Creating comic strips encourages children to be creative and use words and pictures to tell a story.
We can't say we expected Sprint to actually surprise anyone with its "game changing" announcement tomorrow, and right on schedule, the details have come leaking out. With the latest update, the NVIDIA Shield can directly record and play back live TV from an attached tuner. An official US study shows that security jitters have led people to scale back their internet use.

The European Union's tentative deal would require continent-wide roaming for streaming services. Apparently Sprint's $70 rate plan going unlimited, meaning seven Hamiltons will get you endless mobile-to-mobile calling (to any network, not just Sprint), texts, data, and MMS -- stuff you could already get on the Simply Unlimited plan, but the big change at this price point is the unlimited mobile-to-mobile voice, up from 450 minutes in the current plan. After a short break from the spotlight, now they are referred to as TMNT and air on Nickelodeon. Creating comics can also help children develop a love of reading and improve their handwriting.

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