Utilizing XML to create a web page allows developers to frequently supply fresh content for the site without having to spend time modifying web pages. The "status" attributes will tell the web page that it should extract particular information from the XML document.
In this example, a heading in bold faced font appears that reads "Matt's News" followed by a horizontal rule.
If you are planning to incorporate 1000s of XML records, it is a good idea to look into developing an application that creates XML documents on the fly, rather than copying and pasting.
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Claims of mathematical breakthroughs while in an altered state of consciousness in general? XMLStarlet is a command line tool with many functions for handling XML files, but the most interesting function discussed here is the reformatting of XML files, making them better "human readable".
XML based sites cannot be used with static html pages but must incorporate a level of dynamism through the use of a scripting language such as Perl, ASP or PHP.
The XML file for the example will contain three tags and two attributes; a root tag, and two child tags for Matt's daily news items, and the daily picture.
Under the horizontal rule, a picture of two horses opens to the left and a brief commentary to the right of the picture. However, the coding is sufficient to serve as a base for a larger more complex application using more XML fields, CSS, Javascript etc.

I have found the solution although its not a good one but worked for me and changing it to different Views can help in different way to show text or something else.
They wona€™t be able to contact you or comment on your strips and you wona€™t see their comics anymore.
The advantage of using XML for web development is that the page only has to be created once.
The problem was my code (adapter) was replacing the parsed string on xml TextViews so i put another TextView above each item came from list. Essentially, an entire site can be updated on a daily basis by simply uploading an XML file. This article demonstrates how to use XML to create a very basic web page called Matt's News. The second image for this article is of a female Fox Terrier names "La Nina," and the news is about her trip to the vet. Once the dynamic web page is constructed, the site's content can be updated by uploading an XML file.

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