Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 offers a new feature to format the handouts for your presentation.
Launch the PowerPoint Presentation then click the Office (File) button and choose the Share option. Here you will find the Create Handouts button located on the right side of the main window, click it.
On the next step, choose the page layout that you wish to use and select the corresponding radio button.
Unfortunately the facility is rubbish becasue the slides are printed too small and cannot be enlarged.
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In a previous post I wrote on why handouts are important and how they can relieve you of writing down everything on your slides. Yes, keeping everything to one page might be a very difficult thing to achieve, especially if you have that much to say.
This is not 100% necessary, but using images that you had used in the presentation might make it easier for people people to associate and remember your presentation when they read the handout a few days, a few weeks or even a few months later. It’s impossible to convey a huge amount of information into one handout or even one presentation. You can download a sample presentation handout here (this is the one for my presentation that I had created for the slideshare contest in the summer of 2008). About this blogThis blog is about creating effective presentations and presentation design.
After clicking on Create Handouts a window will pop out asking you to choose notes and pasting options.
After clicking on Ok button, a Microsoft Word file will open having all the slides along with the notes with it.
I can go through a do a screen capture if I have to, but I was wondering if there is an easier way (a macro? In the anticipation and excitement of a listing presentation, it's easy to forget the basics. This is a common handout that follows the outline of the presentation and usually has unfinished sentences that need to be filled in.
To use this type of handout, you’ll want to make sure your audience has them at the beginning of the presentation, so the speaker is not interrupted. This is a specially designed template to help your audience take notes or visually engage with the material. A lined note area is great for lots of information, an open one is great for more visual ideas. This is a nice looking handout that covers the material in your presentation and may have additional information for follow up.
Color if Available: Use limited color for headings, tags and limited pictures to make the handout POP!

Two Sided Glossy: Pre Printed full color brochures can be expensive but add a professional image to your presentation.
Make It Incredibly Helpful: If possible customize your handout to your audience, and match it to their needs. Branded with Full Contact Information: Use your logo, name and taglines so audience members will remember you.
SMART Note Taking: Adding a calendar or note taking area will make your handout more useful.
Powerful Photos or Screenshots: Including your photo and pictures of your products will help keep your business top of mind. Here is a great way to engage with your audience after your presentation… Offer them a ticket to a different event.
For the sake of ease and to facilitate the users, it also offers the feature of placing handouts into a Word document so that they can be formatted easily, quickly and more professionally. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In this post, I want to get into a bit more detail on what elements a handout should contain.
After a week or two people will probably not remember who gave the presentation anymore and they won’t be able to associate the handout with your business card. For FREE?Subscribe to the newsletter and instantly download the one-page presentations checklist - it only takes 60 seconds! You put strenuous efforts in making it look professional and make a wonderful presentation, but what is the use if you can’t reach to your audience and connect to them well?
To create them in Microsoft Word just open your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint and click on Save & Send option then on Create Handouts.
Well these handouts aren’t meant for sending as attachment to the people over the internet. It will help the listeners to recall later, what you said and will surely help in branding yourself.
You may have seen these used during church sermons, educational presentations, or business meetings.
Depending on the speaking order, putting them on the seats before your audience arrives, handing them out at the door, or having a dedicated person hand them out before each presentation will get them into the hands of your audience with a minimum of disruption. You can use these free-form sheets to explore new ideas, create action plans, process organizational items, or just have a fun way to interact with your listeners. Of course every person will have their own preferences and do let me know if you have your own ideas on how to create presentation handouts.
Of course, it is also acceptable to write a two- or three page handout, but I find the most effective one to be one page long.
This can be applied to business presentations, academia and anyplace where presentations are needed. So this article is for all my hard-working friends, who find it difficult to share their presentations.

These are meant for giving the audience who are sitting at the back and who might have some problem in seeing you from the back. I find a lot of people using converters for converting their presentations in .PDF extension, so that they can carry it on their mobile phones. Unfortunately, handouts can be a HUGE distraction to a speaker if they are distributed at the wrong time. Mind Maps come in many different styles, but a common one I use is the idea generator. This is a classic and works well if you break your audience into small groups. You’ll want to include your contact information, social media links, and any call to action notes. The small cost of a good handout is well offset with the benefits and referrals they will bring. It will help you in while you are in the middle of presentations, as well as after the presentation. Since it is easily readable on many gadgets, notebooks, laptops and other PDAs it is advisable to have your presentation copy in .PDF. There is nothing worse than having your audience reading your handout, when they should be focused on you, the speaker. It simply combines a note taking area, a keyword area, along with a take-action shorthand box. Within minutes your audience can brainstorm complex ideas and come up with amazing solutions. You can print these one sided on regular paper, or go all out and print them double sided on semi gloss stock. Yet a properly formatted handout can help your audience follow along, and give your kinesthetic (Hands on) users something to do by filling in the blanks as you move through your content. When you create these always make sure to have your contact information at the bottom, and a way for your audience to get in touch with you should they have questions or want to follow up. You can capture a lot more information in a smaller area than with a conventional sheet of paper. Let’s look at three different styles of handouts and explore how and when to distribute them for maximum effectiveness. For some presentations, I’ve found that using Tri-fold stock gives a more professional appearance and allows the participant to store them easily in pocket or purse.
Business proposal templates like the one below can be a good starting point for document creation.

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