In this Yahoo Video Slideshow tutorial, you will see how to make a Yahoo Video Slideshow with photos and music step by step using slideshow software called Video Slideshow Maker .
Import the photos and process with the built-in photo editing tool, which include some basic functions like Brightness, Contrast Crop, Rotate, Effect, etc. Your video needs to be less than 150 MB and 15 minutes, in WMV, ASF, QT, MOD, MOV, MPG, 3GP, 3GP2, or AVI format, and have audio.
Open Yahoo Video Website and login your yahoo account, then click upload button as below to upload video slideshow. Almost all parents love taking a lot of photos for every baby’s first time to record his growing, such as his first shower, his first smile, his first birthday and so on.
Making a lovely baby slideshow with the images is an excellent way to present precious memories to your friends. Besides, you can double click your target baby picture to edit by the image editing functions, like crop, clip, rotate, add filter, etc. By the way, adding music for baby slideshow is an important thing to build the attractive baby slideshow.
Flash Screensaver Master is an easy-to-use but powerful flash screensaver maker, which enables you to convert Flash files (*.swf) to screensavers, or build slide show screensavers with your favorite images. Click quick start of Flash Screensaver Master or Click Start =>Program => Flash Screensaver Master => Flash Screensaver Master, then the main interface will pop up. Click Organize Photos tab, drag photos to Album Photo Area from your windows 8 PC  to start making a slideshow. Under sub-tab Transition & Music,  you can choose transitions for slides from kinds of built-in transitions effects, add one or more song as background music. Click Album theme, there are various eye-catching themes for choosing, like Christmas theme, Birthday theme, Wedding theme and more. If you do not want to burn your slideshow to DVD, you can skip this step.  For this step is used to choose and customize DVD menus.

You can choose a menu , then choose it with background music and image for a chosen DVD menu, edit title for the menu, and etc.
Switch to Burn Disc tab, click Output Format drop-down list and choose a video format, such as mp4, mpg, avi.
This entry was posted in DVD Photo Slideshow and tagged create slideshow dvd on windows 8, slide show video maker for windows 8, windows 8 slideshow software on March 19, 2013 by Sarah Jablich. How to make a birthday slideshow: What better way is there to celebrate a first birthday than creating a slideshow celebrating the first year of a child’s life? Knowing which program you want to use will enable you to have things in place once you’re ready to start. After launching the program, a pop-up window will guide you to start creating video slideshow.
If the photos did not need to process, just skip to select a template for the yahoo video slideshow.
Depend on yourself,you can choose each slide a effect and set the transition and photo duration or apply the same transition effect to all slides.What's more,you can add some suitable texts to each photo to make it more meaningful. Set output option such as Size, Flash option, quality, background color, start button and Loop Style before publish video slideshow.
Also you can upload this video slideshow to other popular video website such as Youtube,Myspace Video,etc. With Kvisoft Slideshow Maker with Music, you can create slideshow with lovely baby songs, stunning effects, text, etc. If you cannot find your favorite baby template, the slideshow program allows you personalize your own baby pictures slideshow template. Additionally, you can add MP3, WAVor MIDI music files as background sound to make even attractive screensavers.
If you do not want to choose transitions, the program can apply random transitions for all slides.

I just went with Windows Live Movie Maker – simply because it  came pre-installed on my computer. Here I publish the slideshow as AVI format video file for uploading to Yahoo Video Website. With DVD Photo Slideshow – a powerful slideshow software for Windows 8, you can easily make slideshow DVDs or slideshow videos from your photos.
It leaves out the trial and error, and lets things go super smoothly once you start creating.
This sounds super complicated, but really it just means planning the basic order of images.
It’s best to split your story line into segments and organize that into separate folders within your slideshow folder. While baby is adorable, no one will disagree, people simply don’t have the patience to sit through an hour of slideshow. After putting together my slideshow I decided I should add music and couldn’t decide what – the night before the party!
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