Powerful, memorable presentations depend on excellence in three areas: Delivery, Graphics and Script.
So you have an idea of what makes a successful presentation, but what are the things you should avoid?
Too many presenters spend the duration of their presentation standing in the exact same spot. If you want to develop public speaking skills, you need to concentrate on being both heard and understood when standing before an audience.
Ph?n nay r?t quan tr?ng, r?t nhi?u bai thuy?t trinh c?a cac b?n thi?u ph?n nay ma ngay l?p t?c di vao n?i dung, lam ngu?i nghe (khan gi?) khong xac d?nh du?c b? c?c bai thuy?t trinh, d?n d?n khong bi?t ph?i nghe gi, nghe ? dau, ph?n nao ???
Fiona Talbot Fiona Talbot originally co-founded a communication consultancy in Rotterdam that helped multi-nationals improve their use of English as an international business language. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
In this gives more detail on how to create a plan (and, more importantly, how to stick to it).

The critical point to accept is that almost all business presentations are, to some degree or another, sales presentations.
The book is aimed at those beginning to use English at work and assumes you know it to intermediate level.
Even if you are not overtly selling a product or service, you want to persuade the audience to your point of view – something which is itself a sales process.Selling is an emotional process, often justified after the fact by some logical argument, expressed using informational language. It uses real life business scenarios to develop your skills and give answers even your boss may not know. You will learn a system to help you quickly and easily write emails, letters, CVs and more - and benefit from checklists for action to take you to the next level in the cycle of success. They buy them because owning them makes them feel better about themselves – more confident, sexier, attractive…Of course, it helps after the event to be able to use informational language with your friends, saying that your new handbag was in the sale at a 60% discount, or that your new sports car is in fact one of the most fuel efficient cars available – but neither of these facts are the reasons as to why you bought either of them in the first place. You bought them because you liked them and liking something – or someone for that matter – is an emotional decision.By necessity then, a good script will involve emotional language in its primary appeal, with informational language to reinforce the initial emotional response. I'm sure everybody reading this flyer can recall at least one speech they have sat through in which the speaker and the audience were simply not ‘on the same page’ emotionally.

While the term, “…gut wrenching…” may feel exactly right to you, will the non-native English speakers get the message? For the very reason that emotional language packs such a punch, it's important to make sure the words you use fit within the emotional envelope of your audience.
Push them too far and they'll just switch off.There are other ways in which you can enhance your presentation in such a way that it grips the audience immediately and quickly. People crave leadership, demonstrate it and you can’t help but deliver a powerful, memorable performance.Like this page?

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