The guide carries on to the next post below as I have divided it into two posts for better reading. At the end of 2013, we at the Men's Hair Forum predicted the different mens hairstyles trends for 2014, and long hair was among these trends.
Having said the above, we will use in this guide the term man bun to refer to either whole buns or half buns (aka ponybuns) for your convenience. You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products. To get a man bun, what you do is grab your hair and do as if tying the hair into a ponytail, choking the hair with the elastic band to fix the ponytail and then passing the hair again (ponytail) through the band (open up the band a little) as if choking for a second time, but this time leave the length of the ponytail choked around halfway through its length.
The vast majority of "how to tie a bun" tutorials are either garbage and will confuse you or are too complex and only for elaborate buns that only women with a lot of free time on their hands want to wear. Both videos are linked to another page in our forum, so please click the links to watch each of the video tutorials. In the following link to the video tutorial on how to do a man bun, the method being used for the man bun is good but it also is somewhat elaborate and only optimal for men with hair longer than shoulder length. In the following link to the second video tutorial on how to tie a bun, skip to 1:00 in the video and use the method shown if your hair is shorter than 10 inches in length. This second tutorial is by a lady, and her instructions are very neat as so is the video tutorial as a whole. Whichever way you want to approach the tying of your bun, the one thing that is important is that your hair must be of the minimal length to classify as long (i.e. Get this pack of elastic bands: these bands are free of any metal parts so your hair will not be damaged when tying it into a bun, ponybun or regular ponytail.
Get this regular conditioner: excellent conditioner which will work even better with medium to long hair.
Get this leave-in conditioner: using a leave-in conditioner after your dry your hair is always a good idea, and even more so if you have curly hair.
Get this styling cream: this one is an excellent quality hairstyling cream that will tame any flyaway hairs and any frizz. I am sure this guide is going to sky-rocket the interest of the man bun in the United States and in the rest of the world.
Since the guide is a manual with all the instructions all one has left is to wait for the hair to grow but other than that this guide is going to be quite useful for a ton of guys out there. More pictures of the man bun, this time it is with Zlatan Ibrahimovic who wears the man bun hairstyle for every game since over a year ago. Here is the man bun style of Chico Flores, a Spanish soccer player playing in the Premier League. It looks like I forgot to post in this man bun tutorial the picture of Zlatan Ibrahimovic's hair in a ponybun.

Back when Patrick Rafter's hair was long, he would sometimes style his long mane in a ponybun to play tennis matches. As you might have gathered from Eleanor’s article, man buns have become quite the hot topic in our household. My sister made some strong cases with good quality photographs of hot hipsters, but the man bun fad is frankly getting out of control.
According to The New York Times, there’s a growing trend among fashionable gentlemen of wearing their long, lovely locks up in a bun, like a ballerina would.
The man bun is a long mens hairstyle, and it is basically tying your hair into a bun or half bun, whether you choose to tie all of your hair or just a section of your hair. Likewise, men have been wearing long hair for centuries, so it is no surprise that a word such as "man bun" would eventually crop up.
Quite a few male celebrities had been growing their hair to different long lengths and we knew 2014 was the year of long hair men. The rest of the hair hanging off once the ponytail has been choked halfway through its length is then tied around the bun itself for a whole bun (i.e. Thus, the 2 video tutorials below on how to tie buns will more than suffice, and I recommend you to practise the methods in the videos and play around with your hair until you grease the groove of tying a bun. This tutorial is much simpler than the method used in the previous video tutorial and is also more convenient for men.
For the most part, women know a heck of a lot more than men when it comes to hairstyling since women have been heavily styling and manipulating their hair from an early age. This second video tutorial in the link above doesn't use an elastic band as she uses the hair itself to act as the elastic band, which you too can do.
However, it goes without saying that if you have long hair you should be using a conditioner, leave-in conditioner and possibly a styling cream, even when your hair is tied into a bun. It will keep your hair glossy, strong and will help in preventing tangles, the latter being a major issue with long hair! It covers everything about your hair and is written in a way that you will enjoy reading and learning from. Sometimes Zlatan Ibrahimovic does the man bun in the samurai style where the hair sits on top of the crown or vertex and all the hair is tied in one single bun. I am messaging Jurgen right now as we have got to get this Flores guy featured on the Celebrity Mens Hair section. I am messaging Jurgen right now as we have got to get this Flores guy featured on the section. We have talked a lot about this specific fact in the forum: hair is among the very few physical traits of yours that a person will notice straightaway. The long haired neo-hippie who needs to get his hair off his face while doing yoga or whatever and doesn’t care if his utilitarian hairstyle looks ridiculous (this type has also been known to wear braids), and the trendy ass goofballs described in the article who think man buns are totally cool.

Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In this guide we will cover the instructions for man bun as well as plenty of pictures and advice to get yourself epically bun-ed! Indeed, the start of the year 2014 gave us plenty of long hair inspiration with the likes of Jared Leto with a man bun and shoulder length hair as well as other popular men such as Joaquin Phoenix, Alex Ebert, Harry Styles, Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom.
A man bun is ideally a whole bun while buns that are not "whole" and have hair hanging from them are, what we call, a ponybun (aka "pony bun" or "half bun"). Likewise, if you already have long hair, you will be used to tying your hair into a ponytail anyway, and since tying a bun is only one extra step from tying a ponytail, tying a man bun or ponybun will pose no problem. So just because it's a lady showing you how to tie a bun, it doesn't mean that it isn't relevant to your case as a male. However, it is always best to secure the bun or ponybun with an elastic hair band, especially if you have curly hair. If you have hair that is shorter than 6 inches, it is best that you wait until you get to 6 inches of hair length to consider tying your hair into a bun.
Likewise, we highly recommend you to get The Men's Hair Book as the book includes everything you need to know about your hair. It looks a bit expensive but that's because you are buying a 16.9 ounce bottle whereas most hairstyling creams come in half that size (or even a quarter of that size!).
The author of The Men's Hair Book is none other than Rogelio, a popular hair expert and blogger who he himself has grown his kinky curly hair to his waist among other "epic winz" of his. You can reference the ponybun of Jared Leto that was posted in the guide too for a better idea of the aesthetics of the style. While I admit that there are a few select people who can pull off the man bun style, I am certainly NOT one of them. Here’s one more photo for thought. Notice the slightly blurry guys in the background?
On the other hand, hair that is tied and isn't put into a bun as the hair just hangs from the tied point is called a ponytail. He is the dude to go to when it comes to getting the facts on everything regarding your hair and his book will be your reference to go back to whenever you have any doubts about managing your hair.
They are also animated, and they also have man buns, and it’s just not working for them like it is for Shang.

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