Marcia Cross Quote“For women of a certain age, how do you meet a guy, fall in love, and decide he's the right man to have children with? We want art to be accessible to novice collectors as well as for seasoned patrons and tailor our inventory accordingly. Guy: First, I found a locale where people could access high quality southern work at a fair price. Guy: We have a Mark Ryden banner that hangs eight feet tall of actress Christina Ricci holding a bumblebee.
Guy: I would be willing to wear a pair of those red-soled shoes for a chance to see Mary shoot one of those chain guns. Guy: I have never succeeded in meeting a New Year's goal as my birthday follows just behind it.
Little Rock Soiree is central Arkansas' most-read monthly magazine that celebrates all that's good in Little Rock-good people, good parties, good food and good culture.

To capture the style and culture of Little Rock and its people and to be the ultimate guide to the best the city has to offer. With an audience of 96,000*, Little Rock Soiree is THE most-read monthly magazine in central Arkansas. The controversial screening program was created by a psychologist, Paul Ekman, who’s been studying behavioral analysis for nearly 50 years.
The space is cozy, but we have laid it out to present a very rich visual experience that helps give context to the place and time in which the work was created. We have partnered with some other galleries, too, allowing us to access their artists as well.
In each issue, Soiree features Little Rock residents - through compelling stories and captivating photography - who are leading the pack in the arts, business, fashion and philanthropy.
The couple opened the gallery, which focuses on work by about 18 different Southern artists, in October 2015 in the 1,500 SF space above Yancey's Liquor Store.

I would pass up a pair of red-soled shoes for the chance to shoot one of those 30mm rotating chain guns.
We also bring our readers the best of Little Rock's cultural offerings, cuisine, events, party photos, and attractions, and the most comprehensive event calendar in the city.
Guy is a self-taught oil painter, and before opening the gallery painted in the evenings and on weekends.
Previously, he was the marketing manager for a liquor distributor, but now the gallery is his full-time job. The Bells say the name for the gallery is "a fun play on words" and is meant to embody the unique way people speak in the South.

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