According to the Washington Post, the two communicated via Gmaila€™s instant-messaging service. That trick circles back to technology the National Security Agency has developed involving a searchable database of voice conversations. Long before that, howevera€”just after the passage of the Patriot Act (passed in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. It turned out that the monitoring of Americansa€™ phone calls and phone records was far more extensive.
As reports, a€?Spying on international telephone calls has always been a staple of NSA surveillance,a€? but only a tiny fraction of telephone traffic could be tapped because someone had to do the tapping, someone had to listen to the call, and the NSA nor any other agency had or has the manpower to track and listen to every call. The NSA now has the ability to a€?automatically recognize the content within phone calls by creating rough transcripts and phonetic representations that can be easily searched and stored.a€? That means, potentially, our federal government maintains not only a log of every call a person has made, but also has a rough, searchable transcript of every conversation Americans and others have conducted.
Arnold & Smith, PLLC is a Charlotte based criminal defense, traffic violation defense and civil litigation law firm servicing Charlotte and the surrounding area. The text in Samagra Vachana Samputa were typed using fonts of ISCII, an Indian character encoding standard. Omshivaprakash worked on designing the architecture for this platform using open source software tools.
At present, Vachana Sanchaya project has around 200,000 unique words that were derived from these verses. The public has been using the repository and accessing vachana from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles. All of the content is currently available to the public through the OpenData API, and once the reviewing the work is complete, it will be distributed in the public domain through WikiSource. Other similar projects could take help from this project and use any part of the processes. To initiate Natural Language Processing (NLP) projects if more researches help to tag words and grow the glossary.
To extend this platform to other the contemporary literature works available in the public domain. All content subject to a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License unless specified differently by poster. With Google Custom Search enabled on your site it is possbile to make money when user use the search function on your site because the Google custom search function will display targeted text based ads on the search results pages. The Google Custom Search function is a search tool which allows visitors of your site to search on your website by using Google’s search technology. Give searchers search refinement options so they can easily find the information they are looking for. Monetize your Google Custom Search function by adding Google AdSense ads to the search result pages. The search results can be shown either on your own website or on a by Google hosted search result page. Google’s search results are more relevant and precise than most default search options used in CMS websites. This tutorial will show you how to set up Google Custom Search and make it blend into your site.

Go to Google Custom Search Engine homepage and click the ‘create a custom search engine‘ button. If you want to show ads on your search results pages you can select the Show Ads on results pages button. Now you should enter some keywords that are related to your site so Google will show ads related to your keywords. Now you have created your custom search engine you want to make it blend into your website so the search result page has got look and feel of your site. Here you can choose the colors that you use in your template for your background, links, headers, border and titles.
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A person types out an email and hits a€?Send,a€? and the words can never be taken back; and whata€™s morea€”even if the email is deleted, it can be retrieved.
Instead of hitting a€?Senda€? on the messages, however, the pair left their messages a€?in an electronic a€?drop boxa€™a€? most of the civilized world knows as an email draft folder. Anyone who is interested in old gangster movies may recall the trick wherein one gangstera€”tailed by cops in cars and helicoptersa€”enters a series of parking garages and switches vehicles, ultimately losing the authorities in order to meet up with another gangster who has employed the same trick, all for the purpose of having a whispered conversation somewhere out of the hearing of law-enforcement officers.
Much has been made in recent years of the agency snooping on and intercepting email and other written communications. 11, 2001)a€”Americans were promised that the federal government would only snoop on their phone calls if the calls originated from a foreign country and the participants in the phone calls were suspected of being involved in terrorism.
It has been suggested that every single phone call placed by every single American is tracked in some fashion, and phone snooping was evidently a staple of American counterterrorism and law-enforcement for decades before the Patriot Act, according to USA Today. Smith enjoys traveling, boating, golf, hiking and spending time with his wife and three children. More than 259 Vachana writers, called Vachanakaru, compiled over 11,000 vachanas (verses). 21,000 of these verses in 15 volumes were published by the Government of Karnataka into an online portal called Samagra Vachana Samputa.
Indic characters generally replace Latin ones inside the font that makes them completely useless when someone does not have the particular font installed in the computer.

Hanchagaiah was involved in providing critical hacks for digitization and valuable inputs through suggestions, feedback, and quality assurance.
There are thousands of people now who read a Vahana as part of their daily routine. Vachana Sanchaya is not only a gateway for reading the literature, but also a research platform for Kannada language and literature. This will open up the system for students, developers, researchers, and anyone interested in building linguistic tools for Kannada and other Indic languages.
On this page you can test if you get the desired results with your Google Custom Search Engine. In the control panel you can click on the look and feel tab to design the style for your search box and the style of the custom search result pages. You need to copy the first HTML code and enter it where you want your search box to appear on your site.
He pled guilty last month to one count of removing and retaining classified information, according to CNN. One would write the message, save the draft, and then the other would log in, read the message and, presumably, delete it. The latest teeth-gnashing about snooping came after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden foisted on the world a record of just how extensive the federal governmenta€™s electronic snooping efforts had become.
He began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney before entering private practice in 2006.
It has options for researchers to help in reviewing content which in turn will help to add references from research papers.
Check the ‘Only sites I select‘ option and enter the sites you want to be searchable from your site in the Sites to Search area. Prosecutors alleged that Petraeus illegally shared classified information with his mistress. In case of this particular publication, there were more than 5 ISCII standards which made searching and reusing content completely impossible. Early literature in any language is well-respected, so making it available via an open platform allows for reuse of the content for research, publication, and other documentation work. Nagabhushana Swamy converted the font to Unicode to make the verses searchable on this project.
Hanchagaiah and Omshivaprakash started writing scripts to make the Vachanas searchable through an index. This demanded a user friendly platform for the linguistic researchers, students, and the public interested in accessing this literature.

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