April 3, 2011 by Paul Cunningham 22 Comments TweetOne way to make Exchange Server 2010 Outlook Web App (OWA) available for remote users is to publish it using ISA Server 2006. This diagram provides an overview of how Outlook Web App is published using ISA Server 2006. The ISA server needs to be configured with an SSL certificate to accept the secure remote access connections. For more details see this article on exporting an SSL certificate from Exchange 2010 (note that it refers to importing it for Exchange 2003 but the steps are the same for importing to an ISA Server 2006 firewall running on Windows Server 2003). In the ISA Server Management console right-click the Firewall Policy and choose New -> Exchange Web Client Access Publishing Rule.
Set the Exchange version to Exchange Server 2007 (yes this is correct for Exchange 2010 publishing) and tick the box for Outlook Web Access, then click Next to continue. Configure the public names that this rule should accept connections for and click Next to continue. A list of valid certificates will appear, which should include the one you imported to the server earlier. Leave the authentication delegation set to Basic Authentication and click Next to continue.
Before you click Finish to create the new rule first click on the Test Rule button to validate the settings you chose.

Before applying the changes to the Firewall Policy double-click the new rule to open its properties.
Now that the rule has been configured we can test it from outside of the firewall using a web browser.
However after logging in the Exchange Server 2010 Outlook Web App interface will be available to the remote user.
TweetTutorials Exchange 2010, ISA 2006, OWAAbout Paul CunninghamPaul is a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services, specializing in Exchange Server and Office 365, and is the publisher of Exchange Server Pro. Publishing Outlook Web App with ISA 2006 is a quite strait forward and easier because you can test it directly.
I’m not 100% sure about the correct setting for these 3 directories so I wanted to double check with you guys!
I guess, the question remains, are these paths (Exchange, Exchweb and public) necessary on a Exchange 2010 environment? The Mailbox Replication service was unable to determine the set of active mailbox databases on a mailbox server. Next day I had just started all above mentioned services at (exchange server 2 with no Sp1). Can you let me know if there is no problem I can uninstall or remove from control panel (exchange server 2 with no Sp1) exchange server from exchange environment (exchange server 2 with no Sp1 has no mailbox at its databases), and will it not effect to main exchange server 2010 sp1 (HT,CAS, mailbox).

I have a issue i have exchange 2007 and isa 2006 everything was working fine suddenly when i try to login through browser to exchange in internal lan i cannot go through where as when i try it i get the login screen and i can login and browse mails. I too get similar two auth like Jorge, Is there a simple way other than creating second owa directory ? We had also two exchange servers 2010, main exchange server (exchange server 1) had role (CAS, HT and mailbox) with sp1 and other exchange 2010 (exchange server 2 with no Sp1) who had only mailbox role. Yesterday I had unmounted databases at exchange server (exchange server 2 with no Sp1) and stop the exchange services include exchange AD topology service, www publishing service and Net. At (exchange server 2 with no Sp1) did not initialized the exchange management console because (exchange server 1 ) is installed sp1 of exchange server, but (exchange server 2 with no Sp1) is has no exchange SP1.
When I had stopped these services I got warning at our main exchange server (exchange server 1 with sp1) (Microsoft exchange mailbox replication and still getting warning until I had started services at (exchange server 2 with no Sp1).
However because they face the internet directly (over a not very stable network link), we want to reduce the attack surface and do load balancing using an ISA server in front.

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