Windows 7 Presentation Mode is available in Laptops only; it is disabled in Desktop PCs by default.
1.Open Registry Editor as an administrator (Start – Run and enter regedit to get Registry Editor.
6.Close Registry Editor and enter mblctr in the search box (Start – Run) to bring Windows Mobility Center.
Now you can run Windows Mobility Center in Windows 7 and also Vista which will give all functions including Presentation Mode.
They say the medium is the message, and with PowerPoint that medium is needed to reach the people who’ve died of boredom. PowerPoint presentations might not be your job, but they are likely part of it, and how you utilize PowerPoint says a lot about you — especially to your audience.
You can tell something’s going well when they describe it as the horse’s mouth instead of the other end.
Check out their source and use your time to develop your actual content instead of fiddling with styles, backgrounds, and a whole bunch of other rubbish which isn’t really your job. Lots of people make PowerPoint presentations and then use them as if they were filling a car with petrol and then pushing it: missing a simple, essential function which would make it all easier. Looking good is a big part of successful presentations — you could be ten dollars short of a revolutionary new mechanism for powering cars by curing cancer, but if you make your pitch in a dirty T-shirt they’ll think you need beer money. If you want to look even smoother (and never forget your equipment), go full Iron Man by controlling the presentation with your pocket phone. Just finish your powerpoint presentation on time, by heading to the powerful conclusion instead of the desperately hurried babbling, and your listeners will consider that truly professional. An Irishman abroad in Toronto, Luke has two master’s degrees in physics, a PC resembling 2001?s monolith, and a phone so smart it can wear a dinner jacket.

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This mode lets users easily turn on their laptop & projector screen at the same time by simply pressing the key Win + P (some other features also). One easy way to turn presentation mode on is to type “present” into the Start menu search box and let Windows find the “Adjust settings before giving a presentation” item.
I have been bitten by the sleeping laptop or unwanted toast a few too many times during a presentation.
The same simple mistakes have turned a handy tool for arranging information into weaponized monotony. So, we’ve gathered some simple tips and tools to turn it back into the assistant it was always meant to be. Are you the sort of person who grudges their way through everything but your precisely defined tasks?
PowerPoint has a “presentation mode” — if you connect your laptop to the projector, you can send the slides to the screen while keeping notes, clock, highlighting and slide order on your own screen. Skip slides, shorten speeches, head straight for the summary and acknowledge that you’ve left out a few things. Luke has turned “researching cool stuff” into a job and currently writes about technology, science, food, drink, solar power, comedy, and video games -- so he needs to work smarter just to fit it all into the day. PowerPoint now enjoys the same reputation as a pit of scorpions, which is a pity, because it’s (mis)used all over the world. Switzerland has a political party dedicated to ending the dominance of PowerPoint – that’s not something which happens to programs which are being used well. Or are you someone who gets things done, makes the most of your tools, and will still have a job or client this time next year?

Reading it out like a bedtime story will put them to sleep, as well as being a paradoxical combination of zero and an infinite information. This means that you’re always armed with information that’s not visible — so even if you read it out, you look like you know it. Zero because they’ve just read what you’re saying, so it’s become boring the first time you say it. If you go right to the end, they listen to your conclusion (which is kind of important) and one slide out of the ten that was left. Infinite because you are communicating on endless levels that you think they’re stupid idiots who can’t read, and that you can’t even prepare your own talk without looking at the screen. Going over your allotted time isn’t about doing your work properly, it betrays a blatant disrespect for other people — you’re saying you think they have nothing better to do than listen to your (now obviously) unplanned talk. I learn a new shortcut key everyday… Notice the help text says “your computer stays awake”. I turned on presentation mode today just to keep my laptop awake while it sat in a corner coping a 16 GB file over WiFi. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. In addition to the background, screen saver, and volume settings, Messenger will mark your status as busy and not throw toast on the screen (you’ll only get a blinky icon in the taskbar). Other applications can disable their notifications, too, but the author of the application has to write the code to be aware of notification state.

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