PowerPoint requires absolutely no training at all (unless you call learning how to insert images and music into slides training). You can pick great music from SoundCloud using the Creative Commons search engine or take permission before using any song.
The right moves in sync with your music and video content can create a cinematic experience for the viewer. PowerPoint lets you rehearse timings for each presentation slide so you can make the content, visuals and text perfectly synchronized and play on YouTube exactly the way you want your viewers to see. Once the presentation is converted, you can even send it directly to YouTube via authorSTREAM! Get the very best of presentations - Tips, Tricks, Updates and Ideas like this delivered to you in your inbox! Share presentations on the web, with all your hard-worked animations, narrations and in-slide videos retained. PowerPoint presentations are getting more and more popular amongst the education as well as the corporate world for giving proper professional presentations.
Here is a guide for all the people how to create an effective presentation using PowerPoint. The first step is to install the Microsoft Office in which there is Microsoft PowerPoint which will enable you to carry all the processes. At the first stage the background is being set, this can be done through selecting any default template available the file (new) of the tool. Now the font style and the size is being selected , make sure that the font size, color combination of the template and the font should be prominent, as it should be properly visible to the presenter as well as to the audience. Text, images, videos and sound clips all can be added in the PPT slides but one thing should be taken under consideration that the visuals should not be over loaded, as it should be simple, concise but complete. Animations can be added to the PPT slides as per the requirement, but it is being advised to make it simple and professional rather making it amateur and colorful. After creating the slides and finalizing the layout with the animations press F5on the keyboard and view the slide show so that any fault or mistake can be detected and can be rectified before the final presentation. The presenter should not read the slides in the presentation but should just take them as guide and should focus on his own conversation and communication strengths. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
In this powerpoint will show you how to make a good-looking presentation, incluiding some fonts that will let you make your slideshows look better.

USING THE RIGHT TYPEFACESThis is what you SHOULD NOT doNeither do this, Arial & Calibri areboring and so commonly used.
There are plenty of free resources available online that post beautiful images from talented photographers around the world. Every font has its own personality and you need to choose a font that gels smoothly with the sentiment of your video.
Whether it’s an instrumental music, a hit number, or an audio narration for a training video, you need to be nice and easy on the ear. Words pop out of nowhere, fade or jump out of slide as new lyrics fly in…we are hooked to the video till the end, aren’t we? You have to try several to see which fits the best depending on the tone and the beat of your presentation. To convert more presentations, you can buy authorSTREAM credits or become a Premium member. You can even insert YouTube videos in your PowerPoint and play them right within the slideshow. PowerPoint is a tool which enables you to create effective presentations which can be displayed through a multimedia at any venue and the presenter can take the presentations as a guide and can deliver his or her presentation. Because they should know that actually the slides are for the audience not for the presenters. There are so many things to learn about computers and the fact that they change with new updates every day, the entire learning process seems a little bit crazy. PowerPoint is the simplest way to create a professional looking video in minutes, that too absolutely free.
Give a prehistoric touch to your video with ancient Roman, Greek fonts or a postmodern impression with stylish, artistic typeface.
Your music can be fancy like Iggy Azalea’s songs, soothing like Dido’s, romantic like Taylor Swift number, crazy like Eminem’s, or haunting like the noise outside your window at night!
Pro members can convert 15 presentations into HD or non-HD videos while Business members can convert unlimited presentations into videos.
The main purpose behind PowerPoint presentations is that the audience can have the eye contact with the data and they should be more focused and with the same can get the outline of the presentations and for the presenter it is just the guide so that he or she should not miss any point during the entire presentation. This is because it is good to be rectified before it gets too late, so it’s good to be safe rather than sorry. I have been working on computers for more than 25 years and when I first started to use a computer there was no such thing as Windows.

There’s no dearth of photos on these websites, you just need to have the eye to choose the best visuals for your video. You can even earn authorSTREAM credits and convert videos for free by following our referral program.
See your subscribers list steadily and rapidly building up and your YouTube audience growing bigger and bigger.
You had to navigate around the computer by using DOS command lines, and believe me, computers did not look pretty in those days.
Again, there are plenty of free resources online like Dafont, UrbanFonts, 1001 Free Fonts, Font Squirrel, Open Font Library, etc.
I must say, that learning computer basics now days is a lot easier, as everything is right in front of you on your desktop.
The Windows operating system has made it as easy as possible for you to navigate around your computer and get your job is done.
The first step in computer basics A guide to basic computer terminology This is the first computer basics article that I recommend that you read as it starts with the computer parts and works its way down. You will learn the difference between hardware and software and some common computer language terminology. I know that there are a lot of people out there wondering how they can advertise their business and get videos onto Youtube. Making a PowerPoint video is an easy way to make a promotional video that can advertise your business. If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint I know that Open office has a free addon that may do the same thing.
The other alternative is to create some slides all pages in Microsoft Word and use something like the snipping tool to turn them into a JPEG file. Here is my Powerpoint video that I made from this tutorialThis is a great example of what kind of video you can make by following this tutorial. You could even make the slides and get someone else to read a script for you if you do not like the sound of your voice.
Hope you enjoy my website and learn everything you need to know in an easy to understand way..

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