There are very few things I love as much as art, and I don't think you have to be Picasso to create something worthy of hanging on your walls.
I created a gallery wall in my office by combining a couple small mirrors, a sailboat print from the thrift store, black and white photographs, and some framed maps.
A friend of mine recently created a summer drawing group on Facebook, with the idea that adults forget to make time to be creative and that we don’t draw like we did when we were kids. We talked about drawing and being creative at the advanced ages of almost 13 and, ahem, 39. To keep the excitement and creativity going, I decided to create a gallery for our drawings.
If your mom doesn’t bring you cool boxes, you can use a shoe box or any smallish-sized rectangular cardboard box. I cut the top lid off my box and gave it to Lola to use — she made a ring holder, jewelry box out of one.

Next I cut a piece of the cereal box cardboard to be slightly larger than the width of my box. Buying art that you love can often be really expensive, and if you're like me, you need other options to decorate your naked walls.
I have a really handy trick that helps me create layouts for my gallery walls that you can read about here. It's such a great way to use all of those leftover paint chips you've been hoarding in your junk drawer.
If you ever need to make large scale art, a really quick and easy way to do it is to use a stencil.
I took one of my plain black mirrors and completely transformed it by spray painting stripes on it.
I thought about buying those really cool shadow box frames, but then I remembered these boxes that my mom gave me awhile back.

I wrapped the cardboard like a present and used some clear Tacky Glue to secure it in place. They are pretty light weight (provided the hanging drawings aren’t too heavy), so it should work fine.
Long story short, we all agreed to draw something, anything, every day for the rest of the summer.
She works in a lab and always brings me the coolest boxes and gadgets intended for the trash.
They are both so excited to share their work and take turns picking the suggested topic for the next day.

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