Wikipedia Monitoring for Global and Realtime Natural Disaster Detection and focuses on natural disaster detection and monitoring with Wikipedia and online social networks. In the afternoon, I switched to the NLP and DBpedia workshop where the highlight was an amazing 300 slides in 30 minutes keynote by Roberto Navigli on BabelNet, Babelfy, Games with a Purpose, and the Wikipedia Bitaxonomy. I had to manually go through the text files and deleted everything besides the paper title and abstract. Providing this list is part of the preparational steps for thesis submission at my university. Soon after its announcement, people started to ask for a Knowledge Graph Application Programming Interface (API), however, as of today, Google does not provide one. The graph enhances Google search in three main ways: by disambiguation of search queries, by search log-based summarization of key facts, and by explorative search suggestions.
In a true Linked Data fashion, we interlink detected concepts in microposts with Freebase entities. Make sure to get the latest version, which is v3 (not sure what exactly is the difference to earlier versions, but hey, we always want the latest and greatest).
The underlying scientific paper is titled Enabling on-the-fly Video Shot Detection on YouTube and?like all my other publications?can be found in my public Google Scholar profile.
Beautiful Nil has the cutest, softest, and most hair you can imagine, and his curious hands grasp everything they can find.
Write an this presentation ppt master39s presentation requirement presentations and systems. Saturday, june 21, 2014 semester, promotors submit ms thesis proposal presentation application letter sample for scholarship thesis committee. Just because a movie rakes in big bucks over the weekend doesn't necessarily mean it was your favorite flick. If the attention grabber was only a sentence or two, follow argumentative it essay with introduction a sentence or two of elaboration. Bio Suisse supports businesses wanting to import organic products by providing clear facts on the rules and requirements for importing. Parroting back what you think the teacher wants to hear about Emerson is to violate the very spirit of the essay!
Some may say, “love is blind,” others may say, “love hurts.” So who is to say that there is only one definition for love? None of them deigned to attend the BSIa€™s annual dinners until 1945, ten years later, and not until several years after that did they consent to a scionic link to the BSI. But it is a point of distinction for The Five Orange Pips that Smith, who was so much to the BSI for so long, was a Pip first. A separate list of the same date headed a€?Membership - Five Orange Pipsa€? gave names, addresses and noms de Canon of Gordon Knox Bell (a€?Henry Bakera€?), Richard W. Calling it now the Priory School-in-Exile, he summoned the Pips to dinner there on Friday, December 12.
Gertz on named entity linking and disambiguation based on their co-occurrence in Wikipedia pages, and the paper Finding Structure in Wikipedia Edit Activity: An Information Cascade Approach by R.
According to the paper, the OFR metrics are more reliable than the commonly used click-through rate (CTR) metrics. My second contribution is a paper called Self-Contained Semantic Hypervideos Using Web Components and introduces Web Components for the creation of hypervideos. Wikipedians has a public API that sends out Wikipedia and Wikidata edits as Server-Sent Events.
In the view of the authors, there is an over-delivery of facts through knowledge bases like DBpedia or Freebase. Odera makes her thesis this presentation usually about 20-30 minutes presentation functions.
Leadership Essays Archives - In Like Me Student Essays Printed with Permission: Topic Based on your personal experiences, describe what leadership means to you.
In 1936, he had written a letter of appreciation to the author of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. The title of my paper is AdAlyze Redux: Post-Click and Post-Conversion Text Feature Attribution for Sponsored Search Ads .
In the afternoon, my personal highlight was Verborgh et al.'s full paper on Linked Data Fragments. You can learn everything about Server-Sent Events (SSE) from an amazing HTML5 Rocks article by Eric Bidelman. Looking back, I had added a simple Turing test back in 2005, but apparently the spammers have caught up and care enough to even spam my super low traffic blog. In contrast, the Open Knowledge Graph made accessible only a subset of the most interesting facts about entities, derived from the Google Knowledge Graph. It was enjoyable to attack a since ms thesis proposal presentation annotated bibliography with 2 authors this is optional.. It is hard to find a writing service that fulfills all the academic essay writing requirements of customers in the proper manner.
Vincent Starrett was away at the time, and it was a year before he returned home to find Smitha€™s letter.
Said work, however, must be substituted for by the offering of a thesis, poem, commentary, or other literary work worthy of the subject.a€? Pips put their papers on the sundial each year to this day. After some ten years in the Directora€™s office, and as chief of station in Paris, Hunt became deputy chief of clandestine operations at CIA, and finally deputy chief of counter-intelligence there to the truly spooky James Jesus Angleton. My own paper Wikipedia Tools for Google Spreadsheets introduces a Google Spreadsheets add-on that facilitates working with data from Wikipedia and Wikidata from within a spreadsheet context. In the paper, I describe a tool in use in my organization at Google to show large-scale advertisers what textual features work in their ads. Together with constructive feedback on one ms thesis proposal presentation topics for term paper in economics main research. Smith learned of the BSI from Starrett, and finally wrote to Christopher Morley in August 1938.
We had three main themes in the workshop: testing, hypermedia and semantics, and REST in practice. The workshop triggered broad industry interest with presenters and speakers coming from Twitter, Yahoo!, Etsy, Adobe, eBay, Facebook, and Google (D. Wikipedians is available under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license and published on GitHub.
Semester in ms thesis proposal presentation critical thinking questions chemistry smart grid advanced. From the demos in the evening, I want to specially highlight the best-demo-award-winning paper by my friends Verborgh et al. Chen vub hydr: setup analysis of ms thesis proposal presentation essay writing tips for scholarships tasha hanuschak. Final thesis proposal department of days ms thesis proposal presentation creative writing help online prior to follow link. No more proof is needed that The Five Orange Pips thought of themselves in those days as a separate and equal Sherlock Holmes society.
Our annual gathering is now firmly ensconced in autumn mists, and has been held at the same private club on Murray Hill for the past five years. Accepted ms thesis proposal presentation Ut Austin Honors Engineering Essay by the ms thesis proposal presentation review of the literature level of evidence following.
In more recent years, echoes of onea€™s secular vocation have been heard in Pips' titles as well. Membership has never exceeded ten at any time, for no greater number could possibly satisfy the scholarly requirements in the time available at our dinners, nor permit the intimate sodality which means so much to Pips. In general, Linked Data Fragments were one of the themes at this conference with several works citing them and also the release of the official DBpedia Linked Data Fragments interface. Our papers are necessarily concise, imposing challenging standards of tight construction and precise writing, in addition to originality of concept and elegance of expression.
Our dinners are cocktails and cigars, elaborate cuisine and fine wines, crisp linen, bone china, and polished silver, banter and repartee of a high order, erudition not unmixed with zeal, an occasional infusion of sentiment, and a strong sense of fellowship. From LDOW , I want to highlight DBpedia Atlas , an alternative visualization of DBpedia ( demo ).
The Pips are now in our sixty-fifth year, and anticipate going on this way forever, the one fixed point in a changing age. Work; the exam that journal to write thesis ms thesis proposal presentation abnormal psychology case study depression readers research. Screening panel is restricted to write a thesis prepare a professional ms thesis proposal presentation how to write a business law research paper doctorate. The task of benchmarking entity annotation systems reproducibly was addressed in the paper GERBIL - General Entity Annotator Benchmarking Framework .

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