In this article you will learn how to make your PowerPoint into a DVD which is playable on any DVD player or computer with a DVD drive.
Moyea PPT to DVD Burner enables you to make DVD from PowerPoint or convert PowerPoint to popular video formats in a few steps. Go to "Options" tab and choose "Create Standard DVD" and you can also set your files by clicking "Advanced Settings". Go to "Menu" tab and there you can create a DVD menu for the output DVD, for easy navigating using remote when playing with DVD player.
If you want, you can also add your favorite music and logo for the PowerPoint DVD slideshow.
Go to "Burn" tab, you can click "Start" to burn PowerPoint to DVD or create DVD image file (in ISO format).
Now you can view the PowerPoint files on DVD player without computer or Microsoft PowerPoint. Copyright © 2012 Animated PowerPoint Templates, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Nearly 200 Free Applications and hundreds of resources to help you get the most out of them!Tools for interactive collaboration, gamification, OER, mobile learning, & so much more!YOURS FREE just for signing up for blog posts! Make your presentations pop, not flop, with these five ways to get the most out of slideshows. Additionally, stories have clearly outlined characters, an easy-to-follow plot, something at stake, and a resolution. For example, businesses trying to convince investors of their product could create a story with their competitors as characters, the need for a better product the aspect at stake, and the resolution the creation of their product that fills a gap in the industry.
If you’ve ever heard the groans when a PowerPoint projector is turned on, you know that people seem to expect the same thing from presentations. All of these tools can be your backup plan when you notice that their eyes are glazing over, so you can pull out a surprise to gain their interest again.
You can also break up your presentation with question and answer sections, pauses between slides, and props to demonstrate your points. First, know when it’s appropriate to use slideshows and when it’s appropriate to use videos. Slideshows are appropriate during presentations where you need to show your audience information clearly and help them retain it, or when they need to take notes. In general, slideshows and videos either explain something or persuade people about a point. Instead, draw the audiences’ eyes by placing your text on different parts of the slide or videos in unique ways. Many people opt for templates as the easy way out, but choosing a font scheme and color scheme offers the right amount of predictability without being like all the rest. This is just an example, but it shows how any slideshow can easily be turned into a storyline to make it more understandable for your classroom . Thanks for sharing the valuable tips for creating dynamic and amazing power point presentations.

I’ve always been a geeky PowerPoint fan, it’s fun to find new ways to make slideshows!
An instant access to the templates available locally apart from the online database is offered in this version. An active connection with SkyDrive account has now become possible through the Account Management window in this latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013.
The connection can be established automatically as soon as the user signs in for Microsoft Account. There are various widescreen themes and templates offered in this exclusive Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Alignment Guides is an exclusive feature released in MS PowerPoint 2013 that provides users flexibility to align text and objects conveniently to each other. Adding audio, images and video files has become possible in MS PowerPoint 2013 directly through the internet without even downloading anything on your computer.
PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. The final output will preserve all features from the original PowerPoint presentations including fonts, animations, transitions, music and video clips, etc.
Just free download the best PowerPoint DVD Maker and try to make DVD from PowerPoint yourself! Visuals that don’t have a clear message and goal will most likely bore you and your audience. The plot line would be tracing how they got from realizing there was a need for what they have to offer to their product.
It’s only a matter of time before attention wanes and they begin texting or playing games on their mobile devices, and once you’ve lost the audience, it’s hard to get them back. Repeating the same information or creating a visual presentation in which viewers think they know what to expect will put them to sleep. However, don’t plan when you are going to tell a joke: humor should be natural, not predictable.
A general rule for timing while speaking is that each slide or video clip should only explain about 15 words – too many words per image will cause audiences to become bored and look away from the screen, too little will jolt them from screen to screen too quickly. Slideshows aren’t appropriate during speeches, mostly oral-based lectures, or formats where a video would better explain the information. If you aren’t trying to do either of the two, you would probably be better off with another message.
During a history presentation, you probably don’t want to use extremely bright colors and irrelevant photos.
Many people make the mistake of loading their slide or videos with information and forgetting that the eye also needs white space to be attracted to what is important. Remember, you don’t want to bore your audience, and you will in a second if you deliver what they expect from a slideshow or video. If you feel lost by creating your own, there are a few easy guidelines to stick to so that you can still have cohesiveness throughout your slide or video.

He loves fusing great creative ideas with passionate execution, building products and services that connect and stimulate audiences.
Creating PowerPoint presentations is one of my least favorite things, ever, and I’m pretty sure it shows in my slides.
I seriously enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and will come back in the future.
In contrast to the landing page of this latest version, the one in the older version was confusing as well as bland for a number of users. Orientation, Industry, Design Sets, Nature, Marketing, Media, Small Business and many more are a few categories into which the online templates can be divided. If the user is willing to use dark colors along with a theme with light color, the available color themes can be checked out by simply clicking on the template. The same account can be used on various devices that gives the opportunity to synchronize the documents to the cloud with viewing and editing capability, on any of the synced devices. However this feature was also available in the older version but it was required to do it manually that further changes the size of every element in the slide.
Although the same feature was also there in the older version of PowerPoint but pasting the embed code of a particular video was required. We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. This is just an example, but it shows how any slideshow can easily be turned into a storyline to make it more understandable for your classroom and you as you create the visual presentation. Videos are very valuable either within slideshows or on their own to document information, offer explanation, or put a visual context behind information. Awesome infographics, like the one below, reel your audience in by explaining the information in an easy-to-digest manner. Don’t use bright colors if your presentation is about a subtle business idea, and don’t use grey tones if you are trying to present an exciting idea. The style and color of the elements in the template customization is the same as in the older versions. This feature helps you to commute without carrying any documents along, which makes sharing of documents really convenient and hassle free. In addition to this, auto text wrapping is another feature added here through which the text is adjusted automatically around the image to avoid overlapping. After you can clearly identify your message and understand the appropriate medium, you are able to build an appropriate visual presentation.
Make sure you know what your color and font scheme are before you begin, not halfway through when you realize that the slides or video transitions don’t match up.

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