Internet and mobile, two amazing inventions of technology have made our lives easier and convenient. XHTML Mobile Profile: This language was created in 2001 especially for mobiles and is considered to be the strongest language by far.
After discussing and understanding various terms and languages of developing mobile websites, we need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Web Design. The major disadvantages or discomfort of these websites is the small screen size and loading may take a little more time than expected. Since mobiles have become popular, you need to stay connected to your target audience and coming up with such a website is very important.
When a client comes to you with his website which needs to go mobile, you will have a few options on how to go about it.
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In order to design a simple, effective and attractive mobile website, there are a few ingredients that we need to add into the mix. MoFuse is a service that lets you convert basically any site with a RSS feed, to a mobile site hosted by it. Designers, who work with mobile devices, face a common problem: figuring out what screen size to actually design for. In this article you will be introduced to seven fundamental steps that, if followed, will help you avoid the pitfalls that have caused many other mobile sites to fail. Bhanu AhluwaliaBhanu Ahluwalia is a graduate in Computer Science and a social media enthusiast from India. But, some of these resources and practices are close to 6 years old such as the tip from Mike Industries. I have written a post “Go with Google, Go Mobile!” in which I have wrote up overall details of timeline of mobile compatibility, it’s importance and solutions based on Google’s official guidelines to make a valid mobile-friendly website. I hope you have completed design and development part to make your website mobile-friendly.
If you don’t get this approval stamp then the tool suggest some errors and reasons why this page hasn’t passed the test. By now, it is clear that mobile has forced the marketing industry to change and adopt new strategies; strategies that embrace the continually expanding mobile market. It is important to make your website look good on every mobile device, phones and tablets especially. This might sound like a no brainer, but depending on the type of goods or services you provide, you likely have a particular set of needs for your website. There are some common mistakes that are made when people begin to optimize their site for mobile. As a designer, you should learn each and everything about mobile website designing and then take a step forward. Yes, you can learn by trial n error but isna€™t it better to get to learn basics of mobile websites and then start working on one. Also, a good research on which browser your target audience would be using is very important. Not everyone is familiar with the terms used for mobile designing so following definitions, which are very simple and are definitely going to help you in mobile website designing.
Well, we cannot deny the fact that everything has its own pros and cons and nothing is perfect. You can almost stay connected with everyone around you and you can have access to your favorite website whenever you want and that too without any issues.
Never every design a website keeping in mind the smart phones as not everyone will have a smart phone.

You have an option to create a new website completely or you can also convert the existing site into a mobile version which is better.
Since you have limited options you will have to come up with a design which is really pleasing to the eye. All you need to do is utilize your normal web designing skills for a smaller version of the website. Do you just create it the normal way, like in dreamweaver, then hit a button that converts it to a smaller size or what? If anybody would like to use any images, graphics, source files and language codes or content which we are also using, his duty is to find the real owner of that images, graphics, source files and language codes to use it according to the license (terms and conditions) of that content.
Today’s phone set has the capability to browse the web, listen to songs, watch videos or even download any required information. One of my goals for 2011 is to take a stab at developing a mobile version of my site, and these should definitely be useful. Some suggestions include: text too small to read, link too close together, mobile viewport not set, content wider than screen etc.
A mobile site is a copy of your actual site, where as a responsive site automatically adjusts to a device’s screen size. Cramming as much as you can into a mobile website does not work as well as it does on a desktop version.
It is important to know what is important for web optimization, but it simply is not the same as mobile optimization. Knowing how you can change your website is equally important as knowing why you should do it in the first place. It has become a necessity for almost every popular website to come up with a a€?Mobile Versiona€? of the website.
So, before you actually jump into designing a mobile version of your clienta€™s website, you really need to understand what is mobile web design?
Well, for every designer, good news is that designing a website for mobile is no rocket science really so you wona€™t have to learn and start your designing career all over again. Once you are well aware of browsers, you can actually decide your design according to that. So, it is a designera€™s duty to design a mobile website in a way so that it can be pleasing to everyonea€™s eye.
You need to make sure that it looks great on both versions and also it has easy navigation and loads on time. She is big fan of world cultures and is the proud co-founder of dzineblog360 and webblog360, alongwith her husband. So i will not hurry and will search a professional designer who can convert my site into mobile version.
If anybody have desire to modification, edition, deletion and print or any kind of use in that stuff he should find the real owner. This is the main reason why many companies have considered rebuilding their sites to make them mobile compatible.
Knowing what changes can be made to a website is just as important as knowing why mobile optimization is necessary. The look of your website and how polished it is could impact your customer base, especially if a competitor is already mobile friendly. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but business owners must decide which option works best for them in the long haul. The following are some best practices when simplifying: include fewer pages, utilize whitespace, be selective with content, and reduce forms or text entries. Avoid the following: annoying popups (such as ads or popups that encourage people to download your app), forgetting to optimize site images for mobile, or including designs and links that are too close together (which doesn’t allow for accurate clicking by users using their fingers).

Having a mobile compatible website (whether that is a mobile site or a responsive site) is crucial for business success in this technology based time. Also, different phones will have different screen sizes so you cannot expect every phone to show same content. A lot of content has to go so you need to make sure that the important content stays and the not so important content goes.
With other two options, dynamic serving and separate URL, you will have different html for mobile and desktop.
If you have made responsive design then just upload the new code in live website and use the mobile-friendly test tool to check once again. There are several things business owners can do to ensure their marketing approach takes advantage of the potential mobile has to offer. In the future, business owners may have to optimize for devices such as Google Glass or Apple Watch. If you do decide to go with a mobile site, as opposed to a responsive site, be sure to include redirects that let your visitor know you have a mobile site as well. Drop down menus, check boxes, and prepopulated fields can make experiences for site visitors effortless and straightforward.
One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is not checking that the website is mobile friendly or tracking success after launching a mobile optimized website. There have been a lot of researches on Mobile internet usage and almost 40% out of 100% have subscribed to internet usage. You can say that it requires minor changes from the original website and you are all good to go live with a mobile phone compatible website. So Here I am putting the steps to find out your website is mobile-friendly or not and ready to survive after 21st April’s update. Make sure your phone number, location, and hours are listed clearly on your mobile site so users are just click away from making a phone call. Well, in order to understand mobile websites, you need to have a good knowledge about mobile web browsers as well.
People have become information addicts so mobile web design is like the best thing for such people. For example, Apple has and will likely never support Flash, and most devices don’t support Java. Also, with the passage of time, mobile usage has increased a lot so mobile websites have become necessity now. The tool send request as mobile bot so if you are using dynamic serving, your server should feed mobile page and the tool will render it correctly and will give green stamp.
It is best to have your phone number, location, and hours listed, as well as a copy of your menu, in case people want to order take-out. Using programs such as these can affect load times, which can have a negative impact on users since most users want efficiency. If that doesn’t happen then you should check the configuration and make sure the device served right content.
The small things on your mobile (and regular) website can make huge differences in successes.

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