Irish girl names have changed dramatically since the civil registration system was introduced in 1864. The top ten Irish female names for girls in 2013 show that only Sarah has survived the passing of 150-plus years. If you take a look at my research into Irish first names in 1864, you'll see that Sarah took the No.9 spot back then. Perhaps the biggest change is that the parents of one third of all infant girls in Ireland no longer select Mary. One and a half centuries later, in 2013, there were just 79 instances of Mary being recorded as a first name among the 33,658 female births registered. Another significant feature of 21st-century lists of top Irish girl names is the appearance of so many traditional Irish names.
Examples include Aoife, Caoimhe, Eabha, Niamh and Roisin which were the options chosen for 1,228 little colleens born in 2013.
However, it is noticable that Irish names have experienced a slight drop in popularity in the last few years. You can find out more about traditional Irish girl names and their meanings by following the links in the Related Pages box in the right-hand column. While the most popular Irish names for boys have continued to draw on the bible for inspiration, female Irish names do not.
The influences are much more varied and much more exotic, suggesting that Irish parents are prepared to express their imagination when naming their daughters but prefer much more 'solid' and 'trusted' monikers for their sons.
The lists below show that the top Irish baby girl names in each of the regional authorites has changed in the last fifteen years.
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Aoife: by now you must have been convinced that Irish is a wonderful language from which you can dwell great inspiration for baby names. Ciara: according to our records, Ciara was the 4th most popular baby name in Ireland in 2003. Orla: if you find Irish baby names lovely but you are concious of the various pronunciation issues that they might involve, you can always go for Orla which is the simplified version of Orlaith. Sadhbh: an almost impossible to pronunciate for non native Irish speakers, this traditional Irish girl name means good and sweet.
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Kennedy – Americans most-closely associate this Irish name with the late president and his family, but in 2011, it was also one of the most popular first names for girls, ranking 90th. Still, she's had a good innings and will probably be recognised as THE Irish girl name for many years to come. The same five names mentioned above were selected by 1,607 parents in 2008, so they've seen a 23 percent drop in the last five years. Some 4,643 different names appear in the list of Irish girl names for 2013; boys's names total 3,628. Only the Western region (counties Galway, Mayo and Roscommon) and Southeast (counties Carlow, Kilkenny, South Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford), where Emma was the most popular name, and the Borders region (counties Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Louth, Monaghan and Sligo), where Sophia was preferred, were out of line with the majority verdict. If you are looking for a radiant and pleasant Irish girl name, check the list we have prepared for you. This is a false concept based on the misbelief that the so called Irish Luck is linked to prosperity, love and money. The concept of vision that Aisling holds was the reason why this name became a favorite among poets who were narrating a distinct patriotic-romantic style poetry. If not, meet Aoife which, once again, is one of these Irish girl names that means radiant beauty. Due to being one of the most popular Irish baby names for the past few decades, the name has sadly being overused and is now considered a passe choice for parents.
A fountain of positive vibes, Caoimhe is an all time favorite for parents who love being optimistic and confident. The reason is simple, Niamh’s meaning is simple and straightforward as the sun light: bright!
Other names that sound like Saoirse and qualify as worthy contenders of your baby girl’s name is Sorcha, which means radiance. They were an Irish family, and took pride in using traditional Irish names for all their girls: Brigid, Mary Katherine (called Molly), Cathleen, Maureen, Kelly, and Shannon. In 2011, Riley was the 47th most popular name for baby girls, while other derivations of it — like Rylee (102nd), Ryleigh (193rd), and Rylie (358th) all made it in the top 500 as well. It ranked 233rd in 2011, but less-conventional spellings like Aryn and Eryn, didn’t crack the top 1,000. This split between the two spellings may be enough to see the name slip out of the top 10 in the future. These numbers count different spellings as different names ie Caitlin is counted as a distinct name from Katelyn.

Parents with a love of language might enjoy a romantic French girl's name or a melodic Irish moniker for their little lass on the way. Aisling was attributed in these cases as mother Ireland herself, who also happened to be a stunning woman. The pronunciation is Ee-fa and in case you are wondering, it has the same root as the English equivalents of Eva or Ava.
It has been so much loved by mums and dads around the world that even its other forms, such as Katelyn have been a safe choice for countless baby girls.
A true fighter and an excellent choice for mums that inspire to see their daughter grow up to be dynamic women who are not afraid to speak up! Singer Sinead O’Connor, the voice behind the classic baladd Nothing Compare to You, is probably the best known bearer of this name helping it to earn some extra popularity in the Western world. Let us know what you think, we value your feedback as the most important thing and we continuously update our records to reflect your own recommendations! Moms and dads who are looking for a baby name that's more offbeat than traditional may appreciate one of these unexpected picks from across the pond.
It’s about endouring difficulties, and being able to smile and laugh even in the worst possible situation. This makes the following Irish baby names ideal not only for parents with Irish roots, but for everyone who wishes to see their baby girl growing up with the highest ideals. Aine is a common character in many Irish folk stories as the luckiest lady ever (in both prosperity and in love).
If you study carefuly the Irish literature, you will find many references to Aoife as the fearless heroine.
Watch out for Saoirse Ronan, the rising star who secured a role in the next installment of the Star Wars saga (Episode 7).
Anya is probably known better outside Ireland, while the Christian Brits where eager to transform this traditional Irish baby name into simply Ann. The origin of this saying comes from the special endourance that the Irish people showed when they were facing the potato famine in the 17th century.

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