In our last post of the authority website experiment we discussed how to buy your hosting and website domain name. Oftentimes one of the biggest obstacles that potential online entrepreneurs face is creating a website.
I can’t tell you how many times I speak with aspiring online entrepreneurs and they explain that they want to begin their own website, but they are completely paralyzed by the fear of learning how to create the first website. If you’re like many people out there, you may not be the most technologically inclined person and the thought of creating a website is, frankly, terrifying.
I created a FREE mini course that shows you the first few steps of creating your own money making website. But the reason why making a website isn’t a difficult task anymore is because technology has made this an incredibly easy process. The thing that most people don’t realize is that the majority of websites out there are built using a website theme. I know that this may be hard to understand if you’re hearing it for the first time, so let me first explain by introducing you to one of my favorite websites called Themeforest. As of right now I have developers who will work on any of my websites, or my client websites, for $15-$25 per hour.
It makes it so that you know that your developers are actually working on your website and not charging you a high amount for a really simple task.
Although I already mentioned some reasons why I always tell people to use website theme, I think the most important thing to understand is that it will decrease the development cost of your website substantially. Sure, you could tell a developer to create something from scratch by hiring a website designer to create multiple mockups. You can also use the Thesis Theme as mentioned above, or you can even use free themes if you’d like, but I assure you that you get what you pay for in this case. In terms of selecting a theme, the most important thing in my opinion is to make sure that the theme itself is responsive.
After you’ve chosen a theme that you feel is good, when you want to do is click on the live preview area.
When you click on this area, you’re going to see exactly what the theme will look like if you customize it to its fullest.
By following this process, you can quickly and easily install a theme on your own WordPress domain and have a new look in seconds. Most people think that in order to have a successful website you need to blog constantly in order to get traffic and should spend all of your time writing blog posts. Stay tuned for the next one, I officially launched my authority website already and I’m already ranking on the first page of Google for MULTIPLE terms. Get a FREE Mini Course?Month-after-month I have a Website that continues to make me money without any work required. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter E-mailThe web has always been a work in progress, but never so much as in the last few years. More phones and devices followed in every size imaginable, but we soon realized that having the internet in our pockets isn’t quite so simple. Responsive web design was the solution to this problem, a way to make a website that displays appropriately on every screen size, but by using only one set of code. In a responsive design, the website responds to the size of the browser window, whether it is a couple inches wide on a mobile phone, or 30 inches wide or more for a maximized browser window on a widescreen monitor—along with any size in between. Adjustable means that the layout or other qualities of the design are able to change based on the width of the display. Essentially, media queries allow you to ask a question, and then provide changes to the website’s styles based on the answer to that question.

As an example, visit the United Pixelworkers website and resize your browser window from full screen to narrow, watching as the layout changes the number of columns, as well as other parts of the layout like the navigation at the top of the page.
The second quality, flexibility, just means that elements on the page can expand to fill available space. As an example, visit the TIME website and resize your browser window from full screen to narrow, noting how as the columns get narrower, the text wraps and the photos get smaller so they continue to fit inside the column, regardless of width. Responsive websites have designs that are both adjustable and flexible, and will work at any screen width. As mobile devices, tablets, and monitors become available in more and more sizes, and as the use of mobile devices becomes even more prevalent, we need to make sure that websites are designed to display properly on all screen sizes. Responsive design will allow you to make sure that everyone is able to access your website, no matter what type and size of device they are using. This past week in our The Starter League UX class, we dove right into the basic elements of visual design. It’s Week #5 of the UX Design class I’m taking at The Starter League. Last week, we talked about tools you can use to build your best product.
Aside from thinking that the actual process of doing so is near impossible, the bigger issue is that people usually have no idea what they want their website to look like.
A website theme is a customizable template that you can use which gives you a main layout, but allows you to change colors, images, content, and more. Basically this is a marketplace where you can purchase pre-built themes specifically for WordPress and install them directly into the WordPress dashboard. Now, I know, you’ve probably heard of Elance multiple times before and you may or may not have ever tried it, but I can tell you one thing.
If you try to get a highly skilled developer with the same capabilities in the United States, you’re going to quickly find that they cost at least $60 per hour. This is a tool that will randomly take snapshots of your developers screen and you are then able to view them for every hour that they worked.
But the problem here is that you are first going to have to pay that website designer to create the look of the website, and then you are going to have to pay a website developer to code everything correctly. In fact, if you have been on the fence about one of my other favorite products called Thrive leads, you should know that for an extra $50 you can have access to Thrive Themes which is their prebuilt themes marketplace. Scroll over it, and then you’ll see a drop-down with multiple choices of the types of themes available.
While creating content is important, there are other strategies that you can use to get this done and I will disclose them in my next post. The introduction of the iPhone in 2007 opened a vast new world where we were able to view the real internet—not a stripped-down mobile web—from a tiny computer we could carry in our pockets.
Websites designed for desktop-sized screens appear tiny, forcing users to zoom in and out to view content. For example, you might start with CSS that displays the website content in one column, for narrow-width screens. For example, a narrow screen might show the site navigation in a dropdown menu, while a wide screen may have enough space to display all the navigation items in a horizontal bar.
That?s right, meaningful discussion about Mobile Development (iOS, Android, Window Phone, Mobile Web) in Madison. Last week, we covered techniques to help you define your user base and position your product.
After covering top visual design techniques and research methods last week, we dove right into affinity diagramming, user modeling, and product vision. This is a common stumbling block for most online entrepreneurs, so pay attention and you’ll definitely learn some good things here.

There are plenty other premium themes out there such as the Thesis theme, but that comes at a premium cost. At the time of this writing, website visitors will come to your website at a split of usually 60% desktop, 30% mobile, and 10% tablet, but mobile and tablet continue to grow and eventually I could see desktop websites being the minority. It gives you an idea of what your website is capable of looking like if you have the imagery to support it.
Not only that, but I feel comfortable in disclosing my ACTUAL authority website in my next post as well so I am really excited to do that too. A desktop monitor might be wide enough to display three columns, while a small screen may stack all of that content into one column. By giving page elements widths in percentages rather than a fixed number of pixels, and by allowing images to scale down in size so they always fit inside these flexible columns and other page elements, a website design can make use of the entire browser window no matter what size the screen is. Additionally, there are four restaurants, a bowling alley, a rock climbing wall, ice cream shop, and Live Music both nights of the event. Keep in mind that what you are going to see here is the main framework of the website, but you’ll need to insert images and content to make it look similar.
So, the website would display in two columns only if the browser window is wider than 600 pixels.
So, unless you blocked you site for normal visitors, I know I am welcome.Just give your visitor really good information about you, your service or your interest, tell them what your website is all about.
Lead them into your site and show them where your most valuable content is.Tell them what you want to tell them!And don’t forget to show some good images, a good picture can make a difference. If they scan your website to get a first impression an image can help to keep them on that page so they start reading.Your theme might show the option to get comments on that page, in that situation you need to un-check the comments and trackback functions. You don’t need to use posts, but it is a good thing to have your setup ready in case you want to start writing posts.You can call this page anything you like. It all depends on the theme that is active on your site.Now Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Categories, Archives and Meta are a dead give away that this is a WordPress blog. If you have one, you can select it.The best part of these custom menus is that you can have several of them. The first one will contain the navigation into the meat of my sites and the second one contains informational links like the About page, a Sitemap, Contact page and a Privacy Statement page.Where I want to show these Menu’s depends on the layout or the theme. Those widgets where there to act as placeholders to show you where your sidebar is located. I also used a Custom Headers plugin because with this new theme, there is no custom header function for pages.So now it’s up to you to get the layout that makes your WordPress website look like a website instead of a blog. Personally I use Blogger for my blogs (because to be honest I find it ranks in the search engines a little easier) and then WordPress for my websites, I just love how easy it is!
Whatever people say about wordpress it is very easy to understand for the people who are having less coding knowledge. How can I make that my static home page or remove that link so that my created page is the only true “home” landing page? If you have set the static homepage via Settings -> Reading your Home link should automatically be correct. Herbert-Jan van Dinther recently posted..How To Upgrade Old Version of WordPress ReplyWhat do you think?

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