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This recipe will be 100% organic because if we’re going to make this, it might as well be good and healthy! Place all ingredients in the jar, except for the essential oil, and start stirring within the jar until the mixture melts.
The mixture will cool and hardened quickly, so make sure sure you have containers in which to place your lip balm mixture.

You can also add a couple of drops of food colouring if you’d like to give it some colour.
Start by applying the vitamin E oil onto your stomach, thighs, or wherever you’re wrapping. The alcohols and preservatives that sometimes reside in these balms are more drying to your lips than anything, so making your own lip balm at home is not only cheap, but it’s also way healthier for your lips.
This lip balm is completely natural and you’ll be able to customize the flavour to your liking.
This will make about 18 classic lip balm tubes, but I like to place mine in round containers.

Watch a movie or listen to some music, just make sure you don’t move around too much.
Make sure you take a before and after picture of your belly, thighs, or whatever you’re shrinking!

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