These bring back fond memories from when I was young and I and my children have had a great time making them together. You may want to score a line where the card should fold, using a bone folder or the back of a table knife. They are really easy, and kids of all ages can have loads of laughs inventing funny, cryptic or cheeky sayings to write as fortunes.
There are three downloadable templates to choose from, a large template or two small templates that will fit on a sheet of A4 card, and one small template that fits on a sheet of A5 card. Place the card with the strips attached in front of you, making sure that the side with any pencil marks on it is underneath. There are two sets of templates for each size, one with the dotted fold lines on (this is great to practice on with a sheet of paper, or if children are making the box), and one with no dotted fold lines (these are harder to use but give a more professional finish).

It’s a great way to have a go at weaving, once you’ve tried it I guarantee you’ll want to weave with other materials. Take one of the cut off strips of card and start threading over and under the fixed strips, again making sure any pencil marks are underneath. These boxes are easy to make with no gluing required and can be used for a variety of gift ideas including favours at a wedding or for small gifts hanging from a Christmas tree.
There will be other projects involving weaving with other materials on the things-to-make-and-do website so try them out and have some fun. Ease it to the end that wasn’t cut (this may be a little stiff to start with but gently lifting up some of the top strips as you move it into position will help), also put a small dab of PVA glue between the two end strips and one in the middle to help hold it in place. The larger pyramid measures nearly 8 cm across the base and 4? cm high, the small pyramid base is 5? cm wide and 3 cm high.

KEEP the cut off pieces as they can be used to make a bookmark (see the bookmark section in paper and card projects) or they can be used to fill smaller shaped openings in other projects.
Using either PVA glue or double-sided sticky tape, attach the weaving to the back of the opening, remembering to have the best side facing the right way.

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