Although Microsoft Publisher 2007 comes bundled with a large number of calendar templates, it’s always nice to have more designs from which to choose. Step 1: Open Publisher, and select Calendars from the left-hand panel under Publication Types. One great feature of Publisher, in general, is that Microsoft is continually adding new templates that can be downloaded from the Office Online web site. We’ll show how you can access and use these resources without ever having to open a web browser.

Even nicer, the 2007 version of Publisher lets you access and download these templates without ever having to leave the Publisher application window. Enjoy the real page turning effect.Advantages over CompetitorsiNdependence You are not tied to the other’s servers and per-pages costs. All files are stored on your server and you do not depend on anybody.Simplicity The system requirements to your site are Minimal.
The installation procedure is just a files copying on the server.Flexibility The interface can be almost completely customized.

FlippingBook PDF Publisher can be easily integrated to any existing design and brand style.
To do this, just take the corresponding button away from the control panel.Accessibility You're not limited by online publications only.

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