I just want to share with you the best comment we’ve every had in the nearly ten-year history of this blog. So if Jon Lee Anderson is 10? taller than Catalina Garcia, who is 2? shorter than Philippe Petit, who is the same height as Claire Danes, then he is 6? 2? tall. In a followup comment, Gary laments that his analysis does not account for footwear-induced height variation.
I was just having this discussion with Michael Betancourt about what should be capitalized (let’s just say I fell on the Andrew side of the debate). So now it really depends on whether our ruler Catalina Garcia is wearing the same height heels in the two photos. It turns out, these guys were all the embedded reporters that the US Military was allowing to follow the troops during the invasion of Iraq. Horizontal lines cause an illusion of width rather vertical stripes create an effect of height. Selecting the wider incarnations in neckties, lapels and other fashion accessories can create an illusion of width. We've already heard from tall women and skinny women about the comments directed at their physical appearances that seriously get under their skin.

Short men unquestionably face greater social challenges than short women do, but being small in stature can mean years of frustrating, often patronizing, comments. What shorter-than-average woman out there hasn't elicited looks of intense suspicion from a bouncer examining your decidedly over 21 ID?
So, friends of short ladies everywhere, please avoid making an issue out of your smaller companions' height. I am confident that she is in the picture with Anderson (what New Yorker wears flats with a little black dress at an event?) but I have no guess for the picture with Philippe Petit.
In this, I think height is similar to many other human characteristics in that it’s hard for people to properly understand what being say 2 sd above average in any particular area means. I suppose I don’t think using a diminutive as an insult is in any way unique to tall people with superiority complexes compared to other kinds of people with superiority complexes. Men’s style tips given below are especially hand picked to serve as the tips for tall men so that their shopping dilemma can be solved. Short women are deemed "cute," patted on the head even after we have far outgrown the kid label, and often (unintentionally) infantilized by our co-workers, love interests and even random strangers.
Naipaul started the year out strong by claiming that "women writers are different, they are quite different.

Apparently it seems that taller men could avail more fashion options in apparels and other fashion accessories. I read a piece of writing and within a paragraph or two I know whether it is by a woman or not. So while we may occasionally be the tallest person in the room, over the course of a day he likely comes across a great number of people that are taller than him, which might be somewhat disconcerting if he actually cared about his height that much. Scoring in the top 5% of an IQ test in childhood might put you in a special group at the time but may just be average in a room full of PhDs and MDs. My understanding of such individuals is that they (possibly irrationally) believe themselves to have more of some perceived desirable quality, and decide to use that quality as a basis for their metric of importance.
Being wealthier than 95% of Americans is still playing with monopoly money compared to the top 1% as we’ve heard so much recently.

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