Please keep in mind; the following resources are highly appreciated by web designers and creative webmasters, because they keep them informed of the best templates one can download for free. Website Templates Online is a new site, but it has over 1000 free website templates and more are being added on a regular basis.
My Templatez is another site that provides multiple search options – by type, category, color and keyword.
This website is very popular with designers, webmasters and Flash developers because it offers 40 templates to choose from.
In other words, you dona€™t have time to search for the websites offering this kind of freebies. More than 1000 templates are now available to My Templatez users and the site welcomes new entries. Not only the website provides free web templates, but also free WordPress themes and free Joomla templates.
However, that would be better if the users could see live demos and not only screenshots of templates. In fact, the website provides quick tips on how to edit free Flash templates and put them online.
In fact, you can choose from more than 250 templates and each template is delivered with source files. The right answer would be a€?YESa€? because each of these Flash templates looks simply awesome. The templates are available in different categories and come with easy to edit source files. Not only will you find beautiful templates there, but also some tips on how to create Flash websites.

By the way, most templates were created using FLASH, XHTML and CSS, so it will be easy for you to edit them even if you are not a Flash guru.
Although, there are only 18 templates in total, each of them is designed with attention to detail. She's passionate about web design and blogging, but most of all she enjoys writing about web design freebies, such as Free Website Templates. Let us look a little bit closer at your designer needs - today we are offering you a freebie that will become of a great use for you - free design company template.Not long ago we have told you about the main aspects and standards of HTML5, a new markup language for the web, and now it is high time to show it with examples. TemplateMonster Spring 2011 Collection Posted by Katarina Klementi Hey guys, today we have decided to sum up the results of spring 2011 and present you the whole list of Free Website Templates that have been launched during this time. In fact, SmashFlash users are welcome to promote their websites by submitting them to a SmashFlash Directory. The good thing about it is that the registration is free and takes a few minutes to complete.
We hope that this template will have a swift and powerful response and will be used for your online projects that deal with web design. We sincerely hope that it will catch your interest, and you’ll find it useful for your entertaining designs.The effective color scheme with vivid elements makes the layout of this theme undoubtedly effective. This is a great opportunity to analyze the results of our designers’ team, make useful conclusions and, of course, learn your opinion concerning all the freebies that we offer.It was really interesting to check out all the free stuff that was produced during three months and now it’s time to focus attention on the main features of these freebies.
By using it as a basis of your website, you may be sure that your clients will not pass by it.
We have tried our best to offer you free website templates that reflect your needs and help to succeed in achieving what you intended – the effective online project. The featured content blocks placed within the main content area of the template allow you to highlight the most vital content.One more way to effectively communicate with your customers is to present visual information in a way really memorable for them.

Themes from our spring collection belong to various topic categories that allow you to set whatever project you need including business, design, education, transportation and music projects. For this purpose you are welcome to use the slider in the header of this free website template. You may have noticed that almost all of themes feature flexible and efficient jQuery elements (e.g. The name of this jQuery-powered slider is JustSlider, and what's really great is that it was created by our developers.
As you see, the visual appeal and good execution of this theme can become of a great use for your future projects. Interest in jQuery technology keeps growing and we are glad to present you jQuery-powered free website templates for the sites that will certainly convey great impression. Besides, we have launched several templates with single page layout and fresh new product - Free Static Facebook Template. And that is not all, we keep on working and designing new templates that you are welcome to use as a powerful solution for your successful online projects.And now, here is a collection worth seeing. About the Author Katarina Klementi Katarina is a content writer, one of those who create all-those-inspirational and sometimes technical posts for TemplateMonster blog.

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