John Ericsson (July 31, 1803 – March 8, 1889) was a Swedish-American inventor and mechanical engineer, as was his brother Nils Ericsson. During the Civil War, the country was divided between the North (Union States) and the South (Confederate States). The North, however, consisted mostly of large urban cities and did not have a great need for slave labor.
The balance of power in the federal government also played an important role in dividing the nation. Southerners thought that the Constitution gave them the power as a state to declare any national federal law illegal. Each state has two senators and if you have an equal number of slave states and free states, then you have an equal number of senators who would vote similarly on issues. If a new state allowed slavery, then it was more likely to tip the balance of power in favor of the Democrats. The compromise worked for a while, but then there were disagreements over land acquired from Mexico after the Mexican-American War. General map of the United States showing the area and extent of free and slave holding states and the Territories of the Union.
It has been given many names, such as the War Between the States, the War Against Northern Aggression, the War of Rebellion, the Brothers’ War, and others. When the country was founded, the founding fathers wanted to make sure that a king or dictator never ruled us again.

But this would tip the power in the Senate, so after two years of debating, they finally agreed that Missouri could enter as a slave state as long as Maine was allowed to enter into the Union as a free state.
The Compromise of 1850 admitted California as a free state, and gave the territories of New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah the ability to decide for themselves if they were going to be free or slave states. It was the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and it allowed settlers in those states to decide for themselves whether they would allow slavery or not when they applied for statehood. He won with only 40 percent of the vote and was not even on the ballot in 10 southern states.
No matter what name you use, it was without a doubt one of the most important events in the history of the nation. It had many causes, but there were two main issues that split the nation: first was the issue of slavery, and second was the balance of power in the federal government.
Throughout the South were large plantations that grew cotton, tobacco and other labor-intensive crops.
Therefore, the Constitution limits the power of the federal government and allows individual states to make many decisions on their own. As the nation’s borders pushed westward, there was much tension as to whether each new state would be slave or free. The compromise also prohibited slavery north of the latitude 36° 30’ in the Louisiana Purchase — with the exception of Missouri.
However, the act split the Democratic Party and destroyed the Whig Party, members of which would join with the antislavery Democrats to form the Republican Party.

Over the next month, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas all followed in secession to form the Confederate States of America.
It brought slavery to an end, which in turn caused the downfall of the Southern plantation and the aristocracy of plantation owners. The founding fathers were fearful that the federal government would become very powerful and try to rule over the states’ individual rights and freedoms. They were afraid that President Lincoln would try to abolish slavery in all states, and on Nov.
He called for 75,000 troops, which alarmed the other slave sates of Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. It began a new political era, and marked the start of industrialization, big business, and strong central government. They provided cheap labor, which allowed the plantation owners to grow their crops more cheaply than hiring free people to work the fields.
The North, and many people in the South, also felt that slavery should be abolished for moral reasons.
The Civil War was also the costliest war in American history, with more than 620,000 fatalities (two percent of the population!) — more than any war before or since.

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