Hollywood brought cougars out in the open with characters like Sex and the City's sultry Samantha (Kim Catrall), and the wild success of this film confirmed that more and more women like to be a cougar. A recent survey showed that 10 years is the "ideal age gap" for older women - younger men relationships. The cougar doesn't care how much you make and she doesn't expect you to pay for everything. There is no rule that says once you hit the big 5-0 that you have to cut your hair, but many women find that they older they get the busier they get.
If you are considering going short after years of long hair, why not start with a compromise. Going shorter on the hairstyle spectrum, Ellen Degeneres has a great cut that is both youthful, practical and shows off her face to perfection.
The longer in front, shorter in back style allows for a messy or sleeker look, depending on the occasion.
If you are considering a hairstyle change now that you are over 50, keep the decision factors the same as you would when you were younger:  will it flatter my face, will it work with my lifestyle, and will it allow for different styles? Aging Gracefully, Celebrities, Hairstyles, How to Choose a Hairstyle, Inspiration, Short Hair, What Should I do with my hair? Laurie Puhn, a New York couples mediator, lawyer, relationship expert, and author of Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship Without Blowing Up or Giving In, says women sometimes find bad boys attractive because they introduce their partners to new things and activities.
Kift says there are many reasons to explain this, but one issue that crops up with many women is that they simply don’t believe they deserve a good person.
When it comes to healthy relationships, should you bypass the eye candy and go for less attractive men? Kift says that along with many of her female clients and friends, she finds a good sense of humor to be a very desirable quality in a man. From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors.
He was waiting for me in my local London pub, The Bells, in his tight jeans, T-shirt and trainers, looking a little apprehensive.
Lifting the lid on his relationship with Monica, Tom said: 'We knew we'd never have a conventional relationship. Normal responses to other human beings - involving sentiments such as hopeA  and trust - were de-activated. It would only be when I crossed paths with someone who was genuinely special to me, and for whom I was special, that I could learn to care more profoundly again.
A chin length bob like Anna Wintour – and who knows more about looking good than Anna Wintour!

If you are feeling self conscious about lines on your forehead, bangs or whispy pieces are a much safer and less expensive alternative to Botox. Many women, for example, can’t seem to resist rebellious bad boys or wealthy older men who might not be the best partners for healthy relationships.
Researchers from Rice University, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Texas at San Antonio analyzed more than a thousand men and found that those who had a flashy car or another luxury item were more attractive in women’s eyes than guys who drove a Honda, for example. The researchers said that women were interested in dating flashy guys but not in settling down with them. Men who feel the need to show off in a materialistic way may be suffering from low self-esteem, says Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT, a marriage and family therapist in private practice in Marin County, Calif. Canadian researchers asked a thousand people to rate the sexual attractiveness of photos of the opposite sex. In particular, women whose fathers weren’t emotionally or physically available during childhood try to unconsciously heal old wounds by falling into often bad relationships with similar men. In an analysis of 4,000 personal ads, researchers found that a majority of women were seeking wealthy, accomplished, older partners.
View all.ConnectDon't miss out on breaking news, live chats, lively debates, and inspiring stories. He offered to buy me a drink but that didn't seem right, so I went to the bar and got my own glass of wine.
And not long after that, in July 2012, I had woken up to the depressing realisation that it was my 60th birthday. Most were not long out of university, but they couldn't wait to tell me that older women were their fantasy. And perhaps that day would never come.Then my grand project was brought to a juddering halt by the arrival of an email from my ex-partner, who announced that he would be moving back in with me, thereby wrecking my proud new independence. Another plus on short hair for women over 50 is that shorter styles tend to accentuate the face and bone structure.
The layers in this cut also add volume – something that many women over 50 want to create. She adds that many men believe that women want to be taken care of, and showy possessions could potentially lure a mate. Men were attracted to smiling, happy-looking women, but women generally said that the most attractive men were those who looked moody, proud, or powerful. Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. As he warmed to our conversation about his work (in accountancy) and his family (from Lancaster), and I told him something of my own life, his shyness began to fade and he smiled more.I liked his informal yet respectful manner.

My first Tinder tryst was with Tom, a tall, dark and dishy northern boy of 21 who had recently graduated and was working as an intern in the City. The decision was taken 'regrettably', for purely financial reasons, because our jointly-owned house was still on the market 18 months after he moved out.
As we get older our features can become more prominent and more angular as the collagen and sub-cutaneous fatty tissue tends to recede. Ellen Barkin achieves this same effect with a shorter, more angular version of the bob, which tends to suit her sharper personality as well. You may have noticed that hair tends to thin and lose its fullness as we age, so cutting some depth and volume into the hair by adding layers can give the impression that your locks are thicker than they really are. Ladies inferred that men who were conspicuous spenders were only interested in uncommitted sex, which could be a potential threat to women’s long-term health. So find out what’s behind the bling before you bring him home or kick him to the curb.
The participants were also asked about their sex lives, including how many partners they had had.
The study looked at 82 newlyweds and found that in couples where the woman was more attractive, the man was generally more emotionally supportive of her. It seemed as if it was all over for me - the love and passion, the sex and sensuality.Perhaps from now on I would focus on my relationships with my family.
After 45 minutes, we decided not to order a second round at The Bells but have a drink back at mine. I hadn't expected to find love, I hadn't been searching for it, I wasn't even sure I wanted it. The hapless were dropped while other options were explored.Everything was built on shifting sand, nothing was solid or reliable or entirely real. My adventures in dating-land had been the perfect counterpoint to the other side of me, the side that comprised the softness and unsparing love which I have for my children and grandchildren.But before he arrived, there was time for one last night with one of my erstwhile Tinder boys, who contacted me out of the blue. I, meanwhile, had flopped on to the sofa to watch TV when I got a Tinder message from another of my matches, 28-year-old Jon. The more you wanted to believe in the emotional value of a particular connection, the more likely it was to be merely a mirage. Had all these human beings, even the good and likeable ones, become disposable, mere off-the-shelf products?

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