I helped launch Very Irresistible Givenchy (VIG) in Dubai in 2005, and it's been one of my favorite evening scents since then.
They sure got the name right, I only ever had a mini version of it over a decade ago but I can still remember it. I remember smelling this a couple of times and thinking it smelled of a waxy gardenia flower. A few days ago I intended to add it to my collection despite of this bad experience, since I can now appreciate fragrances differently and hold on to something offputting if I want to be rewarded. Dark mysterious, my very first gourmand fragrance which till date wins me compliments at work. A classy, well blended, organic and subtle gourmand that offers the wearer a very enjoyable three phase evolution.
Beautiful scent when sniffing the bottle or spaying on paper, but i get this awful nutty nutella mix when applying onto my skin. Sticky grapefruit, fresh mint, spicy woods and sweet hazelnut and coffee tones mix into one rather dark and delectable offering, for true gourmand lovers. This is a young fragrance, probably best suited to guys under 35 dancing in a club, largely for its pulling power.
If you're looking for a sweet scent, this is definitely more interesting and sophisticated than Thierry Mugler's "A*Men".
Never waved a Givenchy flag after blind buying IMO the horribly synthetic couldn't pass for a Glade room freshener Pi. Unfortunately, this turns overly masculine on my skin within two minutes, with that harsh aftershave note that dominates so many 'for men' perfumes. Half an hour later it develops further into not-wearable-for-me territory with this spicy burning note that reminds me of the 'fire herbs' my dad always throws on the barbeque to make it smell awesome.
If I find this in store I think I'll get it for my dad, I think it would smell good on him.
This one is very good, not something I'm gonna buy probably though - I think it's not my style.
The cologne person in the bathroom at the bar sprayed a cologne on me last night, and so I left the bathroom.
You can hardly find it on the shelves of perfume stores and is getting rare even at online retail stores. Elegant and understated, but very well designed, light touch opens with intense notes of grapefruit and mint, that the tone of green and fresh fragrance. The base comes with hazelnuts which enhanced the tone more gourmand touch woody by cedar, the fragrance dries, making a woody gourmand green, unique and beautiful! Hemos seleccionado los mejores perfumes masculinos de esta temporada veraniega para que no descuides tu olor y estes siempre fresco.
El slogan de esta nueva cerveza bien podria ser: “Para gustos los colores y para sabores de cervezas las vaginas”. NewsletterTo receive up to date news and products straight to your inbox, please enter your email address below. A man may have looks, money and status but being irresistible to the opposite sex is just something beyond these typical things for which everybody gets crazy and want to achieve.
Very Irresistible for Men by Givenchy is a woody fragrance.  The main notes are mint, cedar, grapefruit and egzotic wood.

This charming fragrance doesn’t go unnoticed, it attract with its originality and with a successful alliance of freshness and classic appeal.
No other hazelnut or coffee fragrance comes close to this--Uomo Valentino is warmer and sweeter, and S.T. Maybe the juice was wrong, because I found a note that was very offputting (like a rotten cherry). Yeah, sure it's synthetic, but the smell is so good that you feel "why is this not a dessert?".
It opens up with citrus-mint burst and you might think it's another citrus fresh fragrance good for summer.
Wow this is a beauty.Yes it smells like chocolate mint when it goes on, but the payday is in the woody nutty dry down. It smells like roasted nuts and a few coffee beans, and it's a fresh kind of sweet, with just a hint of dark musk.
The mint note to me is more of a feeling than a recognizable scent; it's not like smelling chewing gum, it's more like that feeling when I breathe in when it's cold outside.
I love that scent like I love the scent of peanuts: really nice to smell, not so much to smell of. It smells like a York Peppermint Patty, a Junior Mint, an After Eight Mint, or whichever chocolate-mint candy you are most familiar with. But it's very fresh and pleasant Hazelnut in this one is very well blended while in Guerlain Habit Rouge L`Eau I didn't like it. The notes seemed perfect, a first dab on a piece of paper, the whiff from the tester, all good.
So I walked around for about 30 seconds and suddenly realized that I smelled frikkin awesome. This phase lasts seconds and already enters the intense touch of coffee, which brings us back to cocoa, chocolate mixed with notable touches of sesame. For me, the fragrance feels about an hour and a half, now whether it's me or the perfume, I do not know, I would say that prior to the perfume, shame, shame, unfortunately!
A man may have all these yet he may remain one step behind another man who has lesser than him but remains irresistible to any woman. A fragrance for a man that gives off his magical aura, becoming totally and completely…irresistible. It easily sits on me 12 hours but rather stays close to skin and is detectable in closer touch (perfect for intimate occasions!). If it stayed like that for even 30 minutes I very well may have scoured the internet for a bottle.
It is deep, dark, and rich with just the slightest hint of hazelnut and some light woods to balance everything out and add intrigue.
Sadly, it's been discontinued, but an India-based website--Unboxed.in--is able to peddle an unboxed 50ML bottle for close to what is used to sell for, USD43. As of this writing, I wasn't able to find any of such items below $125, typically being north of $140.
The coffee note was great with the greenness of this and I wish to find this scent one day.
If I had to sum it up, it's the same drydown in Pure Malt Creation 2013 by Thierry Mugler, but without the fruits.

It is however VERY synthetic and there is something about it that just doesn't sit right with me. Having said that, the first minute or so was still great, I had the same feeling like when testing L'Instant pour Homme Extreme - citrus fresh sharpnes with a gourmand background that avoids sweetness just like a 99% percent cocoa chocolate.
Well, it’s something much more than skin deep and assessed beyond monetary or status terms. I can feel a lot of coffe with a hint of hazelnuts, but I can swear I feel dark chocolate here too. This fragrance has so much potential, but there is something harsh, and off-putting about it.
I was about 12 drinks deep so I don't remember how long this lasted or anything, but either way, I'll probably buy this to add to my collection. We all know that women do look for security and money there is something else which can be termed as an ‘X’ factor.
It really starts to bother me after a few moments and I've never received a compliment from it.
Oh well, I so wish this didn't happen but after just a few minutes the mint and citrus seem to form a nasty bond with the sesame which to my nose translates into a stale greasy skin odour, with a little big of wet dog thrown in for good measure. This is the magnetic charisma even a simple man can achieve and this is what which draws women like bees to a man! I don't really get any "coffee" accord from this, although I never do in fragrances because I drink so much of it every day! I am sure this won't happen to everyone, but please do test on your skin before deciding to get a bottle of this interesting fragrance.
To me, VI also has this strange "green apple" accord as well, but it's may just be the colour of the juice and my nose playing tricks on me. Being irresistible is just not that difficult; anybody can be irresistible provided you understand what it means.
You shouldn’t overdo things for which your efforts will go into vain on account of being artificial. Regardless, this is such a dark scent that I would only want to don on the very coldest of winter days (or nights). Being irresistible to others means to build a personality along with an aura that will instantly attract people towards you. Even when you are by yourself people will feel good just by your presence and they will want to have an interaction with you to get to know you better.
If you live in a colder climate, enjoy gourmands, or are simply on the prowl for a winter fragrance, you might consider this chocolate-mint confection, however, the harsh bitterness that comes with it may completely turn you off as it does me.
Too much or too less of either may mark you as one sided man and therefore take away points of being irresistible to women. You shouldn’t therefore feel worried to show love, fear, care and all the emotions we feel women are more endowed with.

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