The sentence handed down to a social recluse whose internet piracy scam put the movie industry at risk of losing A?120 million should act as a warning to others engaged in such crimes, a judge said. Paul Mahoney, 29, from Londonderry, made around A?280,000 through advertising revenue generated from his illegal websites offering access to the latest films and TV shows - many before general release. Mahoney, who was sentenced at Derry Crown Court having pleaded guilty earlier this year to a series of offences - including conspiracy to defraud the film industry, will spend two years behind bars before being released on licence for two further years. Some A?82,400 in cash was found hidden in the home where he lived with his mother when police searched the property in the Carnhill area of Der ry. The investigation against Mahoney was led by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (Fact) in conjunction with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). The judge said such crimes had to be deterred and therefore he had no option but to send Mahoney to jail. Mahoney, dressed in a black and white tracksuit and grey t-shirt, showed no emotion as he was led from the dock by guards. The judge stressed that the prosecution claim that A?120 million was put a risk by the operation was only an approximate estimate and further noted that the actual losses incurred by the industry would have been lower - given that people who accessed content illegally would not necessarily have paid for it legitimately if the websites had not been available. Mahoney first started his fraudulent business in 2007, and over the next six years he changed his website name three further times in a bid to evade detection. During this period, he was served with a cease and desist notice by Fact and was arrested twice by the PSNI. His websites offered users links to third party servers on which illegal movie and TV show copies had been uploaded.
Mahoney also operated one of these servers himself and found content on others by using complex software which he paid criminal programmers to develop for him.
Director general of Fact, Kieron Sharp, was in court for the sentence hearing and welcomed the prison term.
A motorbike rider has died after crashing during the Supertwins race at the Vauxhall International North West 200 in Northern Ireland.
By Lesley-Anne McKeown Concerns have been raised about the transparency of an inquest for a dissident republican murdered six years ago. By David Young DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds has accused Prime Minister David Cameron of putting government on hold in the run-up to June's referendum on the UK's membership of the EU. By George Jackson A man caught by a sniffer dog smuggling internally concealed drugs into Magilligan Prison has been jailed for 12 months. My now good friend Northern Lass 32 (well she feels like one) is writing again… This time about speed dating after I advised her that speed dating with online dating keeps things interesting and quite real.
The Manchester based dating blogger Cubic Garden had mentioned to me that he had more success meeting suitable dates speed dating than he had internet dating. Preconceptions out the way and they go for it… Its a weird one, I’m not sure whats worst in most peoples minds? On the way to the club, Dan was also growing increasingly conscious of what to ask when it came to opening questions. Two researchers at Stanford University in California were just as intrigued by speed dating as I was. According to the study, men and women most often said they clicked when their conversation focused mainly on the women. Counterintuitively, asking questions was not necessarily a hallmark of a good dating conversation.
While some previous research on speed dating has found that physical attractiveness is the most powerful force determining whether two people are initially attracted to each other, the Stanford study proves there’s more going on.

From inside the cubicle I could hear two girls discussing Dan and how nice they thought he was.
This is the factor which is really interesting… After the main event, specially on a weekend.
It really depends how you look at things but the night is young and opportunities are abound. I’d been honest with him about everything from the start, the Facebook stalking of him before we met to ensure he wasn’t a mass murderer, the writing of this column, the speed dating with someone I had met dating, and he didn’t seem fazed by any of it. Senior "Firestarter" Producer at BBC R&D, emergent technology expert and serial Manchester social geek event organiser. A NIGERIAN businessman who laundered nearly ?200,000 in profits from a worldwide internet dating scam centred on North-East locations has been jailed for three years. Osaro Osaigbovo, 39, helped a gang who preyed on lonely hearts subscribing to dating websites across Europe and the United States. Victims subscribing to Match and Adult Friend Finder were cruelly duped after building online relationships with fraudsters posing as lovestruck singletons.
Gang members targeted subscribers and requested wire transfers after courting them for several months, Southwark Crown Court heard. In one case a Belgian man lost ?320,000 after he was tricked into believing he was helping a female artist living in County Durham. Sentencing Osaigbovo for laundering nearly ?194,000 from the worldwide scam, the judge Mr Recorder Christopher Morris-Coole said: "This was an iniquitous trick that seems to be gathering momentum through the use of internet dating agencies throughout the world.
One woman from Florida was duped out of nearly ?25,000 by a man claiming he was a Los Angeles based neurosurgeon who needed funds to sort out the affairs of his dead business partner. A Belgian man was then swindled out of over ?320,000 by a woman posing as a lawyer who needed cash to travel across the continent.
The 59-year-old gave the money believing he was helping a young artist called Chloe Elsevier living in County Durham.
Despite being warned by the Metropolitan Police he may have been a victim of online fraud, he continued transferring cash and even sent a copy of the police letter to the scammers.
The man only realised he had been conned when he read an article in The Northern Echo about the newspaper's investigation into the gang. The court heard just over ?100,000 of the proceeds were transferred to Osaigbovo's network of accounts. Danny Robinson, prosecuting, said Osaigbovo took no part in the internet dating scam himself but committed a series of money laundering offences. Osaigbovo, who has a master's degree in human resources from the University of Hertfordshire, is a 'substantial contributor' to the God Worshippers Ministry in Hackney, the court heard.
David Smith, defending, said Osaigbovo lives with five family members, including two sisters-in-law, and came to the UK with 'big dreams'. Recently Osaigbovo was offered a role as a human resources assistant, leaving an earlier post as a cleaner. Osaigbovo, of Tudor Close in Dartford, Kent, was found guilty of entering into a money laundering arrangement and three counts of acquiring criminal property. The jury found him not guilty of a second count of money laundering and seven counts of acquiring criminal property.
His sister-in-law, Telma Asemota, 30, was acquitted of entering into a money laundering arrangement and five counts of acquiring criminal property. Members of Osaigbovo's family fell to the floor in shock and screamed as he was led away to the cells.

Deportation seems appropriate to me and before the sob hearts bleat on about the human right to a family life, there are plenty of families in Nigeria and if his family won’t join him, he never had a family life to start with! Why give him 3 years, he should have received 24 hrs with a free air ticket back to his homeland and a big stamp in his passport stating no returns accepted. Heck the number of corrupt evil money grabbing devious scams I have read about originating in Nigeria beggars belief, it is said to be of MEGA proportion.
The number of thieving and conning scams, I have read about over the years originating in Nigeria beggars belief.
Very similar to the religion that the "god fearing" thieves that blight Darlington worship!!
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During the six-year period he operated the racket, the partially-blind loner claimed around A?12,000 in state benefits. I’ve found the dates have come from both about equal but maybe speed dating wins out by a couple. They found that there are a few key factors of the standard four-minute speed date that predict whether two people are likely to hit it off. Women were more likely to report connecting with men who used appreciative language (like “That’s great!”). Asking questions actually signals a lack of connection, most likely because it indicates that the participants feel the need to put effort into keeping a boring conversation going. Another study found that speed-dating couples with similar speaking styles were more likely to report a mutual connection. Resisting the urge to be the source of mad squealings from behind the toilet door – “Yes – date Dan … both of you … he’s ace!” – I casually walked out and then ran off to the bar to tell him. Adult dating agencies covering England, London, Scotland, Wales, Southern and Northern Ireland. I hope the ***Education Authorities, the British Inland TAX Revenue, The ***Benefits*** Office and PASSPORT Office have ALL done their Homework on this one.
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To be fair I’ve done more than enough of both to go well beyond most peoples preconceptions. They rounded up students to take part in a series of recorded speed dating sessions, then analyzed 1,100 transcripts of the subjects’ dates. Women also reported greater levels of connection with men who interrupted them — but only when they did so to show understanding and engagement (like “Exactly”). Apparently a kind of friendship paradox had just occurred, as he too had stood next to a couple of blokes who were discussing how they would like to “give me one”.
While all this had been going on, I’d been on a couple more dates with the man I’d met on a dating site a few weeks previously. Of course its too late to change the written sheet of but its been known to maybe walk away with a number or three after a night out.

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