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In this video, Tylor Moore will show you how to make you own website step by step with no step skipped. Get New Posts Right To Your Inbox!Get captivating new Tutorials, just like this one, delivered right to your inbox each day.
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When starting a Virtual Assistant (VA) business or ANY entrepreneurial business online, there are so many thoughts that gather in your brain to get you started online. With the free website platforms, you’ll find many different templates or themes you can choose from, which gives you an awesome start with creating and making the website your own. Many entrepreneurs freak out when they start thinking about hiring a graphic designer and there are some entrepreneurs who are graphic design inclined who use Photoshop and Illustrator. Geniece Brown – Email Newsletter Extraordinaire – uses Canva for her home page and blog post graphics. The awesome blogger, Ashley Faulkes from Mad Lemmings does an amazing job with his graphics. Using Canva, you not only create amazing images for your website and blog but you’re creating your brand. Every website platform or theme is different so I can’t give a specific dimension but once you do have a theme picked, then click on the header image and it will give you the best dimension size.
Canva can help you get established until you have the funds to hire a professional graphic designer. You also do need to have a clear understanding of your branding to achieve blog graphics that get you noticed. I hope these 4 essential tips to get you started in designing your website with Canva will help you.
About Latest Posts Find me!Lillian De JesusLillian De Jesus is a Visual Content Marketing Consultant that specializes in social media management and blogging.
We have put together a list of the best beat-makers online so you can start making instrumentals for free. 1. Beat Lab – This site contains a sequencer that plays a loop while you select certain segments that contain bass, hi hat, snare, synth, piano sounds, effects and more… Beatlab has over 60,000 sounds to help you make your how beats and instrumentals. Here are a list of the sounds and instruments they offer to allow you to make your own rap beats. You select the instruments and place them on the characters using your mouse and the character start making different sounds depending on what type of instrument, effect or vocal sample you placed on them.
5. Mixxx – A free music creation application that you can download to your computer that lets you DJ your own songs and mix them. You can download a free version of Fl Studio that will allow you to fully customize your beats exactly how you want them but you will not be able to save them until you have purchased the full version of FL.

They have a complete sound library that comes included with your software and have presets for vocals, instruments and guitars.
No matter for your business or just personal interest, having your own website is nice nowadays. Follow his steps and in a couple hours, you will have your professionally looking website up and running in a few hours. It’s really no wonder why people are in love with it when they can use Canva in so many ways. Show your personality and it will be so much easier to find the clients that you WANT to work with. In Canva, you can customize your own dimensions and create what you’d like for your business. Place it on the blank canvas area that you created with your custom dimension and play with it. For the best quality logo in Canva, download it as a PDF then use smallpdf to convert it to a jpg. A blog is so very important for your business by demonstrating your authority on your VA specialties. These are graphics or photos that you can have throughout the blog post to help the readers visualize your points. You can use Canva to pretty up a sidebar by placing your headshot into a frame, use your branded typeface, and colors. She also helps people with inspiring personable teaching with 1-1 training sessions for awesome visual tools like Canva (a graphic design app for the “non-designer”). Not just for web graphics but sometimes I’ll make posters and cute little letters as well. You can either use beat making sites that allow you to sequence beats on their sites or you can use beat making software that you have to download and install to your computer.
You can also save your tracks and share them with your friends on Facebook, twitter, YouTube and more.
It’s fairly similar to Beatlab but is a lot more fun to use and has cool instruments you can play on instead of using a sequencer like Beatlab.
Import your tracks and then adjust tempo, pitch, crossfade and more… DJ your songs like a pro. This affordable beat making software has come a long way since it released its first version.
So I thought it might be beneficial to share this video with you about how to build a website.
Of course, you need an “online home”, although many people use social media as they get started to market themselves, eventually you will need a website.
What do you do when you’re starting a VA business and you have ZERO money in the budget for graphic design?
You can hit the ground running with SO many different graphics for your website such as: your website header, your logo, your blog graphics, and your sidebar graphics.

Have a color scheme, a logo (see #2 if you don’t have one yet), tagline, and photo you’d like to include in the header ready. However, it will be easier to use inches than pixels (choose inches (in) rather than px in the drop down menu for custom dimensions). If you want to learn more about how to do that, check out Reese’s post, VA website – What You Must Know & Avoid. I understand how it is starting out as VA and online entrepreneur; it’s hard to keep up with everything that needs to be done.
The websites that allow you to program rap beats on their site are very basic and won’t allow you to fully customize your beats to sound like the pros. If you are looking to make professional beats this probably isn’t the online application for you. FL Studio (Also known as Fruity Loops) is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that was developed by a Belgian company called Image-Line. Find a font that you like, choose your colors, and find any shapes or lines that catch your eye. There is the blog title image, where you have the title of the blog post listed, this is to get your blog noticed on social media. You can also select sounds by category including: Dubstep, Electro, Classic, Trap, House, EDM, Electronica, Techno beats, Hip Hop, Raggaeton and more… His site is awesome and I have been using it for years. FL Studio a user interface pattern based sequencer that is one of the most used software’s for beat creators in the world.
This program is usually only available for Mac but has software you can get to make it compatible with windows.
True it’s important to represent yourself well however building the relationships with potential clients is key. And thank you sooo much for the mention and visual images of my header graphics from my site.
He even has embedded codes for you to put his instruments on your very own site so other people can make beats too.
Not only can you create beats using this software but you can record full songs with vocals and live instruments.
The website will always evolve and you’ll find so many people say, “I’m still working on my website!” because it will always be a work in progress.
You can find design elements from Graphicstock, Creative Market, Luvly, and many other creative design sites.

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