The Brave and the Bold was one of the coolest, most unique comic books of the Silver and Bronze Age.
In 2010, Batman was on Cartoon Network and in an all-ages DC Comic as the star of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. As a fan of both The Batman and The Brave and the Bold, there are at least five team-ups with The Batman I would like to see. What is interesting about Doctor Who is the LEGACY attached to the character as well as his LONGEVITY. If The Caped Crusader can go up against The Shaper of Worlds, he should be able to face The Daleks, The Cybermen or The Master. Okay, so maybe licensing might prove a challenge for this, or any potential cross-company team-up.
The Classic Star Trek crew has teamed-up with the Legion of Super-Heroes and the crew of the Enterprise D is going to be meeting the 11th Doctor soon.
It would be pretty awesome and amazing to see – or not see, as the case may be – the Enterprise cloaked above Earth or Gotham Harbor, while Captain Kirk matches his charisma against Bruce Wayne and The Dark Knight matches skills against a certain pointy-eared, green-blooded hobgoblin! One of the cool things about the 2007 relaunch of The Brave and the Bold was seeing Hal Jordan and Bruce Wayne in Vegas, and seeing Hal beat Bruce’s luck. Prior to taking on the dual identity of Bruce Wayne and Batman, Adam West was seen in a series of James Bond-esque television commercials Legend has it that it was these commercials that in part led him to beat out Lyle Waggoner for the part. Ben Grimm is probably the ONE Marvel character that The Batman has NOT teamed-up with – yet. Desolee pour les nombreuses publicites sur le blog, mais elles me sont imposees par l'hebergeur !!
James Bond has history on his side, and without a doubt is one of the greatest operatives ever. Remember: Using others' images on the web without their permission may be bad manners, or worse, copyright infringement.

The long-standing goal of The Brave and the Bold, was to pair The Batman with lesser known characters in order to shine the spotlight on the co-star.
I was in high school and my sense of science fiction special effects was heavily influenced by Star Wars.
Created out of the ashes of WWII, for the Cold War era, her Majesty’s secret servant has regenerated for as much longevity and legacy as the good Doctor.
It would be cool to see James and Bruce match wits and luck at the Baccarat table, and swap cool gadgets. Is there A character or A team that has you would like to see The Dark Knight work with that has not happened yet? Does Bauer have any feats roughly equivalent to the opening of Casino Royal when Craig basically fights through a small army to take down a terrorist in the middle of an embassy? Something like this.Who wouldn’t want to see the Enterprise take a slingshot around the sun or a walk through The Guardian of Forever from the 30th Century into current times? The co-stars and the villains were the real stars and The Batman was sort of an over-all, omnipotent background character. Marvel had Spider-Man team-ups in Marvel Team-Up, and team-ups with The Thing from the Fantastic Four in Marvel Two-In-One. That’s not an easy feat to pull off, but mysterious, shadowy figures like The Batman pull it off with ease. At a time when Star Trek was enjoying a rebirth thanks to Industrial Light and Magic special effects.
It would be just as cool to see The Dark Knight teamed up with either Jack Bauer from 24 or John McClane from Die Hard.
The old images of Bruce working out in the Batcave, and working in his chemistry lab, stretching to the height of human and physical perfection to be better, stronger and faster.
Why not go for one of the classic team-ups with a legendary vigilante – The Lone Ranger!

The mystery of her background and origins was left pretty much intact for her first thirty-six issues.
It would be so cool to see The Batman and The Thing teamed-up against Poison Ivy and the Puppet Master. Superman, Spider-Man and The Batman have all teamed up with each other, but team-ups with The Batman are the coolest and most unique of all. Two years ago, my wife Cathy told me about a cool sci-fi show she had found streaming on Netflix. After he gets visual he will run the image through facial recognition, thus discovering exactly what he's up against. Starring Christopher Eccleston, who we’d seen in Gone In 60 Seconds and a few episodes of Heroes.
Besides, Steve Austin went from astronaut to super-spy, working at the OSI, which keeps him in good company with Bond and Bauer.
Dynamite seems to be doing pretty good with that, and Johnny Depp’s turn as Tonto with Armie Hammer as the masked man might actually introduce The Lone Ranger to a completely new audience. He was killing people at a rate of 1.7 per hour, which would have been much higher had he not been such a hippie on day one (he killed only 10 people, compared to the astonishing 50 he offed on day six).
Creativity wasn't Jack's strong suit; of the 267 people he offed, about 70% were killed with guns.
EPIC!In 2007, The Brave and the Bold was relaunched with Batman; but even from the beginning this new team-up book was designed to have a monthly rotating cast.

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