Needless to say, click-hungry media came all guns blazing in support for the government’s stance. In an op-ed piece published by The New York Times-owned Boston Globe (go figure), Sununu writes that Apple, like any other multinational company, sells its products and make money in dozens of countries globally.
Uncle Sam is now seeking ways to tax international earnings at a higher rate of a whopping 35 percent. Small wonder that corporations like Apple, Microsoft, Coca Cola and others employ all kinds of creative strategies that call for keeping overseas cash in offshore tax havens and countries like Ireland, where they pay little to no taxes at all. Indeed, only Bangladesh and Guyana have higher tax rates on repatriated earnings versus the U.S.

Senator Levin and his staff believe that it is wrong for companies and individuals to engage in behavior that avoids taxes. Instead, they mostly provided a lesson in the complex, convoluted, and often uncompetitive nature of America’s corporate tax code. Apple CEO Tim Cook escaped from Washington largely unscathed and talk shows like The Daily Show have readily ridiculed the Senate hearing, painting U.S. In my view, politicians have created these tax loopholes in the first place, probably in order to benefit themselves and their patrons. Apple posts opening statements from Senate hearing on tax evasionApple CEO Tim Cook takes the witness table at a congressional hearing on Capitol HillU.S.

They hoped that calling out Cook might generate support for legislation that targets companies like Apple. They also provided a reminder that those responsible for the mess were asking the questions, not sitting at the witness table.
I’m rather perplexed by this debate, which has been going in the UK for some time, because I view taxes as not optional.

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