At a GlanceProlific over-thinker Jes Hewitt is Creative Director at a corporate film and events agency and lives in Perthshire, Scotland, with a dwarf hamster, ordinary sized woman, two boys and a cat.
When was the last time you went to buy a new car and came back convinced that not only do you not deserve one, but that you can't actually drive?
Founded in 2000, PIC is a comedypublication featuring enlighteningand irreverent humor from adiverse group of awesome writers.You'll find that we are somewhatcollegiate, often sarcastic, and alwayscuriously insightful. Because dealerships don't tend to hire wannabe Schumachers to take you for a dozen circuits of the carpark to demonstrate the how well the suspension and braking systems works at 120mph.And it's as well they don't, because if they did a good number of us ego-fuelled menfolk would ditch the car and rely instead on ridiculously expensive racing bikes and tight lycra outfits to get from A to B.
When was the last time you went to buy a new guitar and came back not only without said instrument, but also without the will to pick up another confounded plectrum for the rest of your wretched little life?

Guitar Shop Man approaches from the rear and asks if there's anything in particular I'm after.
He selects his favorite, tunes it in an instant and, on the pretext that I require proof it is indeed a guitar, begins playing it. He comments on its tonal quality, but I'm not listening to the guitar—let's face it, they're all fairly similar—I'm listening to him (a compendium of Grade 12 studies around the Lydian Mode I suspect) and trying to come to terms with the inordinate gap between what he can do and I can do, while calculating to the nearest thousand hours how much more practice I'd have to cram into the average week to bridge it. I brace myself for the inevitable Guitar Shop Man intervention, telling myself that this time it will be different. A week and characterless E chord.Half an hour later and I'm center stage on the guitar shop stool, Guitar Shop Girl keeping me supplied with a steady stream of new guitars as I rip through a tour de force exposition of delta and piedmont blues techniques.

That's not important any more. What's important is that I'm playing the guitar in a guitar shop.
What's more, there are signs that I have intimidated at least one other customer.I am Guitar Shop Man.

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