If you have made up your mind to contribute to the net, you need to think first about the simple basics of what your website needs to perform.
Depending on these qualities you need in the site, you may opt for an image and Flash driven site or a site that competes in Google placement.
After you have figured out this step, you need to look at a few other websites and save your favorites as a benchmark for the features and look you want in your new business website.
So, if you are making a profit making website and run a successful online business, you need to first deal with the marketing details. Hi ?? I just googled how to design your own business cards and one of the pages I looked at had the dimensions on it. Thanks so much ?? It was really easy to download and adjust my images to their make your own template.
Kristin, you have done a great job and now creating a blog business card was quite difficult for me, but you have made it very easy for me. Picmonkey is a very impressive photo editor and your tutorial of business card design made it easy for me. So thrilled for this tutorial- I am going to my first blog conference this summer and need to make some!! Prioritize the following aspects of a basic website: Is the website only meant to give graphic and visuals for clients? The former stresses on the look of the website and the latter stresses on the content and SEO of the website.

The most overlooked detail while you are at the planning stage is its navigational structure.
You can change images and layouts within a few days but SEO changes takes months to happen and since time is of the essence for SEO, it could cost you dearly for mistakes in that most important section of a profit making business website. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them and I wanted them to reflect the look of my blog so this option worked out just fine.
If someone wants to create his business card the tutorial, you have shared will be the right choice for him. Ok, so I am going to introduce the progamme we are going to use for your own logo creating. Using the tool box and the colour box, draw your own logo inside the white space in the pop up window.
Now, save the logo by clicking on File-> Save as-> type in file name-> where to save-> file type (you should choose GIF or JPEG for useful logos). It is only more natural for the 1st time web-planner to pay more attention to the look and forget the minute intricate details. After seeing other bloggers talk about what to bring to a blog conference, I thought I’d better get some business cards made up. I use vistaprint all the time, so next time, I’ll try making my own instead of using their stock templates. First, open PAINT in your own computer, like shown in picture or go to Programs-> Accessories -> Paint.

If you want more or less space, just move your mouse to the bottom right corner and click to move out and in the arrow to have a wider or less space with your logo.
At this point the more detailed you are, the less time it will take to develop the new website and the less problems you will encounter after launching the site. Oh, and be patient with me… This is my first time doing a tutorial of this kind and my first time making business cards for that matter!
I really liked Chelsea’s post (aka Two Twenty One) on what to put on your blogger business cards so I used that as my guideline.
I’m actually trying to make a postcard and need to know what dimensions to resize to. In case that you don't know yet the box on the left corner is the toolbox with pencils, pens, brush, airbrush, eraser,etc. I loved her tip about putting a profile pic on the card so people will remember and recognize you. The bottom box of the screen is the colour box, you can add custom colours if you want later.

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