Most of you are probably on the look for the best fathers day gifts for their dads, while others are making some good fathers day cards and greetings.Wish your papa a happy fathers day with these poems about fatherhood. I love you poems for dad: You are never too old to give your old man a hug and tell him how much he means to you.
Your dad will surely feel loved once you recite a fathers day poem to him on this special day.

Birthdays and Father’s Day are typically the only times dads get appreciated for what they do all year round. Instead of waiting for that perfect moment, write a sweet rhyme on a greeting card and give your dad something to smile about on a random day. I’ve included some fathers day images with poems to share on your social media profiles.

A warm hug from his son or daughter is all it takes for the troubles of his life to vanish away.

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