A new study shows that consumption of alcohol actually makes the person drinking the alcohol appear more attractive than a person who has not consumed an alcoholic beverage. The researchers asked 40 heterosexual men and women, divided equally between both genders, to complete an attractiveness-rating exercise.
The volunteers were then shown two images of a person, one taken while the subject was sober, one after the subject had consumed 250 ml of wine (equivalent to a very large glass), and one after 500 ml of wine (two-thirds of a bottle) had been consumed.

The photos of those who drank 250 ml wine were rated as more attractive, followed by images of sober subjects.
The researchers attributed this to the increased facial flushing that comes with consuming low amounts of alcohol, along with additional muscle relaxation and subtle smiles that portray a heightened positive mood. Here is the video everyone is talking about.  A woman solved the puzzle on Wheel of Fortune with just one letter showing!!!

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