Google, and other search engines for that matter, know what online content is authoritative and reliable, and part of its criteria is how long this content has been around. Luckily, this is a step near the end of a project that can be done in half an hour or less (depending on the size of the website of course). Fortunately my client had Google Analytics already setup and running so this made my life easy.
While this method won’t work in every case, I opted to get a list of all of the pages that were viewed over the last month, in order from most visits to fewest.
Below this table, make sure to show as many rows as you can (in this case there are 69 pages). So now that your file looks something like the screenshot below, we’ll need to create some 301 redirect rules so that any links pointing to the old URLs and any visitors that land on those pages end up at the right place.
Now you’ll just need to do some redundant copying and pasting to get the above looking like the screenshot below. Grizzly Media is a Lethbridge web design company that specializes in custom designed sites and we love working with WordPress.
This article will focus specifically on the second option, redirects between separate domains. The process of implementing a 301 redirect can get very technical and depends on the kinds of files you have on your website.
The biggest problem I see when people redirect domains is redirecting an entire website to one page on the new website. Instead of redirecting the whole website, redirect each page on the website to its new relevant page. A properly implemented 301 redirect offers tremendously positive effects on a new website, including transferred authority.

About the Author Latest PostsAbout Drew WhitmillDrew Whitmill works as an account strategist at Boostability where he helps strategize and improve performance, processes, and products.
This widget allows you to automatically redirect your visitors from one web page to another. Prime five Factors You Need to have To Make Money On The Internet ???‚a€? These Are A Have to! There are a few different ways depending on your host, but the .htaccess file will usually be located in the root folder of your website. I would always recommend getting analytics access as early as possible, before or at the start of a project to help identify current user behaviour and design the new site based off of that. After increasing the number of rows, export this table as a CSV file (or Google Sheets, if you don’t have Excel installed on your computer). We specialize in custom-designed projects with an eye for detail and exceptional customer service. Our mission is to help you achieve the goals you have for your business or organization in the best way possible. It’s comparable to changing your address, where you still keep all the money or debt you may have.  Likewise, a 301 redirect changes the address or URL shown to users and search engines while keeping the authority of the page or website. The first time Google reads a 302 redirect, they assume it is temporary and that they should index the original URL.
Many debate about whether 302 redirects actually pass “link juice,” and if they do, it is only because Google thinks it should be a 301 redirect.
If you have a hosting company, you can usually implement domain redirects on the server level. He graduated from BYU with a degree in Advertising and minored in Anthropology and Business.

It is especially useful if you transferred your website from one domain to another and you want to redirect your website visitors. We want to preserve that reputation that the client has worked hard to earn for that particular page. But rather than just swapping the new site and the old site, we needed to get into the .htaccess file. For websites with a lot of pages, you will likely need to fine tune this approach quite a bit. If the next step is to use your website to build a mailing list, expand your social media presence, or run an ad campaign to bring in new customers, we'd love to help you out. If Google reads the 302 a couple times, they will try to read the 302more like a 301 and assume the redirect is more permanent.
Regardless, it makes the most sense to properly implement the right kind of redirect, and in most cases, that will be a 301 redirect.
Also, this widget is really helpful if you removed some pages from your website and you want to automatically redirect people from non-existing pages into existing pages.
The next time you need to implement a domain-wide redirect, remember these steps, and you will be good to go!

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