With our truly international Speed Dating nights, that ice just melts away, meaning you can relax and enjoy meeting friendly and interesting people who just want to have fun and meet someone like you. Just come along to our special night of socializing and even if love is not in the air, you are at least guaranteed to make new friends and have a great time.
About UsInternationals Bratislava is an organization that brings together people from all around the world living or visiting Bratislava, regardless of their cultural origin. Last week (25 October 2012) Afrihost slashed the price of its uncapped, unshaped business ADSL products.
Afrihost said in a press statement that they have received “glowing reports” from their subscribers after the move, which showed that their new products offer faster speeds and more stable connections.
Many companies claim that their networks are very stable and provide great speeds, and MyBroadband set out to test Afrihost’s claims. MyBroadband received a test account for Afrihost’s uncapped business ADSL service, and we put the service through its paces.
International download speeds were not as stable as the local performance, and ranged between 1Mbps and 2.5Mbps. Afrihost claims that they provide unshaped bandwidth on their uncapped ADSL accounts, and this was tested using a popular torrent client and a few popular torrents.
The download speed during business hours quickly rose to around 400KB per second (around 3.2Mbps) and did not often drop significantly below this level. MyBroadband will continue to use this account in coming weeks to see if this strong performance continues. MyBroadband has received numerous complaints from Afrihost subscribers about high latency, routing problems and slow speeds after its move to MTN. Apart from a few momentary hiccups we have not experienced any of these problems on the Afrihost business uncapped service, but it is clear that these problems are impacting some Afrihost clients.

SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng has stated that the requirement for SABC radio stations to play 90% local music is not a trial, and is here to stay.
A scammer posing as the head of Ice Model Management is using BBM to trick young South African girls into posing topless and taking nude photos of themselves. We love what we do and that?s why we give our best organizing various events for every taste and age group including festivals.
This followed a move of all of Afrihost’s ADSL customers from Internet Solutions’ network to MTN. Local pings to servers within a radius of 50km of the user typically ranged between 13ms and 20ms, while the ping time to Cape Town based servers (from Pretoria) averaged at around 40ms. And with an opening bid of $900 and no reserve, it’s certainly not expensive (at least at the moment).
With great pleasure we will organize a perfect event for you for a symbolic price – money we gather from organizing events we use to support our community (free workshops, office supply, marketing).
As a matter of fact, I’ll bet Porsche owners move over when you pull up next to them in a truck like this in traffic! The Ford wheel covers don’t work for me, but I did find this set on eBay, although they are the 4WD version. While I’m sure the carpeted dash top is covering cracks, at least someone cared enough to cover it with something!
It looks like it’s has some recent maintenance including a new hose or two and possibly new plug wires. Reply • Report Howard A May 14, 2016 at 8:53amFINALLY, an IH pickup without that awful 345 V-8!!!
This, oddly enough, was probably the smartest move, putting AMC’s 258 engine ( and the 401) in these trucks.

It was short lived, and was dropped in 1975, when only IH’s 345 was available, and the series ended in 1975.
Somebody knew what they were ordering when this truck was new, and looks like a great truck. Forged Pistons, rods, crank, sodium cooled valves, everything was rebuildable down to the smallest parts. IHC is one of the biggest engine builders on the planet, the only reason they used the cheep 258 I’d because there was a huge demand by other companies for the IHC foundries to build there engines and they ran out of production space to build there own engines. I am replacing it with a late model Jeep fuel injected 4.0 but I surely wish it had the IHC V8.
My 1963 1100 pickup with a 304 went 300,000 miles before my ex-wife blew a heater hose and continued to drive it.
When we pulled the engine apart, you could still see the machine marks in the cylinder bores and there was not enough taper to warrant a rebore.
The 345 in my 1968 1200C is like new, off course, it is a low mileage engine but it will sit for months at a time, you pull the choke, it fires and runs immediately.
This pickup is a light duty inexpensive version frequently bought and used by busisnesses for general odd jobs.
IHC’s were very expensive compared with the common car based competition like Ford and Chevy.
Mine had the long box, but I remember one running around town that had a short stepside and 4wd.

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