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At the start of the school year this year (this past September) a senior boy liked her (she’s a sophomore). I hope she feels comfortable enough to tell me what happened when she gets home from school today. As a parent I want to know all the nitty gritty details – the who, what, where, how and when of it all.
Related Posts:Join in on the fun with a Pitch Perfect 2 Party September 26, 2015Holiday Travel Safety Twitter Chat with Buckle Up for Life! The Internet, smartphones, the ability to watch a movie in a tiny device in your hand while sitting in a waiting room, answering a phone call hands free while driving your car… all of this stuff is truly amazing. My kids would rather text me FROM THE NEXT ROOM than walk our of the room and ask me what they needed to ask me. I know if I was a teenager growing up in today’s world I would probably be the same way. He has crushes on girls but he’s painfully shy and has zero self esteem and confidence (much to our dismay). The boy didn’t take it too well and did bad mouth her to his friends at school, but that is all water under the bridge now. Just the simple act of her telling you about the kiss means she trusts you and sees you as a friend.

We know they are growing up and we’ll soon be faced with new challenges such as dating, driving, jobs, preparing for college and of course the ever present teenage angst and rebellion. Some boy she sort of knew from school was video chatting with a friend of hers while she was sleeping over the girl’s house. He wanted to drive her home after school (we told her no) and meet her in between classes (she would never meet him). Then one day she suddenly stopped talking to him and whenever I would mention his name she would say “Ewww. Based on past experiences I just figured this relationship would go the same was as the other boy – that his ship would sail in another week or so. A 16 year old who takes time to get to know boys first, before moving forward is a great thing.
My son will live on the computer all weekend long where as my daughter hasn’t touched her computer in ages. That is until I get this text message from my daughter this morning (she texted me from school).
I try and keep an open relationship with my kids, especially my daughter, so that she knows she can talk to me about stuff like dating, kissing and other things she might not otherwise feel comfortable talking to me about. Sounds like you are doing good with your teens, I would have NEVER told my mom about my first kiss! The boy (my first boyfriend) kissed me while we were hanging out by the reservoir late one night.

Make sure she knows how you feel and that you trust her to make the right choices in any situation.
We need to work on his confidence and self esteem before we have to worry about him and girls.
My son is 21 and he still comes to me and talks to me about his situations with girls and everything else. We did the best we could raising her and teaching her right from wrong, but she’s also easily influenced and has a bit of a rebellious streak in her, so doing the right thing all the time might go out the window. I try not to lecture, I listen and give advice from my experience and keep the lines of communication open.
The boy lived right next McDonalds and I had to go food shopping at the grocery store near by. By the time I parked my car in the grocery store parking lot she had texted me and asked me to come and get her.

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