The folks in the latest Elders React video from TheFineBros are not any of those millions of users.
After the "try it for yourself" portion of the video, the group collectively learns about the history of the app and what it's used for. The Galaxy S7 On-The-Go Adapter Is Not Just A USB Connector, Samsung Says: What Else Can It Do? As soon as they start to understand Facebook and iPhones, a new app or social media platform comes and turns everything on its head. The popular app took the world by storm and is now worth an estimated $19 billion, with millions of users across the globe.

A few of the men and women seen in the video had heard of Snapchat before, but most knew absolutely nothing.
You can probably guess what comes next: old people struggling to figure out how to take a picture of themselves.
Very quickly, conversations about Internet privacy, sexting and porn stars begin to dominate the conversation, and it's no surprise the majority of the group doesn't approve of how the app is often used. In this video, you can see the ferret Elly try to figure out what just happened to its toy.
There are also plenty of typos and spelling errors abound as the senior citizens attempt to add captions to their selfies.

They've heard the Internet horror stories of how posts on social media have come back to haunt people.
The group is all for posts being deleted after a certain amount of time, but that doesn't mean they agree with using it as a tool for sending nudes.

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