Once you reach out the dashboard after completing the WordPress installation, development of website starts. WordPress gives one default page (sample page), and one default post (Hello world!), which you can see on your website. The options being shown on the right side, are called theme options, which are available in TemplateToaster generated theme. Fill in the post title, write the post, add a media, and simply press the “Publish” button showing on the right side of the page. From this option, you can select a particular page, which your visitors will see when they first visit your website.
Once you save the changes, the front page will become static and all your posts will be shown on Blog page. WordPress gives you the choice whether you want to enable readers to comment on your blog posts or not. We would suggest you to read about how you can prevent you site from comment spam if you don’t want to disable the comments on your posts.
We’ve the “Settings -> General” tool on the dashboard for basic configuration settings of the website. You can create your own menu and add your pages into it from the “Menus” tool, which resides inside “Appearance”. You can arrange the menu items in preferred order by simply dragging them from their position and dropping at the desired level. WordPress has a great attribute that a user may extend website’s capabilities using plugins.
In fact, if you don’t need your website to perform custom functions, yet, you should use four plugins in your website for reason that they would help you out for keep your website in optimum state.
Sure, you can link your domain to your WordPress website, simply install WordPress on your host (all modern hosts offer one click install).
Sure, you can, simply install WordPress on your host (all modern hosts offer one click install).
All other names and logos are trademarks of their respective owners, TemplateToaster is not endorsed by Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or Magento projects. Our services are soup to nuts, from the geeky stuff to digital marketing: website design, website development, WordPress websites, Drupal websites, responsive design, mobile website development, SEO, content marketing, linkbuilding and keyword research. We provide support services from hosting and emergency website repairs to a complete webmaster service to run your sites for you. We have extensive experience with shopping carts for WordPress and Drupal, from simple one product stores to complete custom developed solutions. From detailed keyword research to scoping out your competitors, we will help you create successful, long-lasting content.
I have worked with Arp no less than three times working together on web, and design projects. Brilliant, Creative, Insightful, these are just a few of the words that describe the expertise and knowledge that Arp Laszlo brings to web site design and development. Arp helped us realize our website vision and develop the back end interface for our site on WordPress.

I’ve worked with Arp on several projects, and am always impressed with his level of quality and attention to detail.
Arp is a trusted person in my business, and his availability is second to none when it comes to web related issues for me. Arp was a fantastic consultant for the building and launch of our WordPress Membership site. Developing a website is very easy, once you gain the knowledge of installing WordPress and dashboard options. When you will register a domain and pay for a hosting plan for your website, your web host will tell you about “one click installation”. Let’s say, you want that visitors would see your “Home” page very first page when they visit your site. By default, the comments are enabled on blogs, which you can turn off in the following way.
From general settings as shown in the above image, you can customize site’s title, tagline, URL, mention an E-mail address, and can turn on the registration on site.
If you have a plan to add a custom functionality in your website, you may browse the plugin repository from the dashboard itself. We focus on search engine optimization, keyword research and every strategy possible to increase your rankings and keep you there for the long run. From advising you on the best plugin to use to helping establish your authority, we’ve got you covered. For the best performance, take advantage of our dedicated hosting for the fastest site possible. Each instance provided an excellent result which both myself and my client’s were pleased with. If you need clean, well marked-up and maintained, and extremely functional front-end web development and strategy, Arp is the person to talk to.
His flair for unique and effective design strategies has been a huge asset to my business over the years, and their quick turnaround time with each task has been great. He went above and beyond simply building the site for us…throughout the project he did extensive research to provide us with design and functionality recommendations based upon our unique needs.
I have always experienced him and his services to be professional, friendly, reasonably priced and fast! In this post, you will learn about installing WordPress on both webhost and localhost, installing theme, adding pages, creating posts, making menu, site title and URL settings, and essential plugins. A webhost is used for making live websites, and localhost is used for offline development of websites and testing purposes. You may learn about how to install XAMPP and WordPress on the local system from our previous post.
You will find very nice themes in this gallery, which are responsive and designed with bootstrap elements. You can surely make a beautiful custom theme like Costrica using this software, for your website.
You would like to read about our previous post, which tells in detail about the Essential Plugins for a WordPress Website.

Website title and tagline are as per we’ve defined while configuring making General Settings.
Arp delivers value as well both in terms of the services he provides, but also the ADDED value of his expertise and experience.
However, Arp’s superb knowledge, tenacity and attention to detail meant that we were up and running again very quickly which (a) helped us out of a very tight spot and (b) allowed me to sleep at night during what was a very stressful time.
He has resolved what seemed like frustrating situations with ease and confidence and he is a trustworthy, good guy.
For more details, refer to our post, create professional themes and templates with TemplateToaster. I have trusted Arp’s work, and advice in the past, and I look forward to the next occasion for us to work together. He also brought us a lot of added value with his SEO knowledge and integration as well as optimizing for all major web access platforms. As such I’d recommend him without reservation and definitely look forward to working with him again.
He gave us the pros and cons of several plugins for each of the site functions, explaining for each why he would or would not recommend it for our business.
Because of our experience, we’re now looking to bring Arp’s expertise to some of our client engagements.
Additionally, he went out of his way to ensure that, as he was building the site, my team and I always had a strong understanding of what he was doing and how. Not only did he build us the site we needed, but he did an excellent job of educating us on the inner workings of the site so that we can feel comfortable managing it down the road. He was very responsive, usually responding to communications within a matter of minutes, not hours. Enter your information into the empty fields of the sign-up page and click "Next." Step 2Choose a blog domain on the next page.
Select this name carefully, because it will be the name by which people find your blog on the Internet. Enter the username and password you used when you created your blog into the appropriate fields and click "Log In." Step 5View the dashboard of your new blog. You will see a left sidebar with links enabling you to create posts, add links, add pages, view comments, start polls, change the appearance and adjust settings.
Browse through the themes available and choose one to use on your blog by clicking "Activate." Click "Visit Site" at the top of the page to view your new theme.
Click "Add New" and write your post by entering a title and writing the body in the large field beneath the title. As a regular contributor to Natural News, many of Hatter's Internet publications focus on natural health and parenting. Our editorial staff presents breaking news, in-depth analysis and cutting-edge content around the clock.

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