As someone who has already come full circle, and is ready to do it again, I’ve been wondering when I was going to read what you just wrote. After my RTW trip for several years, (my midlife retirement), I did what you are talking about. What you are pining for is what I have now, a home with hardwood floors and a warm fireplace. Steve, I always look forward to your comments because you always write something that resonates with me.
I hope that before you and Brian head to wherever will become home that we’ll get to see you for one last hurrah before you turn the age and start a new chapter! My hats off to you, it took us 10 months of mainly house sitting to figure this out, we’ve not ever really been able to call ourselves hardcore travellers.
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Model AUSTIN VICTORIA is well known to the readers of MMSCENE magazine, we had a relaxed conversation with Austin bout his modeling career as well as everyday life for our latest issue.
I spend a lot of time outdoors, rock climbing, hiking, skydiving, and I love to camp amongst many other things. Elon Musk, Leonardo DiCaprio, these guys are wealthy indeed but they are conscious of our footprint on earth and actually do something about it! Male Model Scene is the online and monthly publication of print magazine D'SCENE, giving you the best from male model portfolios all over the globe. It’s a truth that’s been growing for a while, the pinging of my bat sonar getting louder and louder.
I jumped from the tree and flapped my wings and by some unmistakable, beautiful miracle I flew.
By the measure of success that inspire people to live closer to the core of themselves, to take risks, to figure out and follow their biggest dreams…you are a successful writer. I was really hoping for temporary bouts of it during the winter but somehow it still doesn’t feel quite right.
I mean, I wanted to travel and see the world and I didn’t know what would come after that. If all goes according to plan (when does it ever?) we should be heading your way in 2 or 3 weeks!

I’m craving all those thing too, familiarity, friends and my own pillow to lay my head on at night. For me, the freedom to choose is paramount, and I’ll only ever surrender that from my cold, dead hands!
I needed this time to figure out what really matters most to me and the answers are: writing, love, family, friends, community, freedom. You know, I don’t think I ever thought travel would be a forever life for me but I was also damn determined to give myself the time and space to make that decision for myself. I love to travel and I certainly enjoyed our long term travels last year, but right now I am very happy to have this little apartment we are now nesting in. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. Austin who’s represented by WILHELMINA MODELS in Los Angeles was photographed for the session by the talented JON WONG. I had such a different idea of how life would be and modeling really opened my eyes to all the opportunities life offers. I have so much hair I don’t know what to do with it, so I usually just let it do its thing. With daily updates we are set to keep our readers in the know, following who's in and out, up and coming on the male model scene. I have shed my former life in the same way a snake sheds its skin, scraped it against any unmovable thing, unapologetically, until it fell away.
There are tons of things we did wrong on the trip but the bottom line is we need a home, a routine, consistency.
I’m always looking forward and for a long time what was in front of me was the next country, the next city I wanted to visit, etc. And while I may adopt the exterior of the life I had before, the interior is a whole lot different. To recoup, to be with family again, to wind down and catch up on things I didn’t do while traveling.
Now we can’t wait to throw ourselves into the next challenge, and travel was key to making that decision. Living day to day working towards your goals while remembering to enjoy life because it goes by pretty damn fast. Second of all, it is a life in which I am around nature, living in the mountains where I can easily hike or run in the forest. I know you will keep writing because it is part of you and so, I know your dreams will come true.

It’s kind of like you have to go out and live in the big wide world to see exactly how you fit into your own world. I love to travel, meet new interesting people, and I have definitely grown to love the industry. Don’t know how well its being taken since I had two castings and no bookings but we will see [laughs]. Still, despite all of the things I have not done professionally, despite the fact that I have yet to query one single agent or see my byline in the papers and magazines, I do feel so much closer. To recognise that yours has, and have to courage to act upon it once more, is a true strength.
I look forward to it as much as I looked forward to booking my first plane ticket three years ago. The great thing about going home after you have travelled, is that you are a different person completely. I wish I could type the word more and inside it you could see, crawling around like microscopic organisms, the billions of moments, experiences, thoughts and connections that have changed my life. Brian and I are still working on our dream life, with a good balance of home and travel… we’ll see how we can work that out.
So everything you didn’t like about home in the first place may be viewed a little more tenderly or with downright gratitude. I feel I have become much more open minded, I became a vegetarian [laughs], and I had the opportunity to see places and meet people that shaped a piece of me that wouldn’t have otherwise. I have asked these questions like a bat chirps to navigate his way through blindness and the answers, yes, yes, have bounced off of the walls and lit my way. But trying to explain what these years have been to me is like asking a Cheetah what it’s like to be a snail. I want it all in the same desperate way that I used to want a plane ticket to anywhere and a 50-liter backpack.
Sometimes you turn your back on your old life and travel the world, only to return home and discover that all you want is what you had before, but now you’ll know its true value. I feel similar to how I felt before I set out on this journey: scared, uncertain, but confident that it will all work out somehow.

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