Now I can type up a shopping list for hubby on the pc, instead of entering it in the phone, which takes forever, even using T9.
Indeed, it’s nice to be able to just type a message instead of taking ages to text it. Do you know what happens if the recipient tries to REPLY to the text message (that I just sent via email)? If you are having problems with it not sending, Make sure your e-mail is formatted as PLAIN TEXT. I have MS Outlook 2007 setup by default to send e-mail formatted as HTML, and if I don’t change it to plain text, some cell carriers ignore it, some try to send it as html, and some try to send it as a multimedia message.
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Select the email from your Inbox and then drag it over the folder in your Outlook Navigation Pane that contains items of the type you would like to create. The new Outlook item will now open with your email included in the body text (see thumbnail below). This technique works for Contacts (although there are better tools such as Anagram for populating contact records from email text), Appointments, Tasks, Notes, and Journal Entries. This post was written by MistyKhan and published on December 7, 2008 in the following categories: Add-ins, Calendar, Contacts, How-To's, Inbox, Tasks.

The films come across as thoughtful and sincere and show how the vision of the founder, Soichiro Honda, still carries on in the company. What is the service this site is providing me – or to put it another way – what’s in it for me (other than a way to waste 10 minutes of my day)?
This subject has been sitting in the combustion chamber for a while and I need to get it out on the nets. When email applications let line width run wild, it makes it much harder to read messages as your eye has a much farther distant to snap back to get to the beginning of the next line, increasing the likelihood of a reader losing their place. Anything from 45 to 75 characters is widely regarded as a satisfactory length of line for a single-column page set in a serifed text face in a text size. While this statement was referring to printed text, the same principles apply to line width for the web. The only application on OS X I’m aware of that allows for changes in line width is Entourage. Those previously wonderful, strategic, 76-character long line breaks now look like shit on my 320-pixel wide iPhone screen. The concept of liquidity of content is an important one when designing for the web and other digital content that lives in different environments and is interpreted by different applications. What I suggest is that email applications (both local and web, like Gmail) impose a width on messages by default.

This was excellent I knew it was possible to do this, but I never took the time to find the proper addresses.
So if you would like your client to receive emails plus text from your custom submission form, below is a sample of how to do it.
Everything is relative and when designing for the web and it’s up to the designer to determine the ideal type size combined with the ideal line width (this site uses a main content width of 545 pixels against a font size of 12 pixels). In Entourage, when you switch from rich text to plain text, it automatically resets the line width to 76 characters through the use of line breaks. If a user doesn’t like the default formatting, they should be able to adjust or remove it. It shouldn’t be the responsibility of the user to have to adjust their email message window to the width for ideal readability.

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