Preparing a great PowerPoint presentation can be a daunting task mainly because you are required to pay attention to all the small details on the slides. Specifically, what do you need to happen?  What business result is driving this presentation?  At the end of the conversation, what outcome do you want to occur? What’s the environment, context or history surrounding this presentation or communications?  Will any of these factors change or influence whether or not your objective will (or can) be reached? Just as important, what external forces or internal politics might prevent you from achieving this goal? Rather than think of your audience as one homogenous group of statistics (demographics), think of them as people with similar values, opinions and behaviors (psychographics). You cannot convince anyone to change their attitude or behaviour if you don’t know what they think about a specific topic.
The reason why you are speaking to your audience is likely because what you believe and what they believe are not aligned. Once you have legitimate and honest answers to these six questions, you can now start to structure your presentation in slides.
If I can add one additional tip, don’t begin constructing your presentation by opening PowerPoint and starting to write. Andy Eklund has been facilitating training in communications skills, strategic planning and creative brainstorms for 16 years, accumulating 35,000 hours for more than 11,000 people in 24 countries.
The following steps will be very beneficial for me because next week I have to do a presentation in my class, so I can get some good ideas from it. Our opinion on this: Even if some presentations are boring or bad – PowerPoint is still the best solution when holding a speech and presenting company data.
It is not the software that bores the audience or turns the presentation of a potentially interesting subject into a yawning-contest – it is the speaker. The speaker has the pivotal role in a presentation – of course the audience cannot be motivated if the speaker does not represent his product or subject accordingly. Thus, it is the art of presenting that captures and inspires us, not the presentation itself. Keeping the goal in mind to motivate your audience, you can now start to prepare your presentation more detailed. Choose a simple design for your slides and forego using special effects, Clip Arts or stock photos. If you want to abide to these rules, you can also choose to use pre-designed PowerPoint templates which are carefully created and come in a sleek and appealing design.

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It should be noted that a PowerPoint presentation is not just about typing text on the slides but it should be prepared in a way that the message is conveyed to the audience. A professional PowerPoint presentation should never include cartoon style backgrounds or animations as this will make you look stupid in front of your audience. After preparing your presentation, simply go to the File Menu and Print, selecting the type of handouts you would like to print.
What’s their opinion of your topic? What happened to create this impression, perception or belief? If they forget everything you said – which is possible, even of the best presenters – what’s the one takeaway message that remains in their memory?
It’s not wrong if you do, but I ask this question last only because the answers to the previous questions may influence the answer to Question 6. His workshops strip away the academic prose and jargon, allowing the participants to grasp the essence of the complex skills quickly and simply.
You can represent a genealogy lineage using a simple org chart in PowerPoint or any other tree visualization like in the samples that we will show you below.
They speak of the lack of motivation that PowerPoint speakers have or the boredom such a presentation can elicit.
This is why it is important to ask yourself as a presenter: what do I want to convey to my audience; how do I want to make them feel?
Develop a sound structure of your presentation and think of an introduction, a main part and your conclusion. One graphic per PowerPoint slide or one succinct sentence is more meaningful than a stuffed slide nobody can read.
This way you save a lot of time and can choose from a wide variety of templates in our online shop – from business and marketing templates to self-presentations and applications. There is no denying the fact the content on PowerPoint slides is extremely important but a great presentation will require you to talk about other factors as well.
If they don’t get the alignment you need, you are wasting your and your audience’s time. Furthermore, the known phrase “Death by PowerPoint” is taken very seriously be a Swiss party which tries to calculate how high the economic loss of boring PowerPoint presentations is to companies.

Even after preparing a great presentation, you can fall flat if you forget the most important aspect, that it is you who will be communicating with the audience and not your slides. You may also choose to include sound in your presentation depending on the size of the hall and your viewers. However, you may choose to print five to six slides per page if you want to give a quick overview to the viewers. Avoid passive action, such as remember this … or I hope that you … because there’s no urgency to do anything. Genealogists use oral traditions, historical records, genetic analysis, and other records to obtain information about a family and to demonstrate kinship and pedigrees of its members.
Use simple computer speakers if you will be interacting with the people in a boardroom setting.
At the end of the presentation, if your audience does not understand what you expect of them, they very likely will not do it. One of the fastest ways to destroy your credibility is to ignore Step 2 because you will look out of touch or insensitive. Your audience will not remember your key message if it’s passive (no action) and rambling (not short, punchy). Here we will show you how to make this simple genealogy tree in PowerPoint.To make this diagram template in PowerPoint you can start adding shapes for each family member. You speak directly to and engage the audience on their terms about the topic you are speaking. Then you can easily connect the shapes from Grand parents to the parents in the next level and so on. If you are using a coloured background for your slides then do not forget font colours that is in high contrast with that background. Similarly, consider formatting the pictures to make the text more visible if you plan on using a picture background.
You can download this free family PowerPoint template with family tree for PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.

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