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A world-renowned scientist has made a shocking discovery about heterosexuals who interact with homosexuals: shaking hands with a gay man can turn you flamboyantly gay! In an article titled "The Transmission of Homosexuality Through Touch," appearing in the current issue of Scientific Gay American, Nobel Prize winning scientist Roy Gevalt presents conclusive proof not only that homosexuality can easily be transmitted through touch, but that gays are converting thousands of heterosexuals to outrageously flamboyant homosexuals every day!
A year ago, Huston resident Benjamin Dover was a happily-married ex-Marine, with two children and a job selling SUVs at a local dealership.

Things escalated from there as Dover's life changed, little by little, over the next three months. I lost interest in having sex with my wife, and started cruising Internet gay dating sites. Dover tried everything to bring back his heterosexual nature - therapy, hypnosis, acupuncture, and voodoo. Today, Dover has resigned himself to living as a gay man and tries to look on the positive side.

Still, Gevalt strongly recommends that those not interested in "switching teams" be very sure of those with whom they are shaking hands.

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