Step 4: If you had not entered the Product Key during Installation, it will ask for your key. If you want to see the date of expiry of your Windows 7 then Press Start + R and type winver and press Enter. So, if we chuck the political aspects of computing aside, we're left with pure usability requirements. This is not as frightening as it seems, but it does limit Windows 7 to machines with more RAM.
Running just a few programs, like a browser and an office suite will choke the little remaining memory.
Compatibility Mode is superb. Windows 7 won't leave you cutting your wrists or crying in joy. Taking my own computing habits as an example, my typical non-virtualized Windows XP SP3 takes approx.
Furthermore, the memory footprint is definitely in favor of Linux, especially the less RAM you have.
Without a doubt, the most unfamiliar (and, for some, most annoying) feature of Windows 8 is its tile-based Start screen.
With Windows 8, Microsoft took away the attractive translucent Aero glass effects and style many people love in Windows 7. Windows 7 doesn’t waste your time by making you swipe away a lock screen before you get to its login prompt. Even if your desktop looks like Windows 7, you have a Start menu and your system boots you directly to the desktop, you may still want to run some Windows 8 apps. As long as ModernMix is running, all Windows 8 style apps (also known as Modern apps) will run in windows. Laptop Magazine brings you in-depth reviews of the hottest mobile products, the latest tech news, helpful how-to advice and expert analysis of the latest tech trends. Also, most main stream manufactures (HP, Lenovo, Dell) are still supporting Win7 and offer a Windohs 7 replacement for their product line because of the wide spread push back from the consumer audience. Maybe you like the look and feel of windows 7, but you would like to be able to use some of those windows 8 apps.
Windows 8's tile-based interface puts a bold new spin on the familiar Windows interfacea€”so bold that many long-time Windows users are threatening to jump ship to another operating system rather than learn Microsoft's "modern" UI. To be completely honest, Ubuntu's default Unity desktop may be slick and pretty, but it isna€™t the most configurable Linux environment around. To open a terminal, press the Windows key (known as the Super key in Linux), type Terminal, and press Enter. Youa€™ll also want to move the window management buttonsa€”close, minimize, and maximizea€” located at the top-left corner of each window by default.
For this method, wea€™ll be throwing Ubuntua€™s default Unity desktop out and going our own way. Log out of Ubuntu using the menu at the top-right corner of the screen and click the icon next to your name on the login screen.
Use the buttons on the Items panel to remove the items you dona€™t want, add the items you do want, and reorder them as you see fit. Applications Menu, Separator, Launcher, Window Buttons, Separator, Notification Area, Indicator Plugin, Show Desktop.
Add as many launchers (read: shortcuts) as you like to the launcher section and think of them as your new quick launch bar. Go into the Session and Startup panel in the Settings Manager, select the Application Autostarttab, and click the Add button. To make your panel look more like Windows 7a€™s panel, right-click it, point to Panel, and select Panel Preferences. You can also change the applications menua€™s graphic and make it use a Windows 7-style start orb. Phew, that took a lot of tweaking (and a lot of text)a€”but we now have a Windows 7-style desktop on Ubuntu.
If you followed the second method, log out and select Ubuntua€™s default desktop environment from the login screen.
Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. Chris Hoffman is a tech geek who's been writing about everything technology-related for years.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. This is applicable to all the editions of Windows 7 namely Starter, Home, Professional, Ultimate edition respectively.

Windows XP would place all partitions saved the first into the Extended one, making them logical. But they can both be disabled easily, preventing an endless bout of useless scare messages.
Following a few simple steps, you can make Microsoft’s current operating system look and feel almost identical to its predecessor. Where Windows 7 lets you choose from a list of applications by pulling up the Start menu, Windows 8 makes you go to a completely separate screen just to launch an application or conduct a search.
Pin your favourite programs to Start8 by right-clicking on them and selecting Pin To Start8. While you can’t make all parts of the UI have the smoky translucent effect they do in Windows 7, WinaeroGlass can make the title bars see-through.
Assign NoLockScreen a value of 1 by double-clicking it and entering the number 1 in the dialog box that appears.
Under normal conditions, you’d be forced to run new style apps like Bing News or the People app at full screen in Windows 8?s Modern UI, but with the help of a utility called ModernMix you can run every Windows 8 program in its own draggable, resizable window on the desktop. Any drivers, programs (licensed or not) or other components Microslop doesn't want you to have, can be removed, disabled, etc.
Besides what good is a new kernel if it adds components that serve to compromise your systems privacy and integrity?!
Computers come with Win8 installed now, so either way you've gotta do something to get there. Of course, you'll still find yourself in foreign territory even if you actually follow through and make the jump. In fact, if you're having trouble with the transition (or plopping Ubuntu on a parent's PC), you can tweak and tune the OS to feel pretty darned close to the Windows environment you've forsaken.
One adapts Ubuntua€™s default Unity desktop to make it feel slightly more like Windows, while the other entails a bit more work and a different desktop interface entirely to create a truly Microsoft-like experience. The taskbars running the top and left sides of its screen are locked in place and cana€™t be moved whatsoever. If youa€™re a new Linux user, dona€™t be scareda€”Linuxa€™s powerful command line makes it easy to follow instructions youa€™ll find in articles like this one. You can also click the Ubuntu logo at the top-left corner of your screen instead of pressing the Windows key. Copy and paste the following commands into the terminal window in order, pressing Enter after each command to run it. To enable the icon, window border, and widget theme, copy and paste the following commands into the terminal. Never feara€”like Windows 7a€™s taskbar, the launcher derives its colors from your desktop wallpaper. This is as close to Windows 7 as wea€™re going to get with Ubuntua€™s default Unity desktop environment. Wea€™ll have to do some heavy customization to get it looking more like Windows 7, but ita€™s all graphicala€”if youa€™re a Windows power user, youa€™ve done this kind of tweaking many times before.
Unfortunately, Xfce cana€™t group applications and open windows the same way Windows 7a€™s taskbar can, so ita€™s a bit more old school. Youa€™ll also want to disable the 'Show button title' option in the Applications Menu itema€™s settings.
If you didna€™t run any of the commands in the Unity section above, run the commands below in a terminal.
If you're typing this out rather than copying and pasting, note that the command includes a double-dash, not a long em dash. On the Appearance tab, select Background image and browse to the \usr\share\themes\Win2-7-theme\gtk-2.0\Panel\ directory on your computer.
First, find a Windows 7 start orb imagea€”you can find several on Google Images, but make sure you get a transparent PNG image. It lacks a Windows 7-style Start menu and taskbar, but Windows users that prefer the classic Start menu and taskbar behavior will find it immediately familiar. You can rip out software from the default desktop, use all sorts of themes, install a completely different desktop environment, or even build your own desktop environment by cobbling together pieces from different desktop environmentsa€”thata€™s what we did in the last section. If you'd just like to use the Windows 8 desktop without all of the operating system's funky design and interface changes, check out our guide onA banishing the Metro UI from Windows 8. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. Rumors are floating that Windows 7 RC mat be available by June 2009.Anyways there are six more months to go for windows 7 beta 1 to expiry which is enough to enjoy windows 7. You need to activate the key you have entered online within 30 days of the installation otherwise it will stop working.

Here’s how to bring back the Start menu and the attractive aero glass theme how to hide other Windows 8 elements like the Charms menu. This setting will prevent the Charms and Windows 8 Start shortcut from appearing when you hover the mouse in a corner. This way Windows 8 will take you straight to the desktop when it boots rather than making you go through the Start screen first.
With this setting off, you won’t accidentally end up on the Start screen if you hit the right Windows key.
While you can’t get all of the translucent effects back, you can get a very similar look to Windows 7?s default theme.
This application tweaks your settings so you can install third-party themes you didn’t get from Microsoft. Your theme should now change to Windows 7 Aero, complete with the default Windows 7 wallpaper. You can create a key by right-clicking on the Windows key, selecting New then Key and renaming the folder that appears. To create a DWORD, right-click in the white space on the right side of the window and select New then DWORD (32-bit) value. Anytime a new OS release impacts hardware sales negatively you just have to know it's not going to be long lived anyway. Installing a new operating system is easy, but wrapping your head around an alien environment can be more difficult, even if you're using a comparatively user-friendly OS like Ubuntu Linux. Unity is still fairly flexible, however, and some basica€”for Linuxa€”tweaks can give it some of that old Windows 7 charm.
Instead of following a list of long steps telling you to click here and click there, you can just copy and paste these commands into a terminal window and hit Enter. The first command adds a personal package archive (PPA) to your system that Ubuntu can install packages from. As you run each command, youa€™ll see your desktop gradually transform and become more Windows-like.
For this article, wea€™ll use Windows 7a€™s default wallpaper, which you can find all over the Internet. If it doesn't quite scratch your itch, keep reading to learn how to create a more traditional Windows 7-style look using the Xfce desktop environment.
Once youa€™ve found a good image, right-click the Applications menu button, select Properties, and use the Icon button to select your start orb. Remember to log out and log back in after running the commands to restore the global menu bar.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements.
Now it will verify your key online and if your Product Key is valid it will show the success window. As for being "terrible", that can only be true if Windows 7 is also terrible, because everything from Windows 7 is carried over. When asked about this, M$'s representative claimed, "it is to support a better user experience". The second command downloads information about the newly available packages, and the third command installs the Windows 7 themea€”no installation wizard required. Uncheck the 'Automatically show and hide the panel'A option and check the 'Automatically increase the length' option. The theme pack we installed includes a variety of panel backgrounds, so feel free to experiment.
Typing sudoA before each command allows it to run with root permissions, similar to running a program as administrator in Windows. At this point, you should have a single taskbar-like panel across that bottom of your screen.
VP of IT for one of the largest IT Departments in the world, (over 150k physical midrange servers and 10's of thousands of VMs, 100's of mainframes and so many workstations you couldn't count them all in a lifetime) and *we will not* be allowing Win8 in our infrastructure ever, at all, in any way. Enter New Product Key and click on next to activate your windows 7Method 2: Command Prompt1. Click on start and type command (cmd) with run as administrator option or check how to open elevated command prompt2.

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