Did you know that a global positioning system (GPS) can be placed on your car, in your purse or in your cell phone? Did you know the some court systems are placing court records online and that they may contain personal information?
Technology is ever-changing, and it can be used to jeopardize your safety or as a means to ensure your safety. Margery Stein, a former editor at The New York Times and at several national magazines, writes about travel, health, business, and lifestyle issues for major consumer publications. People 55 and older are visiting dating sites more than any other age group, reported a recent 2011 article in The New York Times.
The Internet Dating Safety Act requires matchmaking sites to post statements about whether they conduct criminal background checks on members.

Technology is a powerful tool for someone leaving a domestic violence situation, and the National Dating Abuse Hotline can help a caller, whether victim, friend or family member, plan to use all aspects of technology safely. Five years ago, at age 58, this UES medical assistant laced up her Reeboks for the first time, headed for Central Park, and eventually ran the New York City Marathon two years in a row. If you take a six-month subscription and don’t meet “someone special,” you get six more months free.
We spend our weekends with each other, we’ve met one another’s families, and he’s mentioned living with me—but I told him not to push it.” A sensitive man, Max had lived with a woman for 25 years and then cared for her until she died. I agreed to meet him for lunch at a diner on Route 27, en route to my house in East Hampton.” Mel walked in wearing a baseball cap.
But younger people are moving away from dating sites to social networking sites like Facebook.

He went on: “I was feeling lonely, so I went to a pet store, bought two hamsters, and put them in a box in my car.
But,” he added, “I can’t find the babies—I think they’re under the seat somewhere.” How did he know he had babies, Judy inquired, if he couldn’t see them?

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