You might have already seen Facebook friends sharing their highest scores for the Memorado Quick IQ Test, although it isn’t entirely clear what should be classed as a very good score and exactly how you should take the result in terms of intelligence.
You’ll also receive some questions that seem more like a puzzle or riddle, and a few of our readers might take a little longer to fully understand these. There’s no doubt that if you take the Memorado Quick IQ Test a few times it will help your score, especially if you find it a little slow at first with answering the questions.
We bet some people are trying to find cheats or ways to get a higher score, although the very best way to improve is to look for ways to improve your memory and mind. 134, but I doubt it’s nearly sophisticated enough to be considered a recognzied IQ test.
I think it’s pretty obvious that this test is a great marketing ploy to get people sharing it and driving traffic to their site. There are 3 rectangles, 3 circles, and 2 triangles, so we can assume that the missing large shape is a triangle.

Each large shape contains the same type of inner shape (circles contain triangles, rectangles contain circles), so we can assume that the missing shape triangle contains a rectangle. Each large circle contains a differently-shaded inner shape (open, shaded, black), but the large rectangles do not follow this pattern, so the missing shape does not need to do so. There are 3 black inner shapes, 3 shaded inner shapes, and 2 open inner shapes showing, so we can assume that the missing shape has an open inner shape.
Each row fulfills the 3 types of filling for the smaller object as well, if the object were to be D. Parents and teachers love our clever puzzles and games since they stimulate thinking, logic, and problem solving.
Thanks for visiting and playing our unique collection of games that are good for your brain! You can see a screenshot below that reveals one of the many questions and this one asks which word doesn’t fit from a selection of four.

The lowest score you can get by answering every question wrong is 98 so there is only a 36 point difference from smartest to dumbest.
When only looking at the colors of the inner shapes, there are no inner shapes having another inner shape to the left right above or below with the same color wich rules out d. Then you can notice that diagonally down and left it is the same type of object all across.

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