An American girl will show you if she has interest in you, and she won’t be afraid to ask you out. American girls are much less used to guys being gentlemen — opening the door for the lady, waiting for her to sit before you sit, etc.
As an Italian guy who’s been with both Italian and American girls, I can confirm all the writer said is mostly true!
Look i am a rancher my grandfather was a Italian and Italian girls are hot but i am not going to spend 2 hrs fixing my hair. AdvertiseMatador specializes in building native content + high impact display for some of the world's biggest brands and destinations. Female standards at work are generally of a high and professional quality, but are not as excelling as in their education. The typically Beautiful Italian Women have black hair and brown eyes, often with a very tanned skin.
Some unique full Italians have brown hair and hazel or green eyes and a tan olive skin tone.
Italy is a land of beauty, culture and tradition and people are extremely proud of their history.
It is well known that the Italian are fashion conscious but here trends are led more by women than the men. Besides yours truly (the irascible malcontent from Rome), the original roster includes Misty and Georgette from Florence, and Maria from some lost village in Emilia Romagna that I can’t pronounce.  And we have two newcomers this time.  Let’s meet them all again, shall we, and see what the have to say about Italian girls dating American men? Maria is a 30-something (something low) American Texpat, living and working in her husband’s tiny hometown in the province of Reggio Emilia. Georgette is an American social media strategist, copywriter, blogger and a certifiable ‘Tuscan Texan’ living and breathing all things Florence.
We’ve had our jollies in the past, taking cheap shots at European culture and its social idiosyncrasies.  Now it’s time for a little payback. After time spent in Tuscany and England, she eventually transferred to Rome, where we met at an aperitivo on the Isola Tiberina, one hot July night in 2010.  I moved in with her two months later, and two years after that we were married. When people ask me to compare life in America to life in Italy, I’ve learned to answer the question diplomatically by saying “Well, you see, no place is perfect; you gain something, you lose something, and in the end it’s not better or worse—it’s just different. First of all I have to say that Rick is not your typical American – for whatever that means – just like I don’t consider myself as a typical Italian.
When an American woman tells me “Oh, I’d like to meet a hot Italian man who [insert here stereotypical adjectives that people associate with the Italian Latin Lover]…” I try to suppress a hearty chuckle. Same when an Italian man says to me that he dreams about meeting a sexy blond American bombshell.
Living in the Caput Mundi and trying to decipher Italian culture for the English speaking world.
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Zoe Saldana wears a silver suit while making her way out of the Sirius Studios on Thursday (May 16) in New York City. Right away, she wants to have an idea of how hard you are going to work to get her attention.
On the one hand, fashion, elegance, and taste are embedded in the Italian culture, so Italian guys don’t even notice they have this going for them.

She might even ditch her friend for half the night, depending how interested in you she is.
She came right up and put her arm around me on the way home from an illegal party on an aircraft carrier. I can say that not even one of these things are true for me… and most of my friends are like me. Women have an equal right as men, they mainly have the same job, business and education opportunities. However, there are less striking and less bold Italian women with blonde hair and blue eyes, depending on what part of Italy they are from.
Most of all Italian women are attractive for their slender body type with flattering slight curves and facial symmetry of bone structure, full lips, and cutting eyes with long lashes.
So read up on the various geographic regions of Italy like Lombardy, Tuscany, Venice and so on and remember what each is famous for.
Being too late is an habit for most of Italian women, but do not get mad about it and make sure that you are on time.
But when you treat her right and be a gentleman she can become a romantic and intense lover to you.
Her blog, Married to Italy, is home to her rants and raves and serves as her therapeutic search for hilarity amongst the chaos. Elizabeth Evans of “Surviving Italy” is an American expat trapped between two worlds with her badass husband, his chest hair, and their poodle.
He’ll likely be puzzled when dealing with the hottie who wears reveling clothes with impunity, goes out for drinks on girls-only nights as much as she likes, and expects equal support about her career (read: she’s not going to wash more dishes than him).
There are smaller, sometimes more meaningful things that represent a challenge for a couple from different cultural backgrounds.
Coming from a culture that has its roots in Greek tragedy (I’m Sicilian), I still can’t get over my husband’s imperturbable calm in every situation. You’ve been taught that saying certain things under certain circumstances to certain people is or it’s not appropriate. Some are more traditional, especially in the South, people in the Italian society still tend to treat women as slightly inferior, but female rights in Italy are just as one would expect of a developed country.
Italy is one of the major fashion centers in the world and the Italian women are very modish. But you will still be able to distinguish an Italian by their skin tone, and very often they have high cheek bones. Men think their jealousy come from their insecurity, because most of the women only get jealous when her ‘man’ talks to a good looking woman. For instance don no confuse the Chianti wine zone in Tuscany with the Barbera wine from Piedmont.
An excellent physical shape is also important to them and they want someone who protects them. While it is great if you can afford and carry off a stylish jacket or an expensive pullover, but by no means should you forget the basics of grooming like clean teeth, well-cut nails, fresh breath, nicely brushed hair and polished shoes. Not only on her beauty but also her looks; she puts a lot of effort to make herself beautiful for a date. It truly takes an open mind and a profound respect of diversity to work these things out and, even better, to let them enrich your everyday life.

You might be surprised to find out that different things have been taught to me as more or less appropriate. The best part about dating an American, for me, it was the honest and straight forward way to relate, approach, and date. Because Italy is one of the major fashion centers, the Italian women know how to dress themselves. And even if you cannot keep such details in mind, at least get an overview of the historical and cultural specialties of each region. Watch out with other women, the Italian women are pretty jealous and may start a huge drama.
Her award-winning blog Surviving In Italy, aims to honestly portray her life in Italy, the sober times, the drunken times, the yelling, food, family, and on occasion her obsession with the majestic Capybara. He still asks me, four years later, “why are you yelling?” when I think that I’m just talking normally.
I suppose that when dealing with a very different culture, let’s say, a German and a Japanese, both parties would be very self-aware about possible social faux pax (Do I say “Hi?” Do I high five?
I understand this might not apply to all Americans (hey, I told you I was lucky to meet Rick), but at an overall glance I think I have consistently seen a decent level of sincerity in the American dating panorama.
I didn’t need to ask to see that Rick had that optimism about life and that faith in love that one needs to put himself out there again. The more you know about her home, the easier it will be for you to open a discussion with her and the sooner you will be able to impress her. At the same time don’t go overboard with accessories or you’ll end up appearing too desperate.
As a American women I find this interesting and informative that they would completely make us seem horrible. Italian women are famous for their beauty, natural charm and inherent sense of style, so make a serious effort to keep up with the higher standard for fashion in Italy. So at first it never occurred to me to think that I would have had to deal with boundaries so different than mine.
I had never had the issue to ask a guy for a date…every boyfriend I dated with, always asked me an appointment as soon as we met each other.
For example, he ignored everything about the “friendly vaffanculo” (a most endearing way to use a swear word) and in fact he dedicated a full post about it.
If I made a lasagna, I just don’t want to see you eating it in front of a football match on TV. Just saying… This is from a Italian women who is of course gonna make Italian women look better. Now that we have an adorable little baby girl, I find myself repeating to Rick “No entertainment during meals!”  I want my baby to learn that.

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