Waterlooa€™s land area increased significantly with the annexation of Waterloo Township land for the creation of new residential subdivisions that included Lincoln Village, Lakeshore Village, Maple Hills Acres, and Colonial Acres. A major factor in the rapid growth of the City of Waterloo began in 1960 with the expansion of both universities. With the modernization of the core, a decision was made in 1961 to move Waterlooa€™s administrative offices to a leased portion of the newly constructed Waterloo Square office building. Bauer spent considerable time during his tenure as mayor promoting improved planning for the future betterment of Waterloo.
Bauer served on several provincial committees which focused on parks and recreation issues and the role of conservation areas.
In 2000, Bauer was presented with the Pioneer Award by Conservation Ontario for his extensive contributions to conservation of natural resources. The City of Waterloo is committed to providing accessible formats and communication supports for persons with disabilities.
They raised eight children; four daughters, Christine, Therese, Nancy and Becky, and four sons, Kim, Dan, Benedict and Joseph. Waterloo Square was one of Canadaa€™s premier malls containing 45 stores when it opened in 1961. Land for the establishment of the 86-acre Parkview Cemetery and the Conestoga Parkway were also secured.

University of Waterloo and the newly created Waterloo Lutheran University (now Wilfrid Laurier University) underwent multimillion dollar developments, significantly increasing student enrolment. The original Victorian-style city hall, built in 1874, required extensive and costly renovations and in the end, was deemed inadequate for the needs of a quickly growing city. By the time he left the mayora€™s chair, he was often referred to as the a€?big bald daddya€?. He held various positions for the Canadian Water Resources Association, including that of executive director.
He served five consecutive terms before making a bid for the mayora€™s chair at the age of 30. At the time, the development was deemed as one of the most courageous and ambitious ever undertaken by any North American municipality. A second sewage disposal plant was constructed along with new fire department headquarters on Weber Street and a substation on Westmount Road North.
He was a member of the Grand River Conservation Commission and the Grand Valley Conservation Authority. A second shopping plaza at Bridgeport Road and Weber Street was also constructed at a cost of $2,000,000. Waterlooa€™s first high school, Waterloo Collegiate Institute, welcomed students in 1960 and new a library building opened its doors to the public in 1965.

For his time, Bauer would also be remembered as one of Canadaa€™s youngest mayors ever to hold office. Michaela€™s College in Toronto and return to continue his studies at Waterloo College (now Wilfrid Laurier University).
As well, parcels of new industrial-use lands attracted fresh industries to a quickly expanding city. Alongside father Henry, President of Bauera€™s Limited at the time, Bauer held several positions at the automotive parts supplier, including Sales Manager. During his six years as mayor, Waterloo underwent a period of unprecedented growth and prosperity. After serving 11 years in municipal politics, Bauer was appointed in 1966 as chairman of the new Grand River Conservation Authority, a position which he held until 1989.

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