I know this is a little outside my usual fare but I had to write about this when I saw this item skirt across my desk.
It would seem that OWN had that in its DNA; after all, Oprah and her eponymous TV show had an unparalleled run in syndication. I’m not a high-paid TV executive, just a wife, mother with more than 20 years of television under my belt.
GET RELEVANT TOPICS:  I admire Oprah for wanting to bring to cable some of the high-minded programing that she did for several seasons on her syndicated show but we have to remember, cable is where cupcakes are king! GET RELEVANT CONTENT:   I’m sure the Judd’s are a very nice family, but honestly are people ready to give up a chunk of their time to watch them? UNDERSTAND THE AUDIENCE IS DIFFERENT NOW:  There has been a monumental shift in the way we consume information over the last several years and it has underscored that content is truly king. There are other issues, some beyond OWN’S control (like being hard to find on the dial) and some of their own making (multiple management changes). Back to the piece, the part about social media is sooo revelant in this day and age because people sitting at home want to feel as though they are part of the show. I think Oprah’s producers made a HUGE mistake by not casting ME when I auditioned for the OWN network. I don’t know anything about the ins-and-outs of making television shows, but as a writer, I’m a natural born spectator.
What was wrong with the Rosie Show is the exact same thing that’s wrong with the whole OWN station and I can explain it in three words: slow, boring, and safe. Even when Rosie had her old show, she spoke her mind, even if it meant getting in hot water. In essence, the same problems both BET and TVOne have faced, starting out aiming for one thing and having to change to something else in a search for market share. I stumbled across your website after having a discussion with my Husband concerning the Own Network and the current shows.
Oprah definitely transcends race, but it would be nice if the races who helped her attain her success were represented.
Say what you want about the BRAVOs and WE’s of the crowded cable world, but they put their minorities front and center. Oprah choosing Rosie as a host on OWN was an indication to me that she perhaps she had no clue as to who or what topics would gain the following of today’s audiences. To understand why Rosie did not capture the audience OWN wanted, you have to understand the politics of the CORPORATE MEDIA.
If they dont like something one of your shows might say they wont pay for advertising and thus kill your shows success. The day Rosie ODonnell put info on her show about Occupy Wall Street was the day the advertisers started pulling out and all promos for her show were pulled from print and tv. The problem with TV is that people are tiring of tv self help hucksters trying to sell them junk and reality tv presenting a societal view thats not based on reality so the dumbed down viewers dont even recognize truth or realness away from tv anymore…. TV right now is a huge infomercial for false ideas and broke down dreams and until we fix that nothing good is coming out of it. Step 4: Just like how you create your own Nike shoes, you can personalize the shoe with a name, a country flag, or a team logo. Whether it is summer or winter, make sure you never miss the enjoyment to customize your own Adidas shoes online!
It’s been a little while since I did my last How to Cut Your Hair Tutorial so when I started thinking about going for a shorter, spring-time cut I knew I had to share the process with you here. Perfectionists need not apply. I can tell you from experience, cutting your own hair can be an adventure. Hair Cutting Scissors – One of the best things you can do for your DIY haircut is to get a pair of real hair-cutting shears. Sign up for free updates that will get you feeling like a champ when you check your bank account. I did my own bangs last time you posted about this, and let me tell you, for some reason my bangs freaked me out. I had been cutting my own hair (and husband would sometimes help cut straight across in back if I felt it needed it) for about the last 5 years. I’ve been cutting mine ever since I read your other post and all the responses of other people who also cut their own hair.
About 15+ years ago, I really started paying attention to how they were parting my hair for the different cuts, how they were pulling the hair out straight from my head to cut some layers into it and I asked a lot of questions.
It took me a couple years because my hair only grows so fast!…But after watching, listening and asking specific question about my own hair, I finally took the plunge and gave myself a medium A-line Bob.
I am so going to try this – last two pro cuts I had my hair was lopsided and TOO neat – I wanted messy! I do S & D on my split ends when I see them, but when it is time to get my hair trimmed every other month, I trust my boyfriend to do that. Chances are you have taken scissors to your own hair at least once in your life to some fairly disastrous conclusionss. While Claire says that she has seen many successful self hair cuts, she has also seen disasters.
Before you cut, keep in mind that many salons will offer free bang trims — it’s easier than trying to fix client mistakes.

You can either use your fingers as a guide, sliding them horizontally down your bangs as far as you can (further than you think—always cut less than you think you should!), says Claire. Twist bangs into one rope, then point cut at the rope held between your eyebrows. Either slide your hand along your ponytail to the ends or carefully slide your hair elastic to the ends while still keeping all your strands secure. While this technique is great for a once in a while trim, constantly cutting your hair this way may result in a loss of shape to your cut, something only a trained stylist can really do for you. OWN, the joint venture between Oprah Winfrey and Discovery Communications, is slated to lose somewhere in the neighborhood of 143 million dollars this year (a report disputed by Discovery). She had the Midas touch, turning authors into best-selling superstars and made her regulars, stars in their own right, spinning off Dr. When Oprah had her syndicated show, there were hardcore viewers who would tune in no matter who was on Oprah’s couch; they were tuning in to see her. A talk show host who IS using social media smartly is Ricki Lake, whose show debuts later this year. But one thing seems clear; the next change OWN makes, really, REALLY needs to be the right one if the network is going to survive. When not spending time with her family or burning something for dinner, Rene travels the country as host of Sweet Retreats on The Live Well Network and Exhale on Aspire.
I do like Master Class and Super Soul Sunday, and I am one of the few people in this country that is not that into reality shows. But when Rosie hit OWN, she looked almost comatose, scared she might say or do the wrong thing. It’s not funny, or hard hitting, or gut-wrenching… It’s a bunch of shows no one really wants to see, about people no one wants to be like, who all talk like our mothers. We don’t want an hour’s worth lectures on our colon; we want stories that move nearly as fast as we can click on them online for our ever-shortening attention spans.
I quickly scanned her network during the day (and evening) and I didn’t see one single topic, program or talent that would resonate with people of color. I really loved seeing the Oprah:Behind the Scenes episodes after the Oprah show went off the air. Since I only get to watch OWN when I am caring for my grands; I am highly disappointed searching the schedule.
They saw it becoming a political platform that could hurt them and they dropped ads and Lifetime switched it around to different nights and it died. The fun hasn’t end yet, these will spark your interest too: design your own Converse, create your own Vans sneakers.
My hair had gotten really scraggly and thin (postpartum hair loss is not cool, btw) since I had the baby and it was definitely not a cute look. In the last haircutting tutorial I used craft scissors and since then I’ve gotten legit, sharp scissors that are made specifically for hair, and they have made the biggest difference!
My hair is also uber-thick, so I have to pay someone to thin it out and shape it (or my chin-length bob looks like triangle head). If it has product or anything in there it will gunk up on your scissiors and that is not good.
Here goes nothing – I figure it looks a mess right now anyway, so how can I really go wrong!?!? I do cut my children’s hair and between the three of us, I save hundreds of dollars a year.
Your precise pixie or angular bob will not look so precise after you’ve taken your own scissors to it. After some practice, you can experiment by moving your ponytail closer to the front of your head for more layers in the front or closer to the back for more layers in the back. You can maintain your hair on your own, and with these rules you’ll definitely spend less at the salon.
It was my third time out there and my third time meeting with a different management regime, still another part of the problem.
The other day I stumbled upon a U-Stream chat where they were talking about what they were planning for the show.
I actually like the Judds music, but an entire show about their lives, they might as well put me on there. If Oprah is to reach the mainstream public she must have information that is relevant to today’s society. Don’t eat that; you’ll get gas.” Who wants that coming out of their television for any length of time? It is awesome to design your own Adidas shoes online because you have an option to order your own custom Adidas shoes or boots if you are satisfied with the design. The first thing to do is to pick a shoe style you want from Adidas collection, for instance, lifestyle, soccer, running, basketball, tennis, football, baseball, and golf. I have seen so many beautiful, long, choppy bobs on Pinterest lately so those were my inspiration. If you want to cut your hair wet then take into account that when it dries it will shorten up.
Pull the sections over your shoulders, and put hair ties right above the length you want your hair to be.
Use your comb to smooth and straighten the front section of hair that will frame your face.

If after you take a shower you notice your hair needs a little more modifying then trim it up.
I started cutting my hair last year sometime after reading your blog and love doing it myself!! I used to trim my hair and thin it out myself with thinning shears, but it just looked like garbage. Many of us have attempted to give ourselves bangs or even just a trim and ended up in tears, making frantic phone calls to the nearest salon with the first opening. As my producers and I grabbed a bite prior to heading into the offices, we were talking about Rosie’s new show, which had been announced and was in production. Content has to be relevant to the lives of the people watching otherwise they’ll go somewhere else to find it.
That’s right; in my home in New York I was watching the inner workings of a talk show being developed. Oprah made the statement that she didn’t want the Roots Channel but maybe a little root can save her. Employment,healthcare,education,housing just to name a few topics and of course uplifting info as well. Adidas will build the custom shoes for you and deliver to your doorstep within 2 to 3 weeks.
I also knew I wanted to keep my hair long enough to pull back into a ponytail because let’s be honest, having a little baby around means high-maintenance hair is just not gonna work! If you have shorter hair than I started out with then just do a modified version with clips instead of the using the pigtail method that I did.
If you cut at the angle rather than straight across the hair will look better as it grows out. Currently, I found a woman who does a fantastic job with hair like mine and she only charges $25 a cut. I’ve opted to just grow mine out and get it cut every six months instead of keeping up with short cuts. I have gotten my 14yo, my husband, and my mother-in-law to keep it shaved monthly, but still haven’t trimmed the long part on top for almost a year.
Often the lure of a free haircut, when you spend hundreds a year on cuts, style and colour, can just be too tempting. Does anyone younger than me know or, more importantly, care about Tatum and her father Ryan? In between bites of my croissant, I said, “It will never work.” I knew it instinctively, not because I’m so smart, but I have learned a thing or two over the last several years about brands and branding.
And in this age of DVR’s and video on demand, people can essentially program their own networks, recording and watching based on their own likes.
Every so often Ricki or someone at the table would take a question from the U-Stream chat room or give a shout-out to someone. It made you scared to miss her show on Wednesday because you knew it would be great, you knew the questions would be fast paced and hard hitting, and you knew she wouldn’t pull any punches.
All you need to do is pack your innovation and creativity together and put it on the shoes you want.
I just clipped a little bit at a time and kept checking it out to see how it was looking as I went. The Judds could be a show on CMTV; Ryan and Tatum could have a show on E!, but really late, late at night.
As mentioned, it is free to design and customize your own Adidas shoes but you have to make sure you do it nice. I don’t cook; it’s not in my heart and positioning myself as one would have been  uncomfortable, for both the talent and the viewer. One of my friends who’s a TV critic said Oprah needed to tap on the shoulder some of those people she made stars and get them do shows for the new network.
Rosie’s brand was so very different from Oprah’s, which is way, at least in part, it was canceled after one season. They are keeping their thumb on the pulse of what’s happening in the country by hearing from real people in real places about their real lives, as opposed to the rarefied air of New York and Los Angeles producer planning meetings.
These folks are paid handsomely I’m sure to know all the things you wrote about in your piece. I’m not sure they even could or if their lucrative syndication deals would allow it, but I’d venture to say more people would watch a show hosted by Dr. It’s ingenious and will result in story ideas that are real and relevant to people’s lives. I think you totally get the power of social media and would harness it the way you say that Ricki Lake has.

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